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BREATHE. and Cycle Breaker - Mindfulness Breathing Necklaces

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BREATHE. and Cycle Breaker - Mindfulness Breathing Necklaces

Habit Breaking • Stress Alleviation • Mindful Serenity
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Smoking is a suffocating habit. The dangers are well known, the worst of which is the addictive properties that keep you coming back time and time again. You feel trapped in a devastating cycle that affects your health, wallet, and wellness. Until now. Stop, breathe, and set yourself free. Introducing the Golden BREATHE. and the Silver CYCLE BREAKER Breathing Necklaces.

Founded upon ancient wisdom and modern science, many find these necklaces supportive in efforts to give up smoking or vaping. How? Controlled breathing—a technique supported by scientists at Stanford and beyond. For some, the deep inhale and hand-to-mouth motion can feel similar to the physical sensation of smoking, offering a comforting routine in managing cravings. It's believed that the naturally prolonged exhale activates the parasympathetic nervous system, and could contribute to a feeling of relaxation, as it may help slow down heartbeats and breaths. This is why many people who used to smoke have chosen these unique necklaces as emblems of their commitment to a fresh start.

And the benefits of quitting extend well beyond the lungs and heart. Close your eyes and envision life after you’ve quit. Isn’t there pride and self-respect in this new version of yourself? How much money are you saving by not buying pack after pack? What about stress? People who have quit smoking often turn to these necklaces for deep breathing exercises, which they find helpful in calming their nerves.

The Silver CYCLE BREAKER Necklace, crafted from elegant Stainless Steel, is designed for longevity. It’s engraved with the Cycle Breaker Symbol, representing one’s natural ability to disrupt negative habits and take back control.

The Golden BREATHE. Necklace is crafted from Stainless Steel and Gold Waterproof Plating, designed to last a lifetime. It’s engraved with the word “BREATHE,” serving as an ever-present reminder to pause, take a breath, and find peace.

Both necklaces are beautiful ways to live a healthier life.

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