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Your Guide to Larvikite and Its Healing Powers

Lavakite, or Larvikite as it’s more widely known, is a famous stone known by many names. A member of the Feldspar family and similar in its shine to Labradorite, this stone is often misleadingly called “Black Moonstone,” “Black Labradorite,” and even “Blue Pearl Granite.” But its real name Larvikite originates from the Larvik Fjord region in Norway, where this type of igneous rock is found. 

Larvikite holds many healing properties and is known as a protective and grounding stone. It facilitates a strong connection with the Earth’s energies and connects us with the spirits of nature. Black, dark blue, or dark grey, with blue and silver flashes sparkling like the night sky, this stone evokes psychic ability and connection with magic. 

In this guide, you’ll learn about the discovery of Larvikite and its various uses.  We’ll also explore how you can benefit from its excellent metaphysical properties and use it as a healing crystal in your life. 

The History of Lavakite

Though Larvikite is believed to have been formed 298 million years ago, it has only been mined since 1884 when discovered in its namesake town of Larvik, Norway. 

While Larvikite’s history is still relatively new to the general public, this gemstone has picked up quite an array of different names in its short history. This stone has been called Black Moonstone, Blue Norweigan Moonstone, Black Labradorite, Blue Pearl Granite, Norweigan Pearl Granite, Birds Eye Granite, just to name a few. Yet, the moniker granite is misleading as Larvikite is not granite at all. It is an igneous rock, a variety of Monzonite, though its wide commercial use and subsequent marketing as granite has led the stone to be misnamed. 

Sold commercially as Blue Pearl Granite, Larvikite is prized for its high polish and labradorescence of its feldspar crystals. It is often used in construction as facades for commercial buildings, corporate offices, and kitchen countertops. Due to its commercial popularity, the International Union of Geological Sciences has designated Larvikite as a Global Heritage Stone Resource (GHSR). It has been named the national rock of its home country, Norway.

Physical Properties of Lavakite

Larvikite is a monzonitic igneous rock made of feldspar that crystallizes in the form of large masses. Feldspar is one of the most abundant minerals found on the planet and makes up more than half the Earth’s crust. When combined with other elements and minerals, feldspar creates its characteristic sparkle making stones of the feldspar family a popular choice for building materials like granite facades and countertops. 


larvikite stone

Larvikite is usually rich in titanium and contains Nepheline Syenite, Perthite, Orthoclase, Anorthoclase, Anorthite, Plagioclase, and Albite. Commonly dark blue, dark grey, or black, it is distinguished by its inclusion of plagioclase and alkali feldspar, which create its famous blue and silver flash. This sparkling flash of silver or blue from within the stone is commonly referred to as the “Schiller Effect'' or Labradoresence. This Schiller effect is often the reason Larvikite is confused with its feldspar cousin Labradorite. However, the shimmering effect only occurs when the stone is cut correctly and at the right angle, requiring artisan crafters who specialize in cutting this unique stone. 

Healing Metaphysical Properties of Lavakite 

Larvikite is a protective and grounding stone that protects the wearer and dispels negative energy. This stone is associated with the Root Chakra and helps ground one’s strength, reconnect to the Earth’s power, and attuning to nature’s spirits. Larvikite helps you to get in touch with nature and has a deep connection with the Water element. It’s most energetic during a rainstorm or near bodies of water. 

Larvikite is a stone that evokes inner strength by stimulating creativity, wisdom, and security in one’s intellect. Commonly used in meditation to produce inner visions, Larvikite is known to enhance psychic abilities, helping us see ourselves through our Higher Self and promote clarity to past-life recall visions. The grounding energy in Larvikite makes it ideal for grounding during a deep meditation or astral travel, acting as an anchor to guide your soul back to your body. 

Supportive and protective, Larvikite teaches patience and can support you as you work towards completing a goal. It opens new doors and can help you better adapt to change. It assists the brain to sort through complicated information and make rational decisions, supporting cognitive functions and allowing you to take in new information with ease. The protective energies of this stone will protect you day-to-day and while you sleep, keeping nightmares and negative energy at bay. 

Larvikite is also cleansing to the physical body; it can remove toxins and negative energy blocks while enhancing vitality and youthfulness.  It can treat physical ailments like skin disorders, aid in muscular detoxification, and boost metabolism to support weight loss. Larvikite calms nervous energy and can assist with treating anxiety. A powerful dispeller of negative energy, Larvikite neutralizes anxiety and removes the burden of stress, allowing one to live each moment fully. It focuses on positivity and harnesses good vibrations within, a powerful talisman that can benefit every aspect of life!

How to Work with Larvikite

Like working with any crystal or gemstone, there are many ways to work with Larvikite, depending on your preferences. You might carry it with you on your travels to protect yourself or keep a piece on your desk to stimulate your thoughts. Since it is excellent at getting rid of negative energy, it can be the perfect adornment for a room in your home or on your crystal altar to cleanse the energy and promote health and balance for whoever enters the room. 


larvikite stone

Meditating with Larvikite

Larvikite is an excellent meditation stone because of its cleansing and grounding properties that can enhance your meditation practice with countless benefits for your physical body and subtle body. This stone dispels negative energy all around you and empowers you to breathe in positive energy. It will eliminate impurities in your body and auric field to promote a free flow of energy and awareness. It can drown out ambient noises allowing you to focus on the breath more easily. If astral travel is within your practice, Larvikite will ground you and serve as an anchor for your soul to return to your body. 

The Stone of Many Names

Though Larvikite is known by many names and used in various ways, this enchanting black stone undoubtedly sparks a sense of wonder and inspiration in all who work with it. Larvikite is deeply connected to the Earth’s energies, both grounding and energizing, and can attune you to the natural world’s vibrations. It is all about getting grounded in the body to expand the mind and connect with your highest self. This magical stone holds powerful metaphysical abilities and can increase intuition in those who work with it. So if you ever need to reconnect and get grounded, or simply block the haters and their negative energy, Larvikite might just be the perfect gemstone for you. So find more Larvikite bracelets and healing stones in our collection!

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