Pyrite: Use This Stone to Protect Your Energy

Learn about the origins of pyrite, where it's commonly found, and how you can benefit from its energy to achieve balance on a physical, mental, and spiritual level.
A collection of pyrite stones

If you can't walk past a crystal shop without stepping in, then you've surely come across pyrite. This gemstone is genuinely one of the few you cannot mistake for another crystal. Its golden color attracts your attention, and its powerful vibration exudes feelings of warmth and stability.

This might be due to pyrite's close connection to the first three chakras — the root, sacral, and solar plexus — whose themes revolve around feelings of security, emotional balance, and strong willpower. Along with hematite and black tourmaline, it is considered one of the most powerful protection stones against negative energies.

Crystal experts say it has a special affinity with those born under the zodiac sign of Leo, and it's considered a natural birthstone for people born in the midsummer months.

If you've felt the pull to buy pyrite for yourself or someone you know, but you're not sure about its meaning or how to use it, then this guide will be a great way to start. In it, you'll learn about the origins of this gemstone, where it's commonly found, and how you can benefit from its energy to achieve balance on a physical, mental, and spiritual level.

​Origins of Pyrite

Pyrite comes from the Greek word "pyr," which means "fire." It got this name because it can create the sparks necessary to start a fire when struck against metal or another hard material. This mineral was also used as a spark-inducing compound in flintlock firearms. 

The Incas and Aztecs praised pyrite crystals as gemstones of great power and magic, and they carved and polished large slabs of this stone to create mirrors used in spiritual rituals. In turn, North American Indians crafted pyrite into protection amulets and tokens that were included in healing ceremonies and incantations.

Ancient Greeks saw it as a symbol of Persephone, the goddess of Spring. She represented the celebration of nature and its ability to bring new growth and new beginnings.

During the Victorian age, it became a very popular stone in England and was transformed into different objects: pendants, rings, shoe buckles, snuffboxes, and so on. However, pyrite's use increased dramatically during the Second World War when it was sought-out as a source of sulfur to produce industrial sulfuric acid. 

Due to its similarity to the metallic luster of gold, this brassy-yellow gemstone was often used by dishonest mine owners as a way to convince people that they were gold miners. For this reason, it got the nickname of fool's gold. Even though it is a similar shade as gold, it has a lighter color and is harder than the golden metal — it can't be scratched with a fingernail or knife. Pyrite is also commonly referred to as iron pyrite, due to the presence of iron in its composition.

Sources of Pyrite

A hand holds a pyrite stone

Pyrite is a type of iron sulfide mineral (FeS2) found in a variety of geological formations, such as metamorphic rocks, igneous formations, and sedimentary rock structures. During the pyrite formation process, this gem is frequently accompanied by other crystal structures, like quartz, calcite, galena, sphalerite, and fluorite, to name a few.

It is a true wonder of nature that occurs in many different shapes and forms, the most common being grains, globes, pyrite cubes, octahedrons, and pyritohedrons. One of the most common varieties found in gemstone shops is called "pyrite dollars" or "pyrite suns," a flattened nodular variation of this golden rock. 

Pyrite is one of the most common minerals on Earth and can be found in many locations around the globe, but perhaps the most coveted and high-quality specimens come from Navajún in Spain's Rioja region. Other important deposits of the mineral pyrite occur in Australia, Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Japan, Norway, Peru, Russia, South Africa, Sweden, and the United States in Illinois and Missouri.

​Healing Benefits of Pyrite

​This healing crystal is one of the best protection talismans to carry to shield you from negative vibrations and dispel psychic and emotional attacks. Crystal therapists often recommend empaths keep this stone with them at all times, so they don't fall prey to harmful energies sent by other people — unbeknownst to them.

A powerful and versatile chakra stone, pyrite is an excellent crystal for encouraging yourself to achieve your ideals of physical health, intellectual sharpness, and emotional well-being. It is considered a talisman stone for those who work with fire, including bakers, blacksmiths, firefighters, and beyond. 

