How to Cleanse Your Crystals with Selenite

How to Cleanse Your Crystals with Selenite

You may have heard that Selenite is the king of crystal chargers, that it magnifies energy, or even that it cleanses itself! Well, all of these are true. What's more, you don't need to learn how to activate Selenite before you use it to cleanse and recharge your crystals. Its energy is permanently at work, and that's what makes it such a marvelous crystal.

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Why should I cleanse my crystals with Selenite?

Cleansing and charging crystals is essential for removing stagnant energy and keeping them fresh. After using crystals for a while, particularly ones that absorb negativity like black tourmaline, their energy can become blocked. If protective stones store too much external energy, then their power begins to dwindle. You don't want that. 

It's also important to cleanse crystals immediately after buying them. Free them from the energy that they may have picked up on their journey to you. It's worth remembering that crystals are millions of years old and they've been mined, exported, transported to a store, and then potentially picked up and viewed by tens, if not hundreds, of people before finding their way to you. 

Using crystals to cleanse other crystals is one technique of many. Because of Selenite's self-cleansing properties, it's qualified to recharge other natural stones. There are only a handful of crystals that are capable of this, and while a lot of people choose clear quartz, most experts would agree that Selenite is the best fit for the job. 

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Selenite crystal

Is Selenite good for manifesting?

Selenite's purifying properties are great for clearing negative or stagnant energy from your room, or even from yourself, but this crystal also shines in another area. It has a gift for enhancing your intentions and boosting your manifestations.

One of the main reasons people cleanse their crystals, aside from clearing out old energy, is so they can reprogram them with new intentions. When the energy of a stone is freshly charged, they are ripe for absorbing new goals. Selenite is arguably the best stone to provide this energy boost.

This crystal helps to bring clarity to the mind and encourages you to find deep peace within. It's renowned for being an excellent stone for spiritual work, particularly meditation, reiki healing and other energy work. It clears the mind and helps you hone in on your goals with precision.

So why should you be cleansing crystals with Selenite and not any other stone or method? To put it simply; it's the best. It's just as effective at cleansing and charging crystals as any of the other techniques, if not more so. In addition to this, the stone brings with it the awesome perks of being an intention supercharger!

Also, don't forget that some stones corrode when they come into contact with water—Selenite included. Selenite charging is the safest way to assure your crystals won't be damaged.

Selenite crystal

Which type of Selenite should I use to clear negative energy?

Selenite cleansing plates are ideal for this task. The general rule is that the more contact a crystal has with the Selenite, the faster and more thoroughly it will be cleansed. For this reason, it's a good idea to avoid using something small or spherical as it's hard to get a good surface-to-surface touch.

A Selenite cleansing plate on the other hand is a flat platform that you can rest your other crystals on. For optimum purification, leave the crystals for 24 hours. Smaller tumbled stones will likely take less time but it's better to be on the safe side. If you're trying to charge a large crystal, use Selenite that is of an equal size, if not bigger.

You can also use crystal points for Selenite charging. Pick an area that you don't mind covering in crystals for the next day and place your Selenite tower in the center. After you've found a suitable position, place the stones you wish to cleanse in a circle around the tower. If they can touch the tower, that's even better. 

Some people prefer to use one Selenite stone for cleansing and another one for their own personal use. This is a great idea if you'd like to have something on your person but not have it mingle with the unwanted energy of your other stones. Selenite bracelets are a good choice for you to get their purifying effects, unaltered.

There are some exceptions to this rule. Namely, if you have a Selenite crystal that you don't touch often—that you won't absorb the energy from—then you can use that in addition to how it's currently being used. For example, the Selenite Cleansing Lamp is used to purify the room and provide a soft, warm light to improve productivity and ease tension before bed. This could definitely be used as a makeshift Selenite cleansing plate to get the best of both worlds. 

Do you need to charge Selenite healing crystals?

The only caveat with using your Selenite for multiple purposes is that you may need to occasionally recharge it. While Selenite is self-cleansing by its very nature, it can be difficult for it to keep up with the demands of running several jobs simultaneously.

