How To Use Crystal Face Rollers In Your Skincare Routine

How To Use Crystal Face Rollers In Your Skincare Routine

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When it comes to beauty, it's no secret that besides using products that best suit your skin type, it's also important to capitalize on the beneficial effects of getting a massage. If you're not sure how massages can help you unlock the secret to your skin's health and beauty, we're going to talk about that today.

You might have seen face rolling massages offered on the professional skincare market, and we'll chat more about how these beautiful tools called crystal facial rollers and crystal body rollers can help your skin glow with health and vitality.

While eternal youth and beauty may not be an achievable goal, healthy and brilliant skin is very much so within your reach.

What Does A Face Roller do?

What Does A Face Roller do

Face rolling is a skincare practice that involves using face rolling tools such as the 3 in 1 Face Roller Set. You can use face rollers with various products and other procedures to help improve your blood flow to specific areas of your face.

The improved blood flow is going to help your lymphatic system drain the toxins and inflammation from your skin, thereby making it glow and look much healthier.

The same principles apply to a body roller massaging practice: you roll upwards on the skin area to stimulate your lymphatic system to drain it of toxins and excess puffiness.

  • How to use a facial roller

    Deep clean the skin of your face. Once you've gotten rid of the excess oil on your face through the deep clean, use a toning solution to close your pores. Now is a great time to benefit from the cooling effect of crystal facial rollers so you get rid of the puffiness in your cheeks and the lines on your forehead.

    Chase away the stress of the day by using a facial roller to massage your face and neck area. Massaging these skin areas will improve your complexion and reduce the signs of aging.

    Roll upwards from your jawline, over your cheeks, and all the way to the tip of your nose, then roll sideways towards your ear on each side of your face. Don't put a lot of pressure when you roll. Allow the weight of the facial roller to do the work for you and simply apply gentle pressure on the sensitive skin of your face. Always roll upward to stimulate your lymphatic system. You can release the tension from your facial muscles and see the lifting effects of the face rolling practice.

  • Does face rolling reduce double chin?

    Face rolling certainly helps you drain the excess fluids that might be giving off the impression of a double chin.

    You might be surprised at how much fluid retention you might have in your chin area. Because of gravity, any excess fluids retained in your face are likely to be stored in the chin area.

  • Do face rollers help your jawline?

    Your jawline will certainly be improved with the help of face rolling. Draining the excess fluids accumulated around your jaw will help you have a better-defined jawline.

  • Cleaning and cleansing your rolling stone

    Don't forget to clean and cleanse your face rollers after use by rinsing them with clean water or using a damp clean cloth, then drying them with a soft material that won't affect the smooth surface of your roller. The smooth and clear surface of the roller tool plays a significant role in your facial massage process.

    In order to cleanse your face sculpting tool, keep it near a salt lamp like the Rose Salt Night Light which will cleanse it of negative energy.

    By cleansing it regularly, you are going to optimize the facial massager's beneficial effects.

Which Stone Is Best For Face Rollers?

If you purchase facial rollers made of crystal, you'll get the beneficial effects of the face rolling practice and those of the crystal or crystals themselves. While there's no shortage of crystal beneficial effects and thereby no wrong crystal facial roller option, there are a few more popular choices when it comes to crystal face massager tools.

Benefits of Jade roller

Benefits of Jade roller

What does Jade do for you and what face roller benefits can you expect from your Jade stone massager tools? Jade works with frequencies of abundance, harmony, and prosperity. You can introduce these frequencies into your everyday life with the help of jewelry like the Happiness Bracelet.

Using a Jade roller reduces wrinkles. With the help of a Jade roller for face massages, you'll remove fine lines. This face massage tool can reverse aging.

Face rolling with a cold Jade face roller is one of the best facial roller routines. Some of the Jade roller benefits we can mention are the fact that it balances your energy and evens out your spirituality as well as your skin.

You can read more about Jade stone in our crystal guide.

Rose Quartz roller benefits

Rose Quartz roller benefits

Among our favorite facial massage tools is a Rose Quartz face massage roller.

This high vibe crystal works with the frequency of unconditional love and compassion, which you can introduce into your environment with the help of the Rose Quartz Lamp of Compassion, for instance.