Physical Benefits

The Incas considered this sunny and vibrant gemstone a powerful healing tool that protected its wearer from diseases and accelerated recovery after an injury or illness. In fact, holistic healers claim that among its many properties, pyrite can help repair DNA damage and encourage the formation of new cells in the body. They also believe it can be beneficial for those who struggle with fever, inflammation, bone degeneration, and respiratory and circulatory conditions.

For these reasons, crystal collectors say it's an excellent stone of protection for caregivers and medical workers. Its energy is believed to be useful in fighting viruses, fungal issues, skin problems, and infectious diseases. 

Ancient physicians were convinced that pyrite could be used to reveal the cause of diseases in cases that looked hopeless and were far from resolution. Because of its mirror-like quality, these healers believed that this gemstone could help them get to the hidden cause not only of physical issues, but also of psychosomatic conditions.

Pyrite is inherently connected with the masculine energy — present both in men and women — and many believe it can be a supportive stone for male fertility and for sexual disorders, helping to balance the endocrine system.

Emotional Healing

A pyrite crystal with some of the surrounding rock still attached

Energy healers commonly recommend pyrite — along with blue lace agate and malachite — to alleviate stress and anxiety, as well as to boost vitality in those with bouts of melancholy that stop them from moving forward. It works as a mirror for the self and for its hidden parts, allowing the holistic therapists to understand the causes behind these emotions and supporting them in their quest for solutions.

Thanks to its reflective nature, this gemstone can help you see beyond pretense. If you have a hard time discerning whether people are a positive or negative influence in your life, then pyrite's presence can give you that ability by helping you understand what lies behind words and actions.

It helps you keep a clear mind, encouraging you to overcome fears and take action. Crystal specialists believe it can boost women's self-confidence and help them overcome tendencies towards inferiority or servitude. On the other hand, pyrite instills feelings of self-assurance in men and supports them in embracing their erotic side. This vibrant golden crystal can help you get out of your shell and become more dynamic and fearless.

If you're going through a challenging period in your partnership, then pyrite can be a great friend. Its grounding energy may give you the strength, patience, and understanding to stay calm and see things clearly when conflicts arise. It teaches you that often the things that upset and annoy you in others are also present in yourself. 

If you know someone who is in a toxic relationship, consider getting them a piece of pyrite. This gemstone's vibrations may guard them against ongoing control, manipulation, and criticism from their partner, helping them resist these situations and balance the power in the relationship. 

Metaphysical Properties and Spiritual Growth

Just like citrine, pyrite is known as a stone of wealth, luck, and manifestation, which can stimulate your willpower and assist you in overcoming laziness, procrastination, or lack of discipline. It's a stone of action and vitality that allows you to tap into your abilities and potential, and at the same time gives you the persistence to carry on until you reach your goals.

The holistic community believes that carrying pyrite attracts abundance into your life by inspiring new ideas and concepts, and by giving you the confidence to explore new and uncharted territories. At the same time, it also guides you to make more mindful decisions when it comes to your finances.

If you have a student in your family or know someone who's completing a course, think about getting them a pyrite crystal. Its energetic vibe can help counteract intellectual fatigue and increase mental focus, clarity, and recall. It has a special connection with those who recognize the perfection and symmetry of nature, like mathematicians, scientists, architects, and artists. 

Place this gemstone at home or in your workplace as it enhances your willpower when life throws obstacles and challenges at you. Its energy supports you when you make decisions and take actions that are necessary for your personal growth and spiritual journey.

Pyrite: Protect Your Energy and Live With More Vitality

Pyrite in a bowl, surrounded by palm fronds and more pyrite

It's impossible to stay indifferent to pyrite's energy. Be it because of either its mesmerizing color or its unique format, the truth is that this stone is a one-of-a-kind protector that draws strength from the Earth and acts as a defensive shield, dispelling any harmful vibes that come your way. 

If you're looking for a multi-purpose crystal that resonates with more than one chakra and is a powerful protective stone, consider pyrite as the next addition to your crystal healing kit. It's a great stone to help you explore your inner world and encourage spiritual growth and a positive mindset.

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