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Jade Stone Meaning And Its Phenomenal Healing Properties

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History Of Jade

Jade is naturally found in China, Guatemala, Switzerland, Russia, and the United States. It was used to treat kidney problems during ancient Mesopotamia, contributing to its Spanish name, piedra de la ijada.

Ancient Greeks used Jade to treat eye diseases and created a Jade solution placed over the eye. Jade also represented the Roman goddess of fertility. Using this stone in prayer to this goddess would bring you children and good fortune.

In China, Jade is a noble stone that can cure all diseases. The Chinese goddess of compassion valued Jade and people used it to honor her and protect their children.

In the British Isles, Jade was used as a utensil and weapon because of its toughness. The Mayans would offer Jade to water spirits to provide them with healthy crops each season.

Jade Crystal Meaning

Jade is for purification and gentleness and has a soothing energy. Those who use it find it to be nourishing to their souls. The name Jade comes from the Spanish phrase piedra de la ijada, which means “stone of the colic” because it cures colic in babies.

The meaning behind Jade is love and balance. Jade stones have been used in feng shui for many years to create feelings of harmony. A Jade crystal can be used as a lucky charm to attract wealth and popularity.

It is referred to as a protection stone that nourishes the heart chakra. Jade stones encourage self-love and help you grow in your journey of self-discovery. A Jade crystal is excellent to use when you are trying to accept something about yourself.

It is also fantastic for people who practice medicine for good energy and luck. Jade is a name used for Jadeite and Nephrite.


Jade Stone Meaning

Burmese Jadeite was initially transported into China in 1784 and has been utilized since then. Although You can find Jadeite worldwide, the only commercially mined deposit is in Burma Jadeite, also known as Burmese Jade.

Jadeite comes in various colors, from a subtle gray to a vibrant green. Jadeite colors range from yellow to gold, pink to blue lavenders, rusty reds, light to dark green, pure white, brown, and black. Many Jadeite stones feature more than one of these hues.

The intensity of the color, like with other gem materials, is an essential aspect in determining quality. Transparency is also crucial in determining the value of Jadeite; the best Jadeite is semi-transparent, while the worst is opaque. For Jade stones cut to display a single hue, color consistency is critical.


Jade Stone Meaning

Although Nephrite Jade is less dazzling than its cousin, Jadeite, it is the real Jade of ancient China. The most valuable Chinese possessions were Nephrite Jade, transported into China about three thousand years ago. It was also utilized to make tools, utensils, sacred artifacts, and jewelry.

Much of the Nephrite available today is called "spinach" Jade, or "Taiwan Jade," and has a dark cooked spinach color. Russia has fine Nephrite with a vivid yellowish-green tone with prominent tiny black inclusions.

What Are The Different Types Of Jade?

Jade Stone Meaning

Every type of Jade shares similar symbolism, but the specific color of the Jade brings extra meaning to the stone. Here are a few examples and what they represent:

Blue Jade meaning

Blue Jade is all about tranquility and contemplation. It allows you to sit quietly in your spirit, seek your dreams, and not be concerned by ripples since you know that deep down, all is okay. It's like gazing into a deep silent water pond.

White Jade meaning

White Jade is pale and attractive. It helps clear your mind of distractions and put things in perspective. A bracelet made with white Jade can be an excellent tool for folks who have difficulty making decisions.

Green Jade meaning

According to Chinese tradition, Green Jade represents the five human virtues of courage, modesty, justice, compassion, and wisdom. Having a Green Jade crystal will bestow these benefits on the person wearing it.

Red Jade meaning

Tap into the bold energy of Red Jade, to say yes to a bright and brilliant blast of chi to stir up your soul. It helps you prepare to shoot down those anxieties that have been holding you back for a long time.

Black Jade meaning

Like many black midnight-hued stones, Black Jade is all about inviting in protection, staying anchored, and ensuring that your thought patterns don't encircle you.

Yellow Jade meaning

Yellow Jade's positive power almost glows with good intention for people who seek a rush of good fortune and a bright mood.

Lavender Jade crystal meaning

Lavender Jade taps into your higher being and helps you heal from ancient torments so that you may breathe profoundly and fly high. It's soft and serene, and it's always in touch with a feeling of spirituality.

Imperial Jade crystal meaning

The majestic moods of the aptly named Imperial Jade feature intense green tones. This stone, one of the most prized in the Jade world, protects and brings deep harmony.

Orange Jade crystal meaning

Orange Jade radiates a fiery warmth and a dynamic flow. This stone gives off life, love, and all things positive.

Purple Jade meaning

Purple Jade is an excellent stone for spring cleaning those cobwebby areas of the chakras and the soul for individuals who feel like they need a good aura cleansing.