A Rose Quartz face roller is one of the best face roller options because it releases tension held in your face, helping you be more relaxed and calm and thereby also raising your vibe.

Adding this Rose Quartz roller to your skin tools set is one solution when it comes to how to depuff face swelling after more intensive face treatments. It's going to amplify the beneficial effects of your facial treatment and of any face massage techniques you choose to add to your routine and also soothe your skin.

Find out all about Rose Quartz meaning from our crystal guide.

Jade vs. Rose Quartz roller benefits

You might be asking yourself: "What are Jade and Rose Quartz going to do for my face? How do I choose between them?"

Jade rolling is going to introduce into your energy the frequency of abundant beauty and health. One of the real Jade roller facial benefits is that of adding to your skin care roller the power of vibrant health. Using it as a neck roller will improve the firmness of your skin but also help to heal your throat chakra and optimize your communication skills.

How to use a Rose Quartz skin roller to improve your love life 

Among the key beneficial effects of a facial roller made of this crystal is that it will augment the frequency of beauty in your energy. Your attractiveness will be augmented with the help of the vibe of unconditional love, which will attract a lot of positive attention your way. After all, what is a face roller used for if not to make your beauty and well-being blossom?

When you're contemplating facial roller benefits, you don't really have to choose. There's no reason why you can't enjoy the benefits of a jade roller before or after you've used a Quartz roller as well.

Body And Face Roller: Before And After

Face rolling reduces the effects of excessive facial oil secretion and oily skin consequences. A rolling body or facial massage feels amazing and it helps you get rid of stress.

How to use a face roller as a facial massage tool

How to use a face roller as a facial massage tool

With the help of face rolling, you'll relax face muscles, reduce dark circles, and restore that brilliant and healthy glow to your face.

You will also invigorate those pesky puffy cheeks. Just gently massage your skin to increase blood flow and any puffiness will decrease automatically through the cooling sensation of the cold crystals on the skin.

With the help of a small roller, you can reduce forehead, cheeks, and neck wrinkles. Face rolling will promote lymphatic drainage that helps the delicate skin on your face get rid of toxins and muscle tension.

But there are also energetic beneficial effects to using crystal face rollers, which help you get rid of negative energies and support you in finding your inner peace due to the high vibes of the crystals interacting with your skin.

In order to make the most of your facial rolling stones powers, add a dab of essential oil from the Crystal Energies - Essential Oil Roller Bottle Set. How to do it? Just apply your essential oil of choice to the back of your neck during your treatment, so it won't interfere with the moisturizer and toner applied before, during, or after the massage roller is used.

Aromatherapy, combined with the power of beauty facial treatments that involve rolling Quartz or Jade facial tools, is going to make your face glow. It’s the best way to make an excellent face-to-face impression!

Skin rollers for body massages

You can also use a crystal roller for a body massage. The improved blood circulation can help you roll flat or curvy skin areas where you're experiencing more laxity or puffiness than you might like.

There are noticeable skin-lifting effects when using a crystal roller for massaging areas where you experience inflammation such as your legs. The skin will have a more youthful appearance and you'll be happy you've decided to give the crystal skincare roller routine a shot.

Gua Sha

You can use crystal roller tools for massage techniques such as Gua Sha as well. Gua Sha is a massage technique that involves applying repeated pressure to a particular skin area to stimulate blood flow and flush away toxins as a result. This particular technique involves applying more pressure than face rolling, for instance, but can also be done with the help of crystal rollers.

Using crystals as Gua Sha stones will improve your lymphatic drainage and offer you a cooling effect on the skin, which will be very welcome as the Gua Sha stone increases the blood flow to the skin and thereby promotes warmth in that particular area.

You can improve the effects of your Gua Sha stones massage sessions by making sure you've got an energetically clean and cleansing ambiance. If you have a Selenite Cleansing Lamp in the room where you're getting your massages, or a Fluorite Cleansing Stone, your energy is going to be cleansed of low vibrations while you'll be cleansed of toxins.

Get Your Jade Roller Today!

Don't miss out on all the beneficial effects of using Quartz or Jade Rollers as a facial massager tool!

Put your beauty roller stones to work and reduce the effects of aging. Allow your Quartz, Amethyst or Jade facial roller to work its magic for you. And if you're ready to maximize their effects, use them together with other crystals for self-care and confidence.

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