Cleansing crystals with Selenite is just one of the ways you can recharge your gems, and when Selenite itself needs to be cleansed, you can use one of the other methods.

Selenite lamp

How do you charge your Selenite stone?

If you need to cleanse your overworked Selenite, then try one of the methods below instead. These are quality ways of absorbing negative energy from your crystals, without needing other stones:

  • Moonlight
  • Sunlight
  • Nature
  • Salt
  • Brown Rice
  • Burning Sage
  • Tibetan Singing Bowls

Can you charge Selenite in the sun?

Sunlight appears to be the easiest option on the list, with the possible addition of moonlight. All you have to do is leave your crystal outside for several hours. Nature is similar in that you allow your healing crystal to exchange energies with Mother Earth during day or night. However, not all crystals can be charged using light from the sun.

Some vibrant crystals, such as amethyst, should not be cleansed in natural light as it may cause the color to fade. Selenite is usually fine to cleanse outdoors or on your window ledge, but avoid leaving it (or any other crystal) out in the sun for too long. Any more than four hours and you start to run the risk of fading.

Other techniques may be more practical to you, especially if you want to cleanse your stones indoors.

Selenite crystal

Other ways to cleanse your crystals

Salt and brown rice are simple, everyday ways of cleansing your crystals inside. Simply bury your stones in the salt or rice and leave them for several hours. You can use this method to do multiple stones at once if you prefer. It is not always necessary to entirely submerge the stones, but the cleansing is quicker and more thorough if this is the case.

If you already burn sage to absorb negative energies around your home, then incorporating stones such as Selenite into your energy-cleansing routine will be simple. Burning sage is a quality method for almost all types of healing, cleansing and energy work.

Using Tibetan Singing Bowls is a more specialized method, but certainly one that holds great power. Playing a note near to the crystal can remove unwanted energy and form a positive vibration within the stone. This helps to remove negative energy and replace it with love and light.

You can also use running water to cleanse your crystals, but it comes with some pitfalls.

Which crystals cannot be cleansed in water?

Selenite for one, cannot be cleansed in water as it will begin to dissolve. Other crystals that are brittle, or stones that contain minerals that can rust, should also avoid direct contact with water. Most common stones—clear quartz, rose quartz and amethyst—are all safe for short periods of time in water.

Most crystals that end in "ite" are soluble and should not be used in water. This applies to salt water as well. Malachite, fluorite, sodalite and others with similar names should always be double-checked beforehand.

Selenite crystal

How long do you leave crystals on Selenite?

If you do opt to use Selenite to charge your crystals, the optimal length of time is around 24 hours. Simply set your Selenite plate down and leave the crystals you wish to charge on top. This will give the stones a deep clean and allow you to focus your energy elsewhere.

You may have noticed that this is longer than most of the other options. This is because things like moonlight are only available for set periods of time, and it's not possible to leave your crystals for longer than that.

Where should Selenite be placed in the home?

Selenite helps you form a deeper connection to the earth, so having one in your house can be hugely beneficial to you. The crystal itself is beautiful to look at and can make a great ornament as well as healing powerhouse.

A good method for deciding where to place your Selenite is deducing which room could use the most healing energy. As Selenite is one of the best crystals to cleanse your house, finding this area will be a quality starting place. Remember, your crystal is going to be here for hours upon end so you'll want to choose the space that needs the most work.

Most people would opt for their bedroom as Selenite can work its magical energy on you at the same time! Selenite crystals are said to activate the higher chakras, the crown in particular. By placing your stone near your bed, you will take on its energy while you sleep. This also applies to anybody who shares your room—it will be your energetic gift to them.

At the end of the day, so long as you're happy, Selenite crystals can be placed in almost any space to increase positive vibes and revitalize your environment.

Selenite crystal

So there you have it. There's no special trick to it. Cleansing crystals with Selenite is just that simple. Place them on or near the Selenite, wait, then enjoy the re-energized radiance of your favorite stones.

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