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Healing Stone Bracelets

Beautiful healing bracelets made of high-quality beads. They will help you stay grounded and attract the things you wish to your life.

Welcome to our beautiful selection of healing stone bracelets. We offer a wide variety of bracelets, bangles, and bands that each contain their own crystals. Whether you want to enhance your focus, increase your creativity, or simply get a better night’s sleep, we have healing bracelets for you.

Here at Conscious Items, we believe in authenticity. We endeavor to bring the best healing crystal bracelets together under one roof. From the delicately handcrafted gemstone bracelets, to the smooth and polished stone-encrusted bangles, we offer gorgeous crystals and sublime jewelry for any occasion.

The energy contained inside crystals is immensely powerful in spiritual healing. We have several chakra healing bracelets, items specifically designed to cleanse your aura and promote inner peace. They can help recharge the chakras and are beneficial in purifying the spirit. The 7 Chakras Bracelet is a brilliant example of this.

We also have more simple healing crystal bracelets. These include crystals such as quartz or amethysts, stones known for their phenomenal restoration abilities. Healing bead bracelets are also available here, in particular we have the 108 Amethyst Bracelet which combines the sacred number of 108 with beautiful amethyst beads that elevate your energy.

In addition to the healing beaded bracelets mentioned above, we have many healing gemstone bracelets that differ slightly in their design and appeal. The Rose Quartz Bracelet is a beautiful example of this. Its misty pink aura resonates on a high frequency and inspires compassion and peace. Flood your body with powerful loving energy using one of the strongest healing stone bracelets.

For stone bracelets, healing is second nature. It’s the essence of what they do. If a stone is designed to bring more wealth and abundance, or if it’s created with the intention of increasing your concentration levels, it still has underlying healing energy. All crystals do. That’s why we’re confident that we have healing bracelets that will empower you to complete any task. There is such a variety of healing stone bracelets in our store that one of them is guaranteed to suit you.

Our stone bracelets’ healing powers are second to none. You won’t find better quality on the internet and our customer reviews speak for themselves. We have thousands of positive testimonials from people who bought healing bracelets just like you. They don’t only credit our amazing healing crystal bracelets, but also our service and dedication to satisfaction. If you’re product is damaged, we will refund you 100% of the price 100% of the time.

Our crystals are naturally formed around the globe, then polished and put into place on a healing bracelet just for you. We designed them with you in mind and are constantly expanding our array of goods. Whether you take a vibrant stone from Brazil, or a beautiful crystal from India, we ensure that it’s the finest quality it can possibly be. 

Crystal experts advise you to cleanse your healing stone bracelets when you receive them. This is like introducing yourself to the jewelry, resetting its energy and allowing it to mould around you and your desires. For more information on cleaning your healing bracelets, see our blog post Crystal clearing & cleansing.