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Supreme Abundance: Tree of Everlasting Fortune


Supreme Abundance: Tree of Everlasting Fortune

Manifestation • Abundance • Deepest Desires
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Claim your blessings and attract all you desire with this ultimate miracle magnet. This dynamic crystal duo propels your intentions into the Universe and returns your manifestations to you at lightning speed. Like sand in an oyster becomes a pearl, the essence of this tree will transform your collective intentions into a lifetime of luck.

Amethyst is the bearer of blessings and keeper of promises. Whether it’s a good night’s sleep, heightened intuition, healing heartache, or if you're seeking a sign, Amethyst is the ancient crystal that will always show up for you right on time. Its high vibrations break down barriers, releasing a floodgate of fortune and good luck.

Citrine is a magical initiator helping your dreams, hopes, and aspirations take flight. Citrine embodies the wish-granting power of a shooting star with the bright, angelic energy of the north star. Pass your intentions to Citrine and watch it conspire with the law of attraction to bring you all you need. Its effects are especially felt within your wealth, purpose, creativity, and career goals.

Together, these gems form a tree that embodies limitless possibilities and unconditional love. Its energy is supportive, nurturing, and, above all, profoundly peaceful. Invite its power into your life and watch the beautiful way it transforms.

Affirmation: "With faith, everything is possible." or "Everything I need is available to me, all I have to do is ask." or "The Universe is my source of limitless abundance and fortune."

How to use:
Focus your attention on your intentions. Write a few down at a time on a small piece of paper. Place this paper beneath the tree or somewhere private. Imagine what you seek appearing before you and embody the joyous emotions they bring. Every time you see your magnificent miracle tree, you’ll be reminded that your blessings are on the way.

In differences lies beauty. Every stone is natural and hand-selected, making each item unique.

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