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Ultimate Guide to Blue Fluorite Meaning, Healing Properties and Uses

Blue Fluorite's entrancing beauty captivates the eye and the soul. Its soft, ethereal blue hues invoke a sense of tranquility, while its sparkling crystals radiate an inner light that is at once calming and energizing.

Strengthening and stabilizing the aura, Blue Fluorite is an excellent companion for those called to do deep inner work.

Read on to learn more about the Blue Fluorite stone and its meaning, benefits, uses, and healing properties!

Blue Fluorite Crystal Meaning

blue fluorite meaning

The stone's vitreous luster and translucent quality have long made it a favorite among crystal collectors. Occurring in all shades of blue, from the lightest sky blue to the deepest navy, Blue Fluorite is often banded or included with other minerals, resulting in some truly stunning specimens.

Blue Fluorite's meaning is tied to its ethereal blue color. The stone's ability to ground and center the wearer while remaining lighthearted makes it perfect for those who want to access the higher chakras without losing touch with the physical world.

Blue Fluorite Benefits and Uses

blue fluorite benefits

Blue Fluorite's benefits typically manifest in the mental and spiritual realms, although it can also be used to cleanse and recast any wayward emotions that may be holding you back.

Able to bridge the gap between the physical and spiritual worlds, Blue Fluorite is an excellent stone for anyone seeking spiritual guidance from their guardian angels and other spiritual beings.

If you've been searching for meaning in your life or answers to important questions, this crystal can lift you to the places you need to go—both physically and spiritually.

Allow us to walk you through some of the most popular ways to integrate blue Fluorite into your life below:

Blue Fluorite Jewelry

If you require Blue Fluorite's energies on the go, pendants are an excellent choice because they can be worn close to the heart and throat—far from any abrasive surfaces that might damage the stone.

Earrings, bracelets, hairpins, anklets, and brooches can also work, as long as you're careful not to expose the stone to too much wear and tear.

The many different shades of blue this stone offers make it a versatile fashion accessory, too—icy pastels can lend an ethereal look to any outfit, while deep navy hues can add a touch of mystery and sophistication.

Blue Fluorite at Home and Office

The serenity and focus Blue Fluorite imparts make it an ideal stone to have in any work setting. If you constantly get sidetracked or interrupted throughout the day, placing a piece of Blue Fluorite on your desk can help you stay on task and bring your productivity to new heights.

At home, this crystal helps foster order out of chaos. Alleviating stress, worry, and negative thoughts, it's the perfect stone to have around if you're seeking a more tranquil living space.

That same quality also makes it an excellent choice for children's rooms, as it can help to soothe and calm fussy little ones. Or, if you're feeling restless, try slipping a piece of Blue Fluorite under your pillow to enjoy a more restful night's sleep!

Meditation with Blue Fluorite

It's not always easy to silence the monkey mind and enter a state of deep meditation, but Blue Fluorite can help ease you into a calmer state of consciousness.

This crystal's energies help to still the mental chatter and clear away any unwanted distractions, making it easier for you to focus on your breath and open a path for your higher self to communicate with you.

Focusing also becomes easier while holding or wearing Blue Fluorite during meditation, giving your word affirmations more power to enter the subconscious mind and take root.

Blue Fluorite Properties

blue fluorite properties

Blue Fluorite Healing Properties

This crystal's placid energy promotes order above all else. Messiness, whether it be physical, psychological, or spiritual, can be pacified by the serene influence of Blue Fluorite.

Let's go a bit deeper into how you can work with this stone to regenerate both your inner and outer worlds below:

Blue Fluorite Physical Healing Energy

As part of a holistic approach to health, Blue Fluorite can be utilized to ease illnesses and inflammation in the throat, nose, and ears.

The stone can also offer overall protection by fortifying the immune system, dispelling minor infections, and even reducing the severity of colds and flu.

Those suffering from headaches and migraines may also find relief by placing a piece of Blue Fluorite on their forehead or holding it during an attack.

Speech and memory issues, particularly Alzheimer's and dementia, are said to be improved by the crystal's vibrations.

Blue Fluorite Emotional Healing Energy

When you're amidst a sea of chaos, Blue Fluorite can be your anchor.

It can alleviate and dissipate the built-up stress, worry, and anxiety that's constantly weighing you down—giving you a lighter, brighter perspective on life that everyone around you will appreciate.

If you're easily agitated or quick to anger, Blue Fluorite can serve as a reset button for our negative moods. Work with this stone to soothe your mood swings, hot temper, and irrational outbursts.

Blue Fluorite Chakra Healing and Balancing Energy

The alluring blue hues of this stone make it a natural fit for the Throat and Third Eye chakras.

If you're feeling lost for words during an important conversation, try holding a piece of this crystal in your hand to encourage open and honest expression. Blue Fluorite can also gently nudge those who have difficulties speaking up for themselves or setting personal boundaries to do so easily.

The stone also helps balance our Third Eye chakra by clearing away any unwanted mental fog or psychic debris that's clouding our intuition.

This allows us to see the situation more clearly, gaining a better understanding of what we're dealing with and what steps need to be taken next.

Blue Fluorite Spiritual Energy

A multi-dimensional stone that's highly attuned to the spiritual realm, Blue Fluorite can be used to connect with the highest aspects of the mind.

Its energy helps to heighten intuitive and psychic powers while promoting spiritual attunement, making it an excellent stone for those who are just beginning their journey in exploring the non-physical planes of existence.

Those feeling lost, with no sense of how they fit into the greater scheme of things, will benefit greatly from Blue Fluorite's reassuring presence. The stone will help you to develop an understanding of the universe's perfection and how each one of us plays a vital role in that plan.

