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I am Safe: Anti-Anxiety Malachite Tree Lamp

$79.95 USD

I am Safe: Anti-Anxiety Malachite Tree Lamp

Stress Relief • Breakthrough • Healing
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6 Reviews
$79.95 USD

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Product properties

Feel the weight of the world melt off your shoulders as you step into the room of this radiating, healing lamp. Invite peace and tranquility into high-pressure, work-focused spaces. And transform high-tension rooms into a creative oasis where balance, peace, and positivity thrive.

The Malachite and Clear Quartz crystal tree banishes anxiety, frees your mind, and helps you transcend every ounce of exhaustion the moment you step into its presence.

Malachite is a mood-regulating gem that can stop stress in its tracks. It will immediately pick up on a low-vibrational emotion like anxiety, panic, overthinking, anger, and fear and transform it into optimism, hope, and perseverance. Embrace the rays of your lamp when intrusive thinking and negativity have clouded your judgment. Malachite will restore your sense of clarity by absorbing all unhelpful thoughts and emotions and returning you to energetic equilibrium.

At the base of the tree lamp, you’ll find the illuminating beauty of Clear Quartz emerging like the powerful force it is. This potent, healing crystal will re-energize you so that the stress of responsibility cannot zap your zest for life. Carry on doing the things you love and that inspire you even after a hard day at the office.

Spend less time worrying about the future or ruminating over the past by rooting your energy in this crystal tree's grounding, stabilizing, and uplifting power.

For perfectly peaceful Feng Shui, place the Malachite and Clear Quartz crystal tree lamp as close to the center of your space as possible. The center of the room represents Earth and is responsible for grounding and centering the energy in the room.

Affirmation: "I release all tension and allow peace and perseverance to wash over me."

How to use: 
Lightweight and easy to move, this lamp can readily travel through your home or office. The gentle light is suitable for a night light but vivid enough for evening reading. Set up, plug in, and power on to feel waves of stillness, grounding, vigor, hope, and love flood the room and charge your energy.

Absorb the balancing rays of stabilizing power wherever the I am Safe: Anti-Anxiety Malachite Tree Lamp may glow.

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