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The Innovation Bracelet
The Innovation Bracelet
The Innovation Bracelet
The Innovation Bracelet
The Innovation Bracelet
The Innovation Bracelet

The Innovation Bracelet

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Redefining the way you think, The Innovation Bracelet uses the power of Amethyst to stimulate creativity. It ensures your spiritual energies remain grounded and keeps your mind focused on what matters: the here and now!

are well known for their power to ignite passionate energy. This bubbling ardor can be expressed in a variety of outlets, from creativity to spirituality. These gorgeous violet gems are also said to increase natural intelligence and intuition. They empower you to think outside the box and see problems in a new way. This new perspective encourages problem-solving and innovation, helping you forge original ideas with ease.

Not only do Amethysts provide the ability to see problems in unique ways, they also motivate you to transform these thoughts and ideas into reality. They encourage action and greatly assist with bringing plans into fruition. This bracelet cultivates a focused and driven mind that is destined for success.

A soothed mind and emotional state are one of the many positive side-effects of wearing The Innovation Bracelet. It’s an innate power that occurs naturally and it's one of the reasons that Amethysts have been revered for millennia.

Utilize the power of Amethysts to increase your innovation skills.

BEWARE of others who sell cheap crystal. The quality of our product 100% verified.

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Product Detail : 
  • Material: Amethyst
  • Bracelet type: Strand Bracelet
  • Shape: Round Beads
  • Bracelet inner ring diameter: 58 mm
  • Bracelet size: Small, Medium, Large
  • Bead size:
     12 mm x 15 mm x 7 mm
    Medium: 12 mm x 20 mm x 7 mm
    Large: 12 mm x 25 mm x 7 mm
  • Function: Energy Gift
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***Since Amethyst is a natural material, stone colors and shape may vary slightly from bracelet to bracelet, making this beautiful item one of a kind (just like you ♡)