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I Am Fortunate - 777 Lucky Amethyst Bracelet Set

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Copper Sterling Silver

I Am Fortunate - 777 Lucky Amethyst Bracelet Set

Blessing • Abundance • Good Fortune
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Copper Sterling Silver

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The sign you’ve been looking for is here! If you’ve found this fortunate Amethyst set, your angels are on your side. Consider this 777 charm and bracelet set a direct message of luck, opportunity, and good fortune.

Seeking undeniable clarity and guidance? The “I Am Divinely Guided” engraved charm bracelet is a personal message to you from the Universe. Your angels are on the way to help you serve your purpose and lead you to where you’re meant to be. With this powerful affirmation, you’ll never doubt the direction of your life again.

Confidently follow your soul path with the help of abundance code 777 to unlock unlimited prosperity and luck. In numerology, 777 evokes focus, certainty, and esteem, while Angel number 777 invites a divine intervention to transform your luck and attract a prosperous destiny.

Amethyst is the starring crystal of this radiant set, ready to balance this powerful energy and ensure you remain in divine alignment. Amethyst helps you lead an intentional life, make heart-guided decisions, and have spirit-driven experiences.

This set is ideal in times of fear, doubt, insecurity, and uncertainty and when you need an energetic boost of luck, confidence, understanding, direction, and celestial comfort and encouragement.

Choose Your Look!
Set 1: Sterling Silver
All pieces are made with S925 Silver with a timeless design and high-vibrational energy to embolden the spiritual properties of the entire set.

Set 2: Copper
All pieces are made with reliable Copper for a warmer aesthetic and added touch of optimism as you face challenges.

Affirmation: "The Universe supports my endeavors and sends signs and Angels to guide me."

How to wear:
The lucky 777 bracelet worn on the left attracts opportunities and good fortune. Worn on the right activates the Sacral and Third Eye Chakras to increase self-worth so that you may know you deserve great things. The engraved bracelet can be worn on either wrist as a powerful affirmation and manifestation tool for guidance. Gently squeeze the bracelet to release the charm from one end and open the band. Once around the wrist, squeeze to fasten the charm to the band and securely close the bracelet.

Pairs well with:
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Supreme Abundance: Tree of Everlasting Fortune
The Emotional Healing Anklet

In differences lies beauty. Every stone is natural and hand-selected, making each bracelet unique and personal to the wearer.

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