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The Energizing Malachite Pendant
The Energizing Malachite Pendant
The Energizing Malachite Pendant
The Energizing Malachite Pendant
The Energizing Malachite Pendant
The Energizing Malachite Pendant
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The Energizing Malachite Pendant

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Availability: Low in stock today
Need an energy boost? There isn’t much that can keep your spirits up quite like the smooth stone of Malachite. This Energizing Malachite Pendant elevates your energy, amplifying the good and absorbing the bad, plucking it from your body and aura with precision.

Wear Malachite to ground your spiritual energy, keeping you in the present and removing unnecessary regrets or doubts. It encourages you to understand that we can’t change the past, but we can make an impact on the future by acting in the present.

Malachite is said to be brilliant at clearing up radiation, whether natural or nuclear. Its energy-absorbing powers are so strong that they purify the energy surrounding it constantly. Ensure that you cleanse your crystal jewel on a regular basis to maintain its optimum performance. Place outside during the day on a cluster of Quartz. This will allow it to soak up the Sun’s rays and it will purify itself.

The power of Malachite can also be used to recharge the chakras, clearing and preparing them for use. If you place the beautiful necklace on your heart, it brings peace and harmony, restoring balance and providing the key to unlocking universal love.

The smooth stone of Malachite ensures that your energy remains high, no matter what life throws on your way.

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Product Details: 
  • Shape: Circle 
  • Material: Malachite
  • Necklace Type: Pendant Necklace
  • Pendant size: 33 mm
  • Rope size: Around 60 cm 
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