Examples Of How To Promote On Instagram

These are only suggestions, and you know your audience the best. Be creative, and if you need to discuss anything, let us know.

General specifications

  • Add your affiliate link to the linktr.ee (Very important) All the traffic that visits your linktr.ee can be potential customers, which means commissions for you. Make sure you add appealing Call to Action. Once you add your affiliate link, the discount will be applied automatically on the checkout.

    Here’s what works the best for others:

    • My favorite crystal brand. With 15% Off.
    • My favorite crystal jewelry.
    • Buy a crystal, plant a tree with 15% off.
    • 15% OFF on my favorite crystals.
  • Post consistently in order to see results. Our content calendar will help you with this. 
  • By posting consistently, you will make sure that your content will see most of your followers. If you post just once, then only a fraction of your audience will see it. If you post consistently, different people from your audience will see the post. It may not work every time, but we have learned that consistency is the key.
  • If you tag us, we will try to repost your content on our socials. 
  • Try to think of how you can promote our brand and at the same time talk about what you do. 

Instagram Stories

  • Probably the best way to promote! 
  • You can use it as a quick promotion. (See our content calendar)
  • The best part is that you can use the affiliate link. If someone goes through your link to our store, they will get the cookie. If they buy within 30 days, you will get the commission.
  • The best way is to add the story as the first story for that day. If you make 20 stories and the promotion is at the end, then most people will not get there. Thus there will be a smaller chance of making commissions for you. Most people view just a couple of stories, and then rush through the rest.
  • If you tag Conscious Items we will repost you on our stories. 

Review Stories or Unboxing

  • Stories are a great way to show the products we sent you and to talk about the benefits or simply show the look of the product on you.
  • Be sure to make captivating picture, as our products are very visually appealing. Or make a video depending on what you can do the best. 
  • You can try unboxing as well.
  • Use the affiliate link, plus you can offer the discount we gave to your followers.
  • Add the review as one of the first stories of the day. 
  • It is recommended not to review all products at once. The reason is that if you stretch it in multiple days, you can reach other followers from your audience. 
  • In general, it is good to post consistently in order to target different people from your followers.

Introducing new promotions or products in Stories 

(This type of content is proven to increase the conversion rate from 50-100%!)

  • In the content calendar, you can see all our promotions or new products. 
  • This is usually the best way to use stories as a shoutout. 
  • People LOVE discounts and new products. It will be easy to promote and earn commissions. 
  • We will also prepare some materials you can use without any difficult editing. You do not have to use them, it is completely up to you.
  • If you need, you can ask for extra material or just be creative and try to make something by yourself.
  • Mention the deadline for the promotion if there is any. FOMO is the best motivation.
  • If you promote a new product, you can mention that the stocks are usually low, which is true. 

Crystal Quiz

  • We have crystal experts who continuously work with us on our quiz that helps people to choose the right crystal. This is mainly for people who have just begun their journey. Sometimes you do not have to promote any product directly. You can help people with their problems by directing them to our website, in this case, the quiz. If they click through your affiliate link to the quiz, they will have a cookie installed, and if they buy within 30 days, you get the commission. 
  • The quiz has proven that it works better than sending people directly to any of our product pages since they do not feel any pressure to purchase anything. 
  • This can be an addition to your stories if you are out of ideas. 
  • If you decide to promote the quiz, please let us know in advance so that we can give you a special link.


Instagram Reels

  • Reels are a great tool to reach out to a new audience and, in the best scenario, to go viral.
  • You can do the same as with stories. Just understand that here you may talk to different people than your audience.
  • Keep in mind that people do not read the description very often, and you have to utilize the space in your video. Use this space to show the discount code, but do it in a way that is not too pushy.
  • Doing reels can also bring you new followers easily.
  • Instagram is showing reels on your IG wall as well. You can see that Instagram is pushing this placement a lot, so it is definitely something you should try.

For this placement, Reviews & Introducing new products or promotions work the best.

General Reel

  • Make sure to have an engaging beginning. Most people who just scroll in the stories are in the “loop,” and it is difficult to get their attention. That’s why the start must be very engaging. Try to think outside the box, and you can have a lot of fun creating it.
  • Once you get their attention, try to also educate them and tell them something interesting. 
  • You may say something most people do not know about crystals. You can talk about the specific zodiac, about the upcoming full moon, or anything related.
  • At the end of the video, you can say where you got the crystals and offer people discounts. 

Review Reel or Unboxing

  • The same applies as for the general video. Have a strong start of the video. 
  • Mention 2-3 biggest benefits of the product, where you got it, and the discount. 
  • Keep in mind that people do not want to watch long reviews, so try to keep it short and simple. Up to 15-20 seconds is enough. 
  • Add the discount and our website so that people can easily see it. Make it easy for them to spot the discount and to find our site. 

Introducing new products or promotions on Reels 

(This type of content is proven to increase the conversion rate from 50-100%!)

  • By doing reels, you can tap into a new audience. You may find people who are very sensitive to price, and with reels, you can give them the option to buy the product in a discounted price. That’s something most people will take advantage of even if they do not know you.
  • Make sure when you make a reel that the promotion is clear and that people can also see the product clearly. 
  • Again, have a strong beginning! :)
  • Mention the deadline for the promotion if there is any. FOMO is the best motivation.
  • If you promote a new product, you can mention that the stocks are usually low, which is true. 


Instagram Feed

  • This type of placement is slowly fading away, but it is still a great way to promote products.
  • The advantage is that you can write a very nice description saying something about the cooperation, crystals, your spiritual journey … 
  • You can post great images of the products since they are visually very appealing and can get people’s attention. Great for the review! 
  • When adding your promo code to the description, make sure it is visible. Many influencers make the mistake of not placing it in a good place, and their followers will miss it.
  • You do not have to write pages of text. Rather, say the most important things to you. Nowadays, people are not used to reading so much, and their attention span is shorter.
  • One good idea is to take multiple shots and create a carousel. People can go through the photos and see different angles. You may decide that one of the pictures could be a text. You can make four pictures and one text at the end by saying something meaningful to your audience. 
  • You can also do 1 video and then add pictures with some details. 

The best way to use the Instagram feed is for reviewing a product, special promotions, or announcing a new product. Keep in mind that you do not need to keep the post permanently on your feed, and you can delete it later. Usually, if you post something, the post will be shown to people for the first few days, and then it will be forgotten. That’s how Instagram works. After a couple of days, the only people who will see your old posts will be people who visit your profile directly.

Instagram Feed Reviews or Unboxing

  • Decide on how you want to make your post. Whether you will do a single image, video, multiple images or videos, or even a combination of them all is up to you.
  • Think of something you really like about our company, the product itself, what crystal jewelry means to you, or even the service provided by us. 
  • If you decide to do an unboxing, make sure to have a nice video shot, and if you are comfortable, you can even talk while unboxing.

Introducing new products or promotions

  • Pick a promotion or product release that you would like to promote from the content calendar. 
  • If we have prepared material for you in the marketing tools, you can use it and just make small adjustments. 
  • You can also create something on your own. If you need any material, such as some shots, you can let us know, and we will try to give it to you.
  • Make sure that if you decide to post about a promotion that the offer (Discount) we have is visible so that people know how much they can save. Remember, people love discounts! :)
  • On top of that, you can offer your code that people can also use. 

There are many things you can do, and this is only a brief description of what can be done on Instagram. As Instagram changes, there will be new ways to approach your audience or new audience. Again be genuine and authentic. That’s always the best way.

For Instagram, we will provide you with some content. Feel free to use it or just create what you want.