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Enhance Your Concentration With Green Fluorite


Enhance Your Concentration With Green Fluorite

Enhance Your Concentration With Green Fluorite


It's hard to resist fluorite crystals. They are some of the most beautiful gemstones in the mineral world and are highly sought after not only by metaphysical healers but also by mineralogists. Green fluorite is part of this crystal family, and it possesses the same healing properties of common fluorite, plus some unique benefits of its own. 

Green fluorite is undoubtedly one of the most extraordinary creations of the natural world, and it exudes a peaceful and stabilizing energy. It's a great holistic tool to calm anxious minds and stimulate both memory and concentration. This makes it a perfect companion for students and those who live fast-paced lives but still need to be at the top of their game. 

Fluorite is a chakra stone known for balancing all the chakras and having a special connection with the third eye chakra and crown chakra. On the other hand, its green-colored variety resonates strongly with your heart chakra. It's considered a birthstone for those born in the heart of spring (April 20 - May 20), and its frequency is said to be very beneficial to those born under the signs of Pisces and Capricorn.

If you're thinking about getting a green fluorite or if you already own one but don't know how to use it, this comprehensive guide is for you. You'll find out about the origins and meanings of this vibrant gemstone as well as simple ways to add it to your everyday life to benefit from its healing qualities.

Origins of Green Fluorite

The word fluorite comes from the Latin "fluere," meaning "to flow." It got this name because it was used as a component (or flux) in the smelting processes for both steel and aluminum. Experts believe Pliny the Elder, a Roman author, naturalist, and historian, was the first to study fluorite's properties. He considered it "a most precious substance," which was highly-prized in Roman society, and he included this mesmerizing crystal in what is regarded as the first encyclopedia of stones and their powers.

History scholars have found many stories and mentions of how beloved fluorite was for the ancient Romans. In fact, Emperor Nero was said to have paid over a million sesterces (around $240,000 today) for a cup crafted from this stone. Some reports claim that both Pompey the Great and Augustus stole fluorite ornaments from palaces in Pontus and Egypt, respectively. 

They loved drinking wine from vessels made with this mineral due to the distinctive flavor it gave to the beverage, a result of the resin used to hold the crystals together during the shaping process. For ancient Greek and Roman pagan cults, fluorite symbolized Persephone, the goddess of spring — which represented new growth — and Bona Dea, the goddess of fertility and women.

Archeologists have also discovered fluorite artifacts in North America, more specifically in burial sites and cultivated fields located in Southern Illinois and Western Kentucky. Researchers have dated these findings back to Mississippian mound builders (between 900 and 1650 A.D), and they were mostly comprised of fluorite pendants, beads, and ear ornaments.

In China, green fluorite was often used as a substitute for imperial jade, as it was a more affordable choice. 

Sources of Green Fluorite

A raw green fluorite crystal

In the geological and industrial world, fluorite is also known as fluorspar. As a matter of fact, this crystal is commonly used to produce top-grade optical lenses for telescopes, microscopes, and even cameras. It's also an essential component of the ceramic and chemical industries.

Fluorite is hailed as the most colorful mineral in the world as it occurs in many different shades, the most popular being purple fluorite, rainbow fluorite, and blue fluorite. Regardless of their color, these gems are considered to have a flawless structure that forms in the shape of perfect octahedron crystal systems. Healing crystal therapists say that this geometry deeply resonates with the human mind, hence its mental-enhancing properties.

The green fluorite crystal is a member of the mineral Halides family and is composed of calcium fluoride. When it forms, it is often accompanied or surrounded by barite, clear quartz, and calcite. Fluorite clusters were one of the first gemstones to be studied for their fluorescence, a phenomenon where light is absorbed and subsequently re-emitted, giving off a faint glow when exposed to the dark.

It's a common mineral that can be found around different parts of the globe, especially in areas exposed to hydrothermal activity. Some of the most well-known extraction sites include Australia, Brazil, China, Germany, Mexico, Norway, Peru, the United Kingdom, and the United States. 

Green Fluorite Healing Properties

Like all green-colored crystals, green fluorite is known for bringing renewal, success in new ventures, and good health. It's intrinsically linked with mother nature, making it a gentle grounding stone that clears and protects your auric field from negative energies (similar to smoky quartz). This earthly connection also makes it an excellent stone to create a crystal elixir, which can be used for nourishing plants and is even said to attract butterflies into your garden. 