Brown Jade crystal meaning

Brown Jade is all about settling into your roots, finding your comfort inside, and not letting life rock you to your core. It's earthy and grounding, with all the energy of the natural world.

Jade durability

One of the properties of Jade is that it is a hard stone, which is the reason behind its great value. It is generally resistant to damage and does not easily break.

The interlocking arrangement of the microscopic grains as the stone forms, as explained above, is what gives it its exceptional hardness. While a Jade stone only rates 6–7 on the Mohs scale, it is highly scratch resistant and makes high-quality Jade crystal ideal for everyday wear in jewelry.

Jade Stone Benefits And Healing Properties

As a protective talisman, Jade has always been held, worn, and praised as a stone rich in good fortune. It is said that the cosmos simply sends all good things Jade's way, and being a giving jewel, she is always delighted to share that good fortune.

In addition to being an amulet for good luck, Jade bracelets encompass all aspects of healing, from emotional to spiritual, and of course, physical. Take a look at the benefits and healing properties of Jade.

Physical healing properties

Jade is a powerful stone with emotional and metaphysical properties, but it also aids in physical healing. Jade is a solid and potent cleansing stone known to benefit the kidneys, bladder, and spleen. They also assist the body's fluid systems in balancing out.

Along with all of this, Jade is well-known for aiding in the fight against infections and nervous system conditions, lowering fevers, and encouraging the body to repair itself. Jade can also act as a libido stimulant for folks who are experiencing sexual difficulties.

Spiritual healing properties

Jade has a strong attachment to the spiritual world and is closely associated with the heart chakra. Jade's soft shimmering moods are ideal for flushing out negative energy and bringing oneself into harmony with the rest of the world.

Our trust, love, and compassion are all held in the heart chakra, which aids in the development of self-love. Due to its mystical powers, Jade connects us to how we engage with the world and all those who live in it. The stone remains with you throughout your spiritual journey.

Mental & Emotional Healing Properties

Jade encourages you to let go of negative thought patterns and gives you the bravery and knowledge to accept your wise counsel. It's all about increasing self-sufficiency, so you feel empowered to stand on your two feet.

Jade is associated with ideals of purity, which does not imply living without a shadow side. It helps you achieve mental clarity and have a peaceful heart to embrace all aspects of yourself.

Jade Chakra Association

Although it is mainly associated with the heart chakra, Jade opens and cleanses the other chakras. Jade reduces your desire to be in control of everything in your life. It balances the base chakra by awakening your awareness of past lives and experiences. 

If you're feeling arrogant or selfish, Jade also helps open the sacral chakra. It allows you to become more comfortable with yourself and lets you understand your desires. 

Jade connects the lower chakras with the higher ones for the ultimate balance within your body. It allows you to achieve homeostasis and love ultimately. It also helps regenerate feelings of love and passion when placed near the heart chakra. 

If your throat chakra is out of balance, you might start to feel resistant to change and hyperactive. Jade increases your creativity and communication skills helping you live your truth and speak it to others openly. 

The Jade stone balances the third eye chakra by opening your perceptions and imagination. It also brings balance to the hemispheres of your brain. As for the crown chakra, Jade connects you with the spirit realm and the vast universe. It also links you to your past and lets you see its effect on your present.

Jade zodiac sign

Jade Stone Meaning

Jade is the zodiac stone of people born under the Libra and Taurus sign. Both of these signs are ruled by Venus and are all about balance. Libras are sensitive and strong-willed. People born under the Taurus sign are realists who are stubborn. 

Jade stones bring people born under Libra and Taurus good health and fortune. Wearing and using Jade jewelry brings positive energy to your life and clarity.

How To Evaluate Jade When Buying

Because not all Jade is created equal, finding high-quality Jade on the market can be challenging. The best Jade is translucent, brightly colored, and silky smooth. Color, transparency, and texture are the most significant factors to consider when analyzing Jade.


Jade crystals come in a range of colors, from opaque to semi-transparent. This is what gives Jade its distinct appearance and sets it apart from other gemstones.

Semi-transparent Jade is the most precious, with a somewhat hazy appearance. When light reaches such Jade, it penetrates the stone deeply, giving it a gleaming appearance.

Jade that is fully opaque is undesirable, as is Jade that is entirely transparent. Patchy transparency, in which some sections of the stone are foggy, is also undesirable.


Imperial Jade, with a particular shade of green, is the most costly and prized Jade. It is also among the most valuable gemstones that are in high demand. Lavender Jade is the most valuable after green, with black, orange, and red Jade also popular.

When buying, look for Jade with bright, vibrant colors. The Jade color should be solid and rich. You can verify this by looking at the stone in both artificial and natural light.

