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Top 10 Most Rare Gemstones on Earth

There are over 300 gemstones in the world, but did you know that some gemstones are rarer than others? If you're looking for some truly rare gemstones, check out these 10 gemstones which are even rarer than diamonds!

Tanzanite - found only in Tanzania


Tanzanite is incredibly rare and can only be mined in one specific location - the Simanjiro District of Manyara Region in Northern Tanzania. Its deep blue and violet hues make it an exquisite alternative to sapphire for jewellery makers like Tiffany & Co.

Tanzanite's initial discovery was by Masai tribesman Ali Juuyawatu in 1967. According to experts, the supply of tanzanite could be depleted within the next 20 to 30 years, making this stone one of the world's rarest stones.

Jadeite - gemstone of legend


Jadeite is one of the most valuable and prized gemstones in the world. The bright electric green of imperial jadeite is extremely rare, and its gem quality depends on its texture and translucence. Gem enthusiasts would even pay over $1 million per carat for the highest-quality jadeite, making it one of the most valuable gemstones.

Through history, Chinese, Maori, and Meso-American cultures prized jade and associated it with nobility and wealth. There is even a Chinese saying: “Gold has value; jade is invaluable.”

Red beryl - the "red emerald"

red beryl

An extremely rare variety of beryl, red beryl has only ever been found in Utah and New Mexico. In fact, gem-quality red beryl has only been mined in Utah's Wah Wah mountains, making it one of the most rare gems in the world.

Due to the rarity of large red beryl specimens, the vast majority are kept by mineral collectors in geological and private collections and never faceted. This bright red gem is extremely hard to find due to the unique conditions which are needed for it to form. The average price can go up to $10,000 per carat for high-quality material.

Benitoite - the "blue diamond"


With dispersion higher than diamonds and its distinctive sapphire-blue body color, benitoite is one of the most attractive of all rare gemstones. Gemstone-quality Benitoite has only been found in a single location, and it was named for its occurrence near the San Benito River in San Benito County, California.

It became the official gemstone of California in 1985, and has been referred to as the “blue diamond". It has notably been mistaken for other gemstones like sapphire and spinel in the past.

Kashmir Sapphire - velvety blue hues

kashmir sapphire

Kashmir sapphire may very well hold the distinction of the world's rarest gemstone. The mines that used to produce them high in the Himalayas have run dry since the 1930s. To this day, no other Kashmir mine deposits have been found.

Commercial quantities are extremely limited, making it among the most expensive and highly sought-after gems on the market. Synonymous with royalty, this rare gemstone has long been viewed as the finest and most desirable sapphire in the world.

Black Opal - lights at play

black opal

Black opals are famous for their dark body tone and resulting vibrant play of color. Black opal diffracts light and exudes a fiery display of vibrant colors, including bright blue, yellow, orange, red and green variations. It is this contrast between the dark and bright that makes it one of the most prized and distinctive gemstones in the world.

Almost the entire world's supply of black opal is mined in Lightning Ridge in New South Wales, Australia. The most valuable black opals can fetch prices greater than $3,500 per carat.

Padparadscha Sapphire - like a lotus flower

padparadsha sapphire

Padparadscha Sapphires are found mostly in Sri Lanka as well as some parts of Madagascar and Tanzania. “Padparadscha” is an ancient Sanskrit word used to describe the color of a tropical lotus flower, and we can see why it is so apt for this stone.

The unique combination of pink and orange hues make this gemstone one of the most sought after by collectors around the world.

Alexandrite - color-changing magic


Discovered in the Ural mountains in Russia in 1830, alexandrite is renowned for its ability to change colors. It appears emerald green to peacock blue in normal daylight but under incandescent light, it appears ruby red to purple instead!

Although it has since been discovered in other locales such as Brazil, alexandrite remains one of the world's rarest gemstones.

Paraíba Tourmaline - blue-green glow

paraiba tourmaline

This precious gemstone was only discovered in the Brazilian state of Paraíba in 1989. It is treasured as much for its extraordinary color as its scarcity, making it worth more than 2.5x as much per carat weight as diamonds!

This rare gem is renowned for showing intense blue colors, and a glow that can only be described as neon, that simply cannot be matched by any other gems found in the world.

Musgravite - the world's rarest mineral


Discovered in 1967 in Musgrave Ranges, Australia, it was later found in Madagascar and Greenland. However, until today, there are only 10 gem-quality stones documented! Due to just how rare this stone is, due to the rare nature of this stone, it is unlikely that you would ever come across this stone on the open market.

Due to its exceptional rarity, it is hard to put a price tag on this gemstone, although experts generally value it at close to $35,000 per carat.


These are the 10 most rare gemstones on Earth. How many of these did you know? Truly, these gemstones are not only rare, but they are also extremely gorgeous!

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