How To Activate Crystals: 4 Powerful Ways To Activate Your Crystals

How To Activate Crystals: 4 Powerful Ways To Activate Your Crystals

When it comes to how to activate your crystals, it’s all about a clear intention and starting on a clean slate.

We’ll talk about the 4 main ways to activate your crystals. It’s important to know what powerful tools for activating crystals you can use and when. You can use one, a few, or all of them, depending on what your intuition guides you to do.

Check out our list of crystal and their meanings to see the properties of each crystal and choose which one is better for you

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1. Elemental Activation

When it comes to activating and cleansing crystals, using the elements is a very powerful method. You can cleanse and initiate a healing process for your crystal. It will give it more energy for activation.

The natural energy of the elements gives your crystal pure energy to work with. The high vibes are going to ignite your crystal’s true power. Set your intention for the element you choose to use to cleanse and activate your crystal.

You’ll be amazed at the power each element has to offer. You can use two, three, or all four elements combined as well. Once you’ve activated your crystal, make sure you protect its energy. You can use the Protection Pyramid from the Pyramids of Power.

When using elemental activation, always research your crystal’s details first! Their physical integrity might be affected by water, salt water, or the proximity of fire, whether they’re tumbled stones, raw or faceted crystals. Always check about your specific stone before exposing it to a particular element.

A) Earth element activation

The earth element represents the power of nurturing. It’s a symbol of abundance, sustenance, and the ability to ground and be grounded.

You can use it for crystal activation. It’s particularly powerful for crystals that are earth sign (Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn) birthstones. This activation is also very powerful for crystals that are brown, black, and green.

You can put your stone in a jar and bury it in the ground. Leave it there for 3 days. Or you can fill up a jar with sand and bury your stone in it for 3 days. If you feel guided to, allow the process to go on for longer. But 3 days should be enough to activate the stones.

B) Water element activation

The water element represents going with the flow. It’s a symbol of the subconscious mind, feelings, and intuition. Water is the essence of life. That’s what makes it so powerful for crystal activation.

Water activation is particularly powerful for water sign (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces) birthstones. It’s great for blue, white, and purple crystals.

You can activate your crystal by keeping it under water. Or you can hold it under tap water or natural running water. Set the intention for the water to activate your crystal.

Salt water is a powerful way to cleanse crystals. You can add table salt to tap water when you’re in a pinch, then pour the water over your crystal. It will do a quick but effective cleansing and activating job. Just make sure that your crystal is water safe before you start.

C) Air element activation

Air is another essential brick of life. Add the air element to any other elemental activation by formulating that intention. Elements are always stronger when they work together.

Adding air elemental activation is particularly powerful for air sign (Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius) birthstones. It’s also very effective for crystals that are clear, blue, and purple.

D) Fire element activation

The fire element is a very powerful activator. It’s very powerful for fire sign (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius) birthstones. Use the fire element to activate yellow, orange, and red stones.

Set the intention for the element of fire to cleanse and activate your crystal. It’s going to initiate the process. Light a small candle or even a lighter and keep your crystal somewhere close to it but not within the flame’s reach. The fire energy and your intention will work together to activate your crystal.

2. Crystal Activation

You can activate and cleanse your crystals with the help of the healing properties of other stones. The clearing stones optimize and activate your crystal. Whether they’re smaller or larger crystals, their crystal energy radiates with power.

When using this method, you also need to set intention for the crystal cleansing and activating.

A) Crystals

Using powerful healing crystals is a great way to activate your other crystals. Some powerful activating stones are Selenite, Clear Quartz, or Carnelian. Use the Clear Quartz Purification Lamp to cleanse and activate your gems.

B) Crystal grids

Teamwork makes the dream work in the crystal world as well as in other areas. When you put together a crystal grid, you're setting intentions for the crystals to have a purposeful interaction that will promote cleansing and activation.

This activation grid is going to focus on the healer powers of the crystals. It will optimize your environment, energy, and activate your crystal.

In your activation grid, you should include crystals for cleansing and grounding too. That will make the crystal grid all the more powerful.

3. Light Activation

When you use this option, you set intentions for the light to cleanse stones and activate their power. It will also absorb energies that are low vibe or malevolent in the process.

This is going to give your crystals, your space, and yourself a fresh start from an energetic point of view. You can use either natural or artificial lights.

A) Sunlight

Sunlight energies are very powerful for activating and cleansing crystals. Place your crystals under direct sunlight, preferably at noon, and set your activation intention. The Sun is going to ignite the true power of your crystal.

Sunlight works best for yellow, orange, red, green, brown, and black crystals. It’s a great way to activate crystals for recovery and manifestation.

B) Moonlight

Moonlight activation is an amazing method to activate your gems. It’s particularly powerful for blue, purple, and green crystals.

If you’re wondering how to charge your crystals in the moonlight, it’s very easy. Place your crystals under the direct moonlight during the Full Moon and let them soak in that lunar energy.

The moonlight will make a world of difference in the activation of crystals for psychic insight, spiritual growth, and emotional healing.

C) Crystal lamp

Another powerful activation method is to use a crystal lamp. It combines the activating power of the light with the activating power of crystals. The Selenite Cleansing Lamp is an excellent example of these great tools.

Place your crystals next to your crystal lamp and let them soak in that cleansing and activating vibe. Set intention for a purposeful interaction of activation for your crystals, space, and your own energy.

4. Spiritual Activation

Another way to activate your gemstones is spiritual activation. You can use meditation, life energy, or ask your guardian angels, ancestors, spirit guides, or other higher dimensional entities you resonate with to activate your stone.

You can use this activation method together with other options. It’s one of the strongest activation methods because it will focus your intentions to a higher degree than the other methods.

A) Meditation

Using meditations is a great way to activate your gems. You can incorporate crystal activation into your regular meditation practice. Or you can do special activation meditations for your crystal.

Setting intentions is an essential part of the process. Set intentions that your meditation will activate your crystal. Your third eye chakra will center your energy and direct it towards your crystal. You can use the Buddhist Meditation Set to get you started.

B) Reiki

Reiki or other methods of energy work are amazing crystal activators. It's great for healing, cleansing, and activating your chakras and your crystals. You’ll overcome inharmonious energies and energetic blockages.

Hold your crystal in your dominant hand. Direct your focused intention towards your desire to activate it. Visualize white light radiating from the palm of your hand and engulfing your crystal. It’s perfectly normal to feel a tingly sensation in your palm during energy exchanges.

C) Higher-dimensional entities

Another powerful activation is asking for the help of your angels, ancestors, spirit guides, animal totems, fairies, or whatever other higher dimensional entities and energies you resonate with.

Ask for their help as you set intentions for your healing, cleansing, and activating process. Open up to their support and guidance. Your intuition will help you interpret the messages received. You can use the help of these higher energies during any of the other activation methods as well.

Find Out How To Activate Crystals Today!

Use a cleansing and activation method regularly so your crystals do their best work for you. An essential part of how to activate crystals is first to make sure that they’re cleansed. Read about how to cleanse crystals so there’s pure energy emanating from them.

The elemental activation can be great for short-notice or impromptu crystal cleansing and activating. You’ll always have sand, a lighter, or some water around you.

Crystal activation will constantly improve the vibes of your home, energy, and crystals.

Light activation is great to use for regular powerful crystal cleansing and activating, for instance, weekly or monthly.

Spiritual activation is best used for specific purposes, for instance when activating crystals for success and manifestation.

Make the most of your crystals. Activate them and enjoy the many benefits they’ll bring into your life.

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