The Spiritual Evolution Anklet
Cleansing • Positivity • Intuition
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We get so stuck in our day to day lives that we can forget the extraordinary beauty of life itself. How did it start? Where do we come from? What's our purpose? Ask Amethyst.Stimulating the third eye chakra, Amethyst expands the wearer's awareness and elevates their level of consciousness. The clarity-inducing stone is a real perception shaker. It breaks down the illusion of things and helps you use that to cleanse yourself of energy that serves no positive function. From this heightened perception stems the ability to consciously advance at the spiritual level. The symbol of the butterfly represents the outcome of this spiritual evolution - the beauty that awaits after the transformation.Pearl is also featured on this beautiful anklet. It represents growth and reminds you never to give up. The opportunity you've been waiting for is just around the corner.Walk the path of enlightenment with Amethyst.Affirmation: Use mantras that will keep you on the path to spiritual evolution, such as, “I grow through challenges.”Product details: Item type: anklet Material: Amethyst, Pearl Color: purple, pink, blue Band type: elastic rope Dimensions: Bead size:  Small: 0.18 in (4.5 mm) Large: 0.47 in (12 mm) Length: 9.45 in (24 cm) Weight: 0.62 oz (17.5 g) Since Amethyst is a natural stone, the colors may vary slightly from stone to stone, making each one utterly unique.


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