Blue Fluorite Color Energy

Blue brings with it a sense of peace and tranquility. It enhances communication, promotes trust and harmony, and encourages us to live our lives with integrity.

Like all blue stones, Blue Fluorite is all about expressing our truth. Whether that is learning contentment with our current circumstances or letting go of patterns and mindsets that no longer serve us, this crystal will guide us towards a place of serenity and inner peace.

Metaphysical Properties Blue Fluorite Brings

Blue Fluorite hones our intuition and psychic abilities, freeing us to ascend to higher levels of consciousness without losing our bearings in the material world. Washing away negative energies and old karmic patterns, this crystal sets the stage for us to step into our highest potential.

Blue Fluorite Chakra

It corresponds to the third eye chakra and the throat chakra. The third eye chakra allows you to see past the physical plane into the light of the Universe. It allows you to receive divine guidance and wisdom that will propel you along your journey on earth. In addition, the throat chakra allows you to speak with clarity and calm.

When paired with Aquamarine, it will clear mental fog and allow you to truly experience a sense of wholehearted peace and joy. These crystals for throat chakras will serve you well when you are conducting a public presentation or trying to express yourself in a gentle and eloquent manner to all the parties in question.

Blue Fluorite Crystal Combinations

Blue Fluorite's mellow energies make it a great stone to combine with other crystals.

We like leaning into one of the two chakras that this stone is most attuned to, depending on our needs.

For a Throat Chakra focus, try combining Blue Fluorite with Blue Lace Agate, Azurite, Blue Chalcedony, or Aquamarine to supercharge its ability to encourage open and honest communication.

To ready ourselves for some serious Third Eye chakra work, we recommend teaming up Blue Fluorite with Amethyst, Black Obsidian, Sapphire, or Dumortierite.

Frequently Asked Questions

What chakra associates with Blue Fluorite?

Blue Fluorite is attuned most strongly with the Throat and Third Eye chakras. This specific combination unlocks our ability to express ourselves with integrity while also granting us greater clarity regarding our intuition and psychic abilities.

What zodiac sign associates with Blue Fluorite?

Those born under the sign of Pisces count Blue Fluorite as their zodiac stone. Capricorns are also well-attuned to the energies of this crystal.

Is Blue Fluorite real?

Yes, Blue Fluorite is a real, natural crystal! Fluorite comes in many colors, with blue being one of the most popular.

Because Blue Fluorite looks similar to glass, unscrupulous vendors may try to get one over you if you're not careful.

Vetting crystal dealers is a must before plunking down your cash. You don't want to waste your time and effort on a man-made knockoff that won't help you in the ways that you need.

Can you sleep with Blue Fluorite?

Yes! Whether you're looking to fix a sleeping schedule gone awry or looking to put in some serious dream work, going to sleep with your crystal is a great way to infuse your downtime with Blue Fluorite's energies.

We like placing a Blue Fluorite piece beside our head on the nightstand or under our pillow to not disturb its vibrations should we move in our sleep.

From there, focus on setting an intention for the night. It could be as simple as, "I release all worry and stress before I sleep" or something more specific to your goals like, "I will remember my dreams upon waking and journal them down."

Blue Fluorite's ability to fire up the Third Eye chakra makes it an indispensable tool for harnessing dreams for spiritual guidance. Be sure to have a notebook close by so you can jot down what you remember as soon as you wake up!

Does Blue Fluorite glow in the dark?

No. You can use UV light to see some of its more interesting fluorescence, but it will not produce light on its own in the dark.

Is Blue Fluorite rare?

Fluorite is generally considered one of the more common minerals out there. Blue Fluorite is rarer than other types of Fluorite, however, making it slightly more valuable than its green or purple counterparts.

Where can I find Blue Fluorite jewelry?

Owing to the many bewitching shades of blue it comes in, Blue Fluorite makes for some exquisite jewelry. Able to steal the show outright or play well with other stones, it's a popular choice for necklaces, pendants, and earrings.

Large Blue Fluorite stones work especially well in chokers and statement pieces. Its proximity to your Throat chakra will help you not just draw the gaze of others but also deserve and command their attention gracefully.

Because shady dealers often try to pass off glass as Blue Fluorite, it's important to only purchase your jewelry from reputable sources. With a little research, you'll be able to find some stunning pieces that work with both your style and your budget!

How do I clean my Blue Fluorite stone?

There are multiple ways to keep the energies of your Blue Fluorite humming along.

We recommend cleansing it with running soft water now and then as general upkeep.  

You can infuse your Blue Fluorite with masculine energies by exposing it to sunlight for an hour or two. Be sure to check on it regularly, as Fluorite is susceptible to fading in direct sunlight.

If it's feminine energies you seek, place your stone under a new or full moon, taking care not to oversleep and have sunlight hit it the next morning.

For quick cleanses, we recommend smudging using the smoke of burned sage, Lavender, incense, or Palo Santo wood. Simply light your smudge stick and let the smoke waft over your crystal for 30 seconds to a minute.


It's easy to get lost in the bewitching appeal of Blue Fluorite, spending hours just marveling at the many enchanting shades of blue that materialize depending on the angle you view it from.

But this stone is more than just a pretty face—it's a reliable ally that will offer you calm, clarity, and protection wherever you are called upon to go.

Trust in its gentle yet powerful energies to unearth the hidden messages in your dreams and to see the world around you more clearly.

No matter how draining the day might have been, know that you can always recharge and refresh your system by spending some time with Blue Fluorite. It will never tire of watching over you as you slumber and it will always be there to give you the clarity and courage you need to start each day anew.

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