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How To Use Blue Tiger's Eye for Focus and Balance

Tiger’s eye gemstones and healing crystals have been used across the centuries as talismans for welcoming good fortune into your life and for protection in battle. But did you know there’s another variety of tiger’s eye, with its own special and powerful healing properties?

Blue tiger's eye is a unique variety of the familiar chestnut-colored stones you’ve likely seen or worked with in the past. In the zodiac, blue tiger’s eye is associated with Leo and Capricorn. It's perfect for igniting motivation, managing stressful thoughts, tuning into your intuitive powers, and much more.

In this article, you’ll learn how blue tiger’s eye forms and how you can use this stone’s metaphysical properties in your own life.

What Is Blue Tiger’s Eye?

If you’ve ever heard someone mention their hawk’s eye or falcon’s eye gemstone, they were probably talking about blue tiger’s eye. According to Judy Hall’s “Encyclopedia of Crystals,” this dark blue stone is composed mostly of silicon dioxide and is part of the trigonal crystal system. It ranks between four and seven on the Mohs scale. You can find deposits of blue tiger’s eye in the United States as well as in Mexico, India, Australia, and South Africa.

Much like the tiger's eye healing crystals you may have in your collection, blue tiger's eye has the same characteristic banding and chatoyancy. Its cat-eye-like effect is stunning in the light and is a result of a unique process that unfolds with the crocidolite and quartz that form in the crystal. 

After crocidolite appears during crystal formation, quartz copies crocidolite's fibrous nature (these fibers are where the banding in tiger's eye comes from). As a result, quartz slowly replaces the crocidolite in the stone. The quartz then forms columns and when the light catches them, coupled with the fibers from the crocidolite, you see the cat-eye effect in the stone.  

But how do we end up with two differently colored gemstones? The difference between blue tiger's eye and the regular tiger's eye stones you typically see has to do with aging and time. The crocidolite begins to break down while iron oxides stain those columns of quartz, resulting in a chestnut-colored stone. 

Geologists still aren't sure if blue tiger's eye forms separately from brown tiger's eye or not. There's a possibility that given enough time, blue tiger's eye will age into a brown tiger's eye stone. When we find them, we could be seeing them at different stages of their aging process.

Blue Tiger’s Eye and Its Healing Properties

Blue tigers eye

Crystal healing has been used across the world and throughout history. Exploring blue tiger's eye stones is one way you can keep this tradition alive and share in its mystical properties. Whether you're using it for good luck or staving off anxious thoughts, there are several ways you can use this healing crystal to balance your chakras and your mind.

Relieve Stress and Calm Your Mind

Most of us deal with stress in one form or another. But if it's chronic and unchecked, it can leave you mentally exhausted, and the constant output of stress hormones depletes your physical body and your endocrine system.

Using a blue tiger's eye gemstone is one way you can support your body in reducing stress and help yourself feel more calm, cool, and collected. Many blue healing crystals have calming and peaceful energies, and blue tiger's eye is no different.

Before you settle into a meditation practice, take a moment to yourself and grab this soothing stone to invite its tranquil energy into your life. Breathe deeply and relax into yourself. Allow the energy of blue tiger's eye to encourage you to release the tension in your life, find emotional balance, and achieve greater mental clarity. 

Amazonite, chrysocolla, sodalite, and blue opal are other comforting gemstones you can introduce into your collection to alleviate stress and anxiety.

Strengthen Your Intuition and Improve Your Communication

Blue tigers eye

Hall shares how blue tiger’s eye is an excellent stone for working with your chakra system, especially your throat and third eye chakras. This healing stone nurtures the connection you have with your intuition. You can tap into it for wisdom and spiritual growth. It’s even reported to assist in awakening latent psychic abilities and increase clairvoyance. 

Without a clear third eye, you might feel stifled when making a decision or just plain confused about “the how” in getting from one point to another. Think about using blue Tiger's Eye bracelets when you’re craving deeper insight into a situation. When the energy is balanced at your third eye, you may see opportunities and solutions where you didn’t before.

Blue tiger's eye healing crystals can aid you in clearing any lingering stagnant energy in your throat chakra, enabling you to express your thoughts more clearly. You may also feel more comfortable being yourself and sharing your thoughts and ideas with others.

Keep the energy in your third eye and throat chakras clear by adding turquoise, labradorite, or lapis lazuli to your blue tiger’s eye. 

Turn Over a New Leaf

If you find yourself ready to break old habits and replace them with new ones, blue tiger’s eye can make it easier for you to do just that. In Judy Hall’s “Crystal Bible,” she notes how this gemstone can help you drop negative thinking and ingrained behavior. 

Turning over a new leaf and improving your life doesn't have to feel like a chore or a challenge with blue tiger's eye in your corner. Wearing a piece of jewelry made with blue tiger's eye reminds you of the new goals you have for yourself, while it's healing properties steel your willpower and resolve. 

Anytime you’re giving a new routine a try, or want to catch yourself before you get tangled up in a negative thought loop, blue tiger’s eye can lend a hand. 

Other healing gemstones you could work with to fortify your willpower include hematite and sardonyx.

Surround Yourself With a Shield of Protection

Blue tiger's eye carries the same protection properties tiger's eye does and is a perfect addition to your gemstone collection. You can use this valuable gemstone to dispel the negative energy around you and keep it out of your energetic space. 

Consider keeping blue tiger's eye handy to protect your energy if you're in a crowded environment. Maybe you have a co-worker who loves to gossip. Place a piece on your desk to help shield yourself from his or her negativity. 

Don't forget you can use blue tiger's eye to keep you safe when you travel too. Tuck a piece in your suitcase when you go on vacation. If you get invited on a last-minute road trip or want to add a layer of security around yourself on a daily commute, the protective energy of blue tiger's eye will keep you covered.

Selenite , onyx, and tourmaline are other helpful protection stones you can use with blue tiger’s eye to enhance its effects.  

Use Blue Tiger’s Eye to Find Balance and Harmony in Your Life

Blue tigers eye

If you’re not sure how to use blue tiger’s eye in your life, trust your intuition to guide you on how to harness its healing properties. You’ll know when you’re ready to begin working with this exquisite gemstone.

Whether you use blue tiger’s eye healing crystals as a protection stone to keep you safe from negative energies, as a way to create peaceful moments in your day, or simply as a talisman to bring good luck your way, you can trust this gemstone’s metaphysical properties will support your goals. Allowing this soothing gemstone’s energy into your life will enrich it in ways you never imagined.

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