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How To Use the Healing Properties of Howlite


How To Use the Healing Properties of Howlite

How To Use the Healing Properties of Howlite


If you've just started your journey in crystal healing and have been searching for a high-frequency chakra stone to activate your crown energy center, look no further. Howlite, with its elegant and pure white color, is one of the most popular gemstones to open and balance your seventh chakra.

This healing crystal is especially well-known for its calming and soothing vibrations, which are believed to calm the mind and bring relief to those who struggle with stress and anxiety. The holistic community considers howlite one of the best stones to attune with your higher-self and your spiritual consciousness.

Thanks to its porous nature, this white to light grey gem is often dyed in different colors to create more affordable versions of other stones, such as turquoise, lapis lazuli, chrysocolla, or even red coral. These varieties carry the same healing qualities as white howlite, and depending on their color, they can also positively affect other chakra centers. The chrysocolla version is considered a non-traditional birthstone for those born under the zodiac sign of Gemini. 

Below you'll learn essential information about howlite, which will enable you to use this crystal to support your emotional, mental, physical, and especially spiritual well-being.

Origins and Sources of Howlite

The howlite gemstone was named after the Canadian geologist and mineralogist Henry How, who discovered this borate mineral in 1868 during a mining expedition in Nova Scotia. It was initially called silico-boro calcite, but years later the famous American mineralogist and geologist James Dwight Dana decided to change its name to howlite to honor its finder.

Its color can range from opaque white to light grey, and it's typically accompanied by dark brown or black veins. Many experts say that the distinctive way howlite crystals occur in nature resembles the shape of a cauliflower head. Even though this gemstone was first discovered in Canada, most of the howlite you can find nowadays originates from the USA (California), Turkey, Mexico, Russia, Germany, Namibia, and Pakistan.

Healing and Metaphysical Properties of Howlite

Two howlite stones in a teak bowl, surrounded by jasmine flowers

Even though howlite has been discovered quite recently compared to other ancient gemstones like rose quartz or aventurine, energy healers have harnessed its powerful spiritual qualities throughout the years. They believe that wearing a howlite bracelet or pendant in your daily life can support your journey of self-growth and teach you important insights about yourself and the world around you. 

In this section, we'll delve deeper into the incredible properties of not only white howlite but also two of its most beloved varieties: blue and green.

White Howlite

Crystal experts have praised natural howlite as an outstanding calming stone for those who fall prey to overactive minds. For this reason, it can be immensely beneficial if you suffer from insomnia or other sleep disorders: Just place a piece of howlite under your pillow or on your bedside table, as it could help promote a good night's sleep.

If any of your family members are students, consider giving them a howlite tumble stone. Its energy is believed to stimulate a deep thirst for knowledge and for researching new ideas, as well as to enhance concentration and memory. It promotes patience and helps you stay on the path you have set out on until you reach your goals.

If you struggle with procrastination, crystal enthusiasts believe that wearing white howlite can show you creative ways to achieve what you most desire and give you the motivation to take action. Along with obsidian, it is a powerful protection stone that absorbs negative energy and, according to the holistic community, should be kept in your car as its energy can help you remain calm and focused during long drives.

Alternative medicine claims that howlite's vibration can soothe angry outbursts and support you when you deal with aggressive or argumentative people. Just like amethyst, it is a true crown chakra gem that encourages self-awareness and inspires a more peaceful mind and positive outlook on life. 

Howlite helps you awaken your spiritual side and access deep wisdom, allowing you to become more mindful and conscious about yourself and the universe. Consequently, this can strengthen your most positive traits and help you discard harsh behaviors like selfishness or greed.

In crystal healing sessions, energy healers use howlite to help alleviate muscular tension and relieve the associated pain. Due to its mineral composition, they claim that this white stone can balance calcium levels and bring comfort to those who struggle with bone degeneration issues.

Blue Howlite

A dyed blue howlite stone with the appearance of turquoise

Blue howlite is known by many names. Turquoise howlite, white turquoise, and turquenite are only some of the most common nicknames for this beautiful and vibrant gem. On top of sharing the same healing properties as the natural howlite, this variety also boasts a strong connection with both the throat and the third eye chakras. 

When balanced, the throat energy center — also known as the communication chakra or Vishuddha — helps you convey your thoughts and emotions with kindness and compassion, in a way that is clear and free of misinterpretations. By carrying a piece of howlite, many believe they are strengthening this ability and keeping a well-balanced Vishuddha.

This sea-hued healing crystal encourages self-expression on many levels, from helping you speak your mind to giving you the confidence to share your truth with the world — with pride and a sense of self-worth. It stimulates free-thinking and creativity, which can be very useful when trying to resolve problems and conflicts. 

If you have or know a very timid child who struggles with the unknown, give them a blue howlite. Its energy is said to bring a sense of security, encouraging them to be more adventurous and self-sufficient in unfamiliar environments. 

As a true third eye chakra stone, its vibration brings reasoning and discernment, and helps you keep an open mind and avoid judging — an essential step in your journey of spiritual growth. It teaches you to see the other person's point of view and to approach issues with a calm and cool head. 

Blue howlite's presence can also serve as a reminder that all transformations take time and patience, and that you should be gentle and kind to yourself through times of change.

​Green Howlite

Green howlite is often called malachite howlite, for its obvious resemblance with malachite itself. Like all green stones, it shares a strong bond with the heart chakra, or Anahata, the center of self-love and emotional expression. 

If you have a hard time processing emotions and keep beating yourself up for things that have happened in the past, then green howlite's energy can be a great companion for you. It can help you finally accept any unresolved issues and stop being overly critical about yourself and your past actions. Its energy is said to give you the strength to let go of unhealthy attachments and old emotional wounds.

As a gem combining both the calming energy of howlite and the green color, it's a fantastic token to help stabilize your mood and soothe your fears. It gives you a sense of trust in yourself and enables you to make peace with what's happening in your life.

If someone you know is cracking under the pressure of oppressive job deadlines or our fast-paced society, get them a piece of green howlite. This loving and tranquilizing crystal can bring them some relief from the tension of competitive work environments and encourage them to enjoy life at their own pace.

Express Yourself Confidently and Support Your Spiritual Growth With Howlite

If you're looking for a healing crystal to guide and support you on your path to self-growth and inner wisdom, you should give howlite a chance. Its positive energy and soothing vibration may provide the patience, kindness, and self-awareness that are vital when you're trying to become the best version of yourself. 

This radiant white gemstone can help you keep a clear mind while you face the challenges of everyday life, teaching you that there is always something important to learn when you're confronted with unwanted situations. It is, without a doubt, one of the most spiritually attuned stones and a worthy addition to your energy healing kit.


Telma Goncalves is a holistic health and life coach with a passion for wellness, Ayurveda, and sustainability. She has spent the last seven years studying and learning about health, nutrition, and natural living, and she loves researching and sharing her knowledge.

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