It has a particularly positive effect on those who work with technology, as crystal healers claim its presence absorbs electromagnetic pollution. When placed in work areas, green fluorite can support your mind, so you stay focused, organized, and clear headed. For these reasons, this gemstone makes for a great talisman for scientists, processors, researchers, programmers, designers, analysts, and accountants.

Physical Benefits

A pile of green fluorite stones

Along with citrine, fluorite is a popular stone to support your overall physical health and boost your immunity. During crystal healing sessions, practitioners use fluorite to purify body, mind, and spirit, and to align anything that might be out of order. Alternative medicine practitioners believe it can help dispel disorders at the first sign of symptoms and consider it a natural anti-viral and anti-inflammatory agent. 

If you're struggling with stomach and intestinal issues, carrying green fluorite might ease the discomfort caused by these conditions. Crystal healers also recommend this stone for those who wish to support cell regeneration and nutrient absorption. 

Due to its calcium content, crystal enthusiasts say it can bring relief in situations of bone degeneration in both bones and teeth. They also believe that carrying green fluorite can be beneficial if you struggle with skin, respiratory tract, and mucous membrane disorders.

Emotional Healing

As a true stone of the heart chakra, green fluorite is an outstanding tool to stabilize your emotional body, especially when you feel overwhelmed. It helps you think through your feelings and dissolve confusion that might have been caused by exacerbated emotions. 

Like rose quartz, it can provide guidance and support to those who have experienced emotional trauma and who have deep-seated wounds they haven't dealt with. The gentle energy of green fluorite brings these unresolved issues to the surface and allows you to keep a cool head, so you can choose the best way to create closure. 

If you're an over-thinker or find yourself riddled with self-doubt, this chakra healing stone's vibration can give you the confidence boost you're looking for. It assists you in eliminating vacillation and letting go of the fear of making the wrong decision. By opening both the heart and third eye chakras, green fluorite helps you overcome narrow-mindedness and old thinking patterns, so you're able to see the big picture and set a path to achieve your true potential.

Energy healers believe that this beautiful stone's perfect symmetry can clear mental fog, confusion, and conflicting ideas, which can help bring some order to a chaotic mind. They recommend it in relationships fuelled by heated emotions, as it helps the user remain impartial and unbiased. Green fluorite encourages fair reasoning and objectivity when feelings start to run wild and get out of control, assisting you in staying centered and in the moment.

If you're going through a period of high stress, holding or meditating with a piece of fluorite can be a great way to remind you to take a deep breath and stay in the present. By being mindful and checking on your mind and body often, you're more likely to relax and feel less anxious about the challenges that may come your way. If the fluorite's vibration is too gentle and you feel like you need a more grounding and protective energy, combine it with black tourmaline.

Spiritual and Metaphysical Properties

Green fluorite is one of the best stones to support your spiritual energy, helping to harmonize your right and left brain hemispheres. This can lead to a more balanced and happy life, filled with creativity, originality, and quick thinking.

In fact, ancient lore states that fluorite was crystallized light and that using it during meditation and sacred rituals could help men achieve enlightenment by bringing light into their brain. Along with quartz crystal, it's a vibrant gemstone that works as a cleanser of the environment, assisting to dispel negative energies coming from other people. 

Just like amethyst, green fluorite can be a great teacher that allows you to understand how you fit into the universe's plan. Thanks to its profound affinity to the Earth, it's a powerful conduit that carries the life force of nature and new beginnings within itself. Therefore, if you're looking to start your life in a new place, create a new habit, or venture into a new business, the positive energies of this beautiful stone can be hugely supportive.

It is considered a fantastic stone to increase focus, especially when it comes to maintaining discipline. If you struggle with following a health or fitness plan, then green fluorite is your friend. Its presence supports you while you introduce change and structure into your life, giving you the endurance and strength to reach your goals. 

Use Green Fluorite for Stress Relief and Cleanse Your Energy

A collection of green fluorite stones in a bowl, surrounded by quartz and fern leaves

If you want to add fluorite to your crystal healing kit, consider green fluorite as an option. Apart from possessing all of fluorite's incredible properties, it also helps to balance your Anahata — or heart chakra — and overcome your emotional wounds. 

Its gentle and tranquil energy can soothe the heart and the mind, yet assist you in staying focused and sharp when required. If you're particularly sensitive to the healing power of stones and you're looking for a cleansing crystal with a peaceful vibration, then look no further. Green fluorite is the gem you seek.


Telma Goncalves is a holistic health and life coach with a passion for wellness, Ayurveda, and sustainability. She has spent the last seven years studying and learning about health, nutrition, and natural living, and she loves researching and sharing her knowledge.

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