Examples Of How To Promote On YouTube

These are only suggestions, and you know your audience the best. Be creative, and if you need to discuss anything, let us know.

Brand mentions

  • At the beginning of the video, you can simply mention that you would like to say thank you to your sponsor, Conscious Items. You can say in two sentences something about us and how you personally use crystals. And that we are one of your trusted companies where you can buy authentic crystal jewelry online. On top of that, you can say that Conscious Items provided you with a 15% discount for your audience. (Just a small incentive for your subscribers) 
  • You can also say how important it is for you to have sponsors so that you can provide free content. 
  • Some creators start with their content, and after a minute or two, they mention the sponsors. It is better to talk about your content first.
  • Do not forget to add your affiliate link below your video. Even if people do not use your coupon but just click via the link, you will get the commission. You can tell people that the link to our company or product is below the video, in case they are interested. 
  • You can wear our product or just place it next to you. It depends on what you have and on your content. This is recommended as our products are very visually appealing :)
  • This all does not have to be long and can take only a few seconds. 
  • It is best to do this regularly. The more frequently you mention our brand at the beginning of your videos, the more people will buy, and the more commissions you will get. 

Review or Unboxing

  • You can make a dedicated video for our brand/products, or you can review our brand/product at the beginning of your video and then continue with your content. 
  • You can do this in a similar way to the “company mention”. Start with your content and, after a few minutes, incorporate the review.
  • The review can be focused on the company as a whole or just on some specific product. You can say how you personally use crystals, what crystals mean to you, how they help you with your spiritual journey or how your subscribers can use them.
  • You can do a normal review, or you can do an unboxing.
  • You can again offer them the discount and tell them that they can use the link in your description. 
  • This is something you can do from time to time, and it usually brings the most commissions. 

Introducing new promotions or products

  • In the ambassador portal, I will share with you a content calendar where you can find all our promotions + product launches in advance. This will help you with planning as these types of events increase the conversion rate up to 100%.
  • Promotions can be X% off or free products. 
  • You can decide whether you want to utilize it to your advantage. 
  • This type of content is better to have on Instagram or TikTok since YouTube can show your video months after you launch it, and the promotions can no longer be valid. Instagram, TikTok, and similar social media have very short-lasting content but with high immediate exposure. In the end, it is up to you how you decide since each channel is different, and maybe in your case, this can be something that will work the most. 

Crystal Quiz

  • We have crystal experts who continuously work with us on our quiz that helps people to choose the right crystal. This is mainly for people who have just begun their journey. Sometimes you do not have to promote any product directly. You can simply help people with their problems by directing them to our website, and the quiz. If they click through your affiliate link to the quiz, they will have a cookie installed, and if they buy within 30 days, you get the commission
  • The quiz has proven that it works better than sending people directly to any of our product pages since they do not feel any pressure to purchase anything. 
  • You can just leave this as an option in your description below the video. (Do not forget to use your affiliate link)
  • If you decide to promote the quiz, please let us know in advance so that we can give you a special link.

Most importantly, be genuine and authentic. We do not want to force you to do anything you can’t stand for, but we can assure you that our brand is authentic, and we do everything we can to make our partners and customers happy.