How To Achieve Calm With Selenite

How To Achieve Calm With Selenite

Selenite is well-known in the crystal world for being one of the best stones for calming. It’s widely considered as one of the greatest cleansing crystals—and for good reason! It raises your vibration to an almost impossibly high level, helping you blast through any energy blockages that stand in your way. 

If your energy feels heavy, like something is weighing you down and making every move a struggle, then you might find peace through cleansing crystals like Selenite. While it may seem paradoxical, Selenite is both incredibly soothing and full of high energy. It recharges you by removing the stagnant energy that surrounds you. Your high vibrations—the ones of love and joy—shine through far more easily when Selenite is around.

More Selenite Cleansing Properties

Selenite isn’t just a regular purification stone. It’s a self-cleanser! You won’t need to leave it under the full moon; you won’t need to place it in a bed of Himalayan salt; and you definitely won’t need to circle it with incense sticks and ring a Tibetan singing bowl. Selenite literally transforms negative energy into positive energy. It’s the ultimate alchemist.

You can even use selenite to recharge other crystals. After doing that, cleansing your energy is a walk in the park. You might not need to burn incense to help cleanse the stone, but partnering selenite with any of these cleansing rituals will lead to a spiritual purification of the likes you’ve never seen. 


How To Use Selenite For Relaxation

Selenite helps you healthily offload stress and can be used in several ways that decrease tension. The following list offers just a few potential ways to de-stress with selenite: 


Breathwork is great for relaxation, so combining a breathing exercise with Selenite only improves the effects. The key to breath work lies in breath control and being able to intentionally change your breathing pattern. There are various practices to try, each a little different with their own intended benefits. 

The best breath work practice for calming anxiety is known as ‘resonant breathing’. Follow these steps to give it a try with your selenite crystal: 

  • Get comfortable and lie down with your eyes closed
  • Close your mouth and hold your Selenite stone in both hands. Breathe in through the nose for 6 seconds
  • Breathe slowly—don’t fill your lungs with air
  • Exhale for 6 seconds naturally. Let the air leave on its own terms
  • Continue with the exercise for 10 minutes or more

In times of immense stress, this method is an instant cooler. As one of the great crystals for anxiety, Selenite magnifies the calming effects of all breath work techniques.

Breath work also plays a key role in the next two practices - yoga and meditation.



Yoga is another exercise that focuses on the breath, but your core stability is just as important. Not only does yoga calm any tension in your body, but it also improves physical strength, fitness and helps you to prepare your body for a better sleep. It’s great for flexibility too.

yoga girl streching

There are too many yoga positions to plan a routine here, but you can check our yoga tips for beginners to find out more information. For practicing yoga with crystals, try placing the Selenite tower in front of you to purify and recharge your energy during the process. After you finish, you’ll feel even more refreshed and revitalized. 



Another spiritual practice that makes use of breathing, meditation is an excellent tool for feeling calmer and more present in the moment. Again, a large Selenite tower is a great supplement, ensuring your energy is protected while you meditate.

There are many different meditation techniques you could try. Some focus on the breath, others focus on physical sensations, but all of them bring an inner stillness. Hold a Selenite crystal in each hand for extra balance during your session. If you want to raise your vibration then place one on your chest instead. Selenite’s uplifting abilities will soon become apparent. It breathes new life into you when you’re feeling low, helping you fight off depression and anxiety. It removes unwanted energy from your aura and makes you feel spiritually lighter.


Reiki Healing

Reiki healing is a form of energy therapy that can ease tension and reduce stress. It’s said to heal emotional wounds and can treat many other conditions too. Selenite is the perfect crystal to help you with reiki healing. If you’re the practitioner, use Selenite to bring calm to the client before a session. Direct a Selenite wand over their body from head to toe. Let it free the trapped energy and wave away any negativity. It’s a good idea to also use tumbled stones on each of the seven chakras. 

selenite wand and sage

Selenite in particular is famed for its connection to the crown chakra. It raises consciousness and fills the entire body with loving, healing light. You can’t help but feel more aware of emotional forces when using Selenite. It builds a dam to keep out lower vibrations, protecting you from sinister energy that seeks to bring harm to you or those around you. Selenite’s calming properties make it ideal for reiki healing.


Wear It

Selenite is perfect for use in jewelry. Wearing Selenite bracelets enables you to receive all of its purification properties from you wrist every day. Not to mention that Selenite bracelets look phenomenal and can positively upgrade your style. 

Wearing Selenite enables you to continuously purify your energy throughout the day. Whether negative vibrations come from within or from external sources, Selenite jewelry ensures that it doesn’t linger. It keeps you connected with your crystal all day long.

selenite cleansing bracelet


Selenite Lamps

Selenite lamps are a great tool to keep the energy of selenite close. If you aren’t going to wear or carry selenite, then the next best thing is to find a way to incorporate it into your daily routine. Everybody needs a light source in their room. With Selenite, you can reap its calming effects whether the light is on or off. Additionally, it creates a cozy atmosphere that’s conducive for both relaxing and learning. Use it as a nightlight to help you drift off, or an office lamp to create the perfect ambience for productivity.

The ability to cleanse crystals is arguably the biggest of the Selenite lamp benefits. Leave any crystals you want to recharge under the Selenite Cleansing Lamp and they’ll be full to the brim of energy in no time. 

Unlike Himalayan salt lamps, which are all the rage at the moment, Selenite lamps maintain the crystal’s calming benefits. One of the best things about the growing selection of spiritual healing lamps is that they don’t have to be used separately. Who says you can’t have a selenite lamp and a Himalayan salt lamp?

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