Your Guide to Ocean Jasper and its Healing Properties

Your Guide to Ocean Jasper and its Healing Properties


If you find yourself drawn to Ocean Jasper, there’s a pretty big chance that you’re in need of some uplifting and inspirational energy. It holds the power of the sea within it, freeing you to trust in the ebbs and flows of daily life. Some people call it a moon gem. Its swirling orb pattern is similar to the crater-pocked lunar surface, making it an excellent addition to a full-moon meditation.

But where does Ocean Jasper come from?


Ocean Jasper History

Believe it or not, Ocean Jasper was only officially discovered in 1999. It had been talked about several decades earlier but it was never properly documented and it remained unnamed prior to the twentieth century. 


ocean jasper raw


Discovered on a beach in Madagascar, Ocean Jasper only becomes visible when the tide recedes. Otherwise, it lies dormant under the waves. It’s no wonder that its energy is so relaxing. It’s literally spent the vast majority of its life flowing back and forth with the tide.

Ocean Jasper is quite rare because Madagascar is the only known location where it’s found. There are no roads near the area either, so it must be shipped out on boats instead. All these details add to the mystery of ocean jasper and make its energy seem more powerful. If you have a piece of Ocean Jasper, take a moment to think about how it managed to find you, of all the people in the world, and what that could possibly mean for you.

What Is Ocean Jasper Used For?

An excellent travel crystal, Ocean Jasper is the best stone for seasickness. It alleviates the symptoms of nausea that form while traveling overseas. People also use it as a protection stone while fishing or sailing, ensuring that their boat is safe and sturdy for the entire duration. 

Other people use Ocean Jasper for different reasons. It’s said to be one of the best crystals for soothing the digestive system. It’s known to reduce flatulence and remove toxins that could cause body odor. Others suggest that Ocean Jasper is a good crystal for the ear canal, the thyroid, and the female reproductive organs. 


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A more common method of using Ocean Jasper is to release pent-up frustration. It’s a calming stone that channels the soothing sound of the waves to help you relax. While holding this crystal, you’ll become more aware of tension in the body. You might be clenching your jaw, straining your forehead, or hunching your shoulders without even realizing it. By bringing your awareness to these areas, you can release tension held there and sink deeper into a relaxing state of bliss.

Ocean Jasper Healing Properties

Its gentle energy is great for stimulating and refreshing the chakras. While it predominantly works on the heart chakra, it can come in a wide variety of colors, so its rainbow healing energy can recharge all seven of the chakras.

A great stone for general happiness, Ocean Jasper encourages you to grab life with both hands and cling on like a whelk to a ship. Its energy resonates with love and joy so that you can always find a reason to smile.

Ocean Jasper teaches that what goes around comes around. It unveils the cyclic nature of the universe and is often associated with Atlantis as if to warn us of what the misuse of power can lead to. This is peculiar because Madagascar, the only place you can find Ocean Jasper, is more directly related to Lemuria, a different lost continent speculated to have been in the Indian Ocean.


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Ocean Jasper is said to bring order from chaos and can cleanse you of past wrong-doings if you’re ready to forgive yourself. Its purifying energy encourages you to take responsibility for the past—you are where you are because of what you’ve done. By accepting this, you make planning for the future a whole lot easier. Embrace your personal power and take bold steps toward a future of your choosing. 

Use Ocean Jasper’s water-like qualities to go with the flow. Be flexible and fluid. Spontaneity serves its purpose so try not to resist it. It helps you sift through your personal flotsam and work out your past traumas. Getting to the bottom of why emotions have been repressed can be a life-changing experience, after which it’s likely you’ll regain the childlike joy for life. You’re never too old to have fun.

How To Use Ocean Jasper In Your Daily Life

If you want to be more patient with yourself and others, you can hold Ocean Jasper while you meditate. Take time with each breath to fully inhale the loving energy of the universe, and exhale it back to everybody and everything. Don’t rush here. The whole point of this is to relax into it and let it be. 

Ocean Jasper is full of positive energy and it’s known to be a nurturing crystal that brings out your generosity. If you prefer giving gifts to receiving them, then this is the ideal crystal to help you get some self-love for a change. While holding this stone in your meditation, recite an affirmation for self-care. Try one of these if you’re stuck:

  • I treat myself how I want others to treat me.
  • I am happy, joyful, and deserving of love.
  • I love my body and all it does for me.
  • I am worthy of love.
  • I accept myself for who I am.

In order to fully embrace self-care and boost your self-esteem, keep Ocean Jasper close every day and practice the meditation technique with affirmations on a regular basis. It rewards generosity because when you give to others, your energy comes full circle. It’s the perfect crystal for leaving the state of dis-ease and venturing into tranquil harmony. 


ocean jasper tumbled hearts

Wear Ocean Jasper jewelry if you want to add some flair to your style. You can find this crystal in rings, bracelets, or necklaces. Or get Ocean Jasper tumbled stones and keep them in your pocket. Pull them out and hold them regularly to feel their energy soak into your skin. You can even place one on your office desk or bedside table to radiate positivity wherever you spend the most time. 

If you enjoy combining crystals, then ocean jasper works well with other water-powered stones like aquamarine, coral, and pearl. Find a match that suits you and make the most of ocean jasper’s soothing energy. 


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