Clarity and texture

To the touch, Jade is smooth and velvety - the size and hardness of the crystals that make up the stone contribute to its texture. Jade is made up of thousands of tiny crystals that tightly interlock as the stone grows.

Jade comes in three different crystal sizes: fine, medium, and coarse. Fine-grained Jade has the best texture. Jade stones have a very high shine and a smooth feel to them.

Size and weight

Jade is substantially heavier than most other gemstones due to its thick nature. For example, a Jade stone the same size as a diamond would be much heavier. This is why most colored gemstones, including Jade, are measured in centimeters rather than carats.

Jade comes in a variety of sizes, but it isn't easy to come by high-quality Jade.


Jade is versatile and may be carved and cut into a variety of shapes. It's easy to cut and doesn't shatter, crack, or chip because of its fine-grained crystal structure.

Jade of the highest quality is typically carved into cabochons and used in jewelry. These cabochons are frequently not calibrated to save Jade's rough weight.

You can use a single piece of rough Jade to make an entire piece of jewelry. Jade is frequently used in decorative carvings.

How To Use Jade

Jade is commonly used as an anklet or pendant to stay calm during a mental storm. Keeping a Jade crystal in your pocket or around your neck helps recharge your energy and protects you from becoming ill. You can also use it in your physical surroundings or by meditating with it.

Here are some of the popular ways in which people use Jades.

At home or in the office

Jade Stone Meaning

Different cultures have utilized Jade in homes to bring abundance, luck, and good vibrations throughout ancient and modern history. Jade's soft colorings, natural patterns, and sublimely soothing vibes attract the eye in everything from jewelry to carvings and beautiful decoration.

Jade is a stone of purity and full of sweet energy, making it an ideal complement to your house. By using a Jade crystal as your home decor, such as a lamp, you are instantly purifying the air and making room for gentleness to flourish.

In addition to being a lucky stone, Jade promotes peace and balance, making it an excellent addition to the office. Having a Jade crystal on your desk will bring you riches and prosperity and ensure that your communication and creativity are flowing.

Wear Jade jewelry

Jade Stone Meaning

One of the best ways to stay connected to the lucky and light energy of Jade stone is wearing Jade jewelry. Because Jade is so close to your skin, there is no barrier between those crystal healing vibrations soaking into your being and beginning to work.

Beads and energy bracelets made of Jade crystals are a more conventional manner of accessing this charm's tremendous energies. Their luscious color scheme makes them extremely attractive.

Other earth stones that combine well with Jade include Rose Quartz and Black Tourmaline. They promote compassion and heart chakra healing. So if you're looking for some extra aid in this area, chakra crystal combinations are an ideal strategy.

Cleansing And Taking Care Of Jade Crystals

Jade works hard to protect you from harm and prepare you for success. Crystals like this benefit from cleansing, so you can take full advantage of them. Charging Jade is also a popular way of renewing its energy. You can recharge your Jade stone by placing it in spring water for a few minutes. Below are ways you can take care of your Jade crystal.

Clean with water and mild soap

Simply soak a delicate cloth in warm water and use it to wipe the Jade crystal. If you want your water frothy, you may also add a few drops of mild hand soap. Harsh soaps may not restore the luster of your Jade stone.

You can use a delicate brush to clean hard-to-reach areas on your Jade jewelry. For example, if you have an intricately carved Jade pendant or a Jade ring with microscopic crevices created by the prongs of the setting. Use a brush with the softest bristles to avoid scratches.

Wipe with a microfiber cloth

Wiping down the Jade crystal with a microfiber cloth gives it a glossy, smooth appearance and prevents scratches.

Avoid exposure to chemicals

Cleaning a Jade crystal with jewelry or home cleaners is highly unrecommended since harsh chemicals degrade the stone's luster. You should make sure you take off your Jade crystal before entering a pool or hot tub, as chlorine can cause damage to the stone.

Avoid knocking it against hard surfaces

Be cautious of how you wear your Jade jewelry to keep it in good condition and looking attractive. If it's a necklace, it may contact the edge of anything, cracking or breaking it.

Make sure your Jade stone is kept in a secure location where it won't fall. Any Jade crystal that is smashed against other hard items is permanently damaged, lowering its value.

Bottom Line

Jade is the ultimate good luck charm that keeps your loving energies balanced with your heart chakra. The vibrant green of Jade is beautiful to look at, and it reminds us of the beauty in the world. Jade stones are highly durable and offer some excellent physical, spiritual, and mental healing properties.

Jade has been used for thousands of years among different communities worldwide. The stones act as a life force energy, making them ideal for use in feng shui practice.  You can own your Jade crystal or other supportive stones from Conscious Items in the form of a bracelet, ring, earring, crystal, anklet, or home decor.

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