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What Are The Top 8 Crystals For Winter Solstice?

On the Winter Solstice, which happens once a year for every hemisphere, we experience the shortest day and longest night.
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The Winter Solstice happens for each hemisphere during winter. In the Northern Hemisphere, it happens in December, and in the Southern Hemisphere, it happens in June. The Winter Solstice is a very powerful time of the year to work with crystals.

Summer Solstice, which also happens once a year for each hemisphere, is the opposite of the Winter Solstice, meaning that we experience the longest day and the shortest night. It’s another powerful time of the year to set intentions and work with crystals for manifestation.

Because of the special nature of the day and night on the solstices, they have been celebrated in various ways throughout time ever since ancient civilizations. Since the Sun is a central figure in pretty much all belief systems, solstices have special spiritual meaning.

What Does The Winter Solstice Mean Spiritually?

Since this solstice happens in the cold winter season and we deal with the shortest daytime and the longest nighttime, from a spiritual point of view it can be seen as the representation of the dark night of the soul.

How Does The Winter Solstice Affect Us?

Winter months tend to be a time of inner reflection and self-analysis.

If we consider the Winter Solstice for the Northern Hemisphere, which happens in December when we've got holidays like Christmas and the New Year, there's a lot of self-reflection going on. It's a time of drawing the line and adding things up; getting together with loved ones; and celebrating the good, bright, and uplighting connections in our lives.

For some, December Holidays can also become depressing, precisely because they can emphasize various things we might want to have in our lives but which are still missing.

Does The Winter Solstice Make You Tired?

Some suffer from the winter seasonal affective disorder, which means feeling more tired, less inspired, and less motivated because there's less sunlight.

It's not necessarily the Winter Solstice in particular that makes you tired as much as winter overall. Those of us who suffer from the winter blues tend to feel more tired during this time of the year.

Since our energy levels might be running low, we mainly want to stay warm and rest in order to replenish our resources, much like nature all around us.

What Is Solstice Energy?

Winter Solstice energy speaks about working on yourself and assessing the progress you've made during that year. And what better time to indulge in such a meditative state than the cold months of winter?

Solstice energy is a combination of the restoring and transformative energy of the end of some cycles of our lives and the creative energy of new life that will come about when winter is over. It's an energy of new ideas and setting intentions for the new beginnings that await you with the coming spring and the new year. That's part of the reason why Winter Solstice is the perfect time to set your intention.

Set intentions for the following seasons of your journey or the following chapters of the next year. That helps support your personal, professional, and spiritual development. While there are no wrong seasons for that, winter is a wonderful time to focus on that since it has such a powerful transformative energy.

It's precisely this powerful transformative energy of the Winter Solstice which makes it an excellent time to focus on your crystal healing. But what is the perfect stone for winter? Let's talk about winter birthstones and the best crystals for winter.

What Gemstones Represent Winter?

The Winter Solstice happens in either December or June, depending on the hemisphere. The month of December involves two astrological signs and their birthstones: Sagittarius and Capricorn. The month of June also involves two astrological signs: Gemini and Cancer.

What Are The 2 Birthstones For December?

For the month of December and the Northern hemisphere solstice, the two birthstones are Turquoise and Lapis Lazuli. These two blue crystals help you realize and express your true desires so you can step fully into making your dreams come true.

What Are The 2 Birthstones For June?

For the month of June and the Southern hemisphere solstice, the two birthstones are Pearl and Moonstone. Read more about Pearl in our blog post here. Moonstone supports true harmony in your spiritual body and being in tune with your intuition, while Pearl attracts abundance and self-realization.

Use these powerful stones to work with the energy of the winter season solstice. Even better, add some other stones to the mix and make the most of this amazing time of the year.

Check out the full list of birthstones by month if you want to find more alternatives.

The Best 8 Crystals For Winter

The perfect stone for the winter season is one that keeps negative energy at bay and supports you emotionally and spiritually as you spend time with your hopes, dreams, and plans, and decide on your next steps.

  1. Snow Quartz

    Snow Quartz is a White Quartz crystal with microscopic water bubbles inclusions. It's also called Milky Quartz.

    Snow Quartz supports you in regaining the childlike wonder and joy about life and all things coming your way. Heal your connection to your inner child and allow the positive energy of this crystal to help heal your wounds.

  2. Clear Quartz

    It's an excellent time of the year to work with a Clear Quartz crystal.

    Wearing a Clear Quartz Anti-Stress Ring is going to help you gain clarity over what you want to do in the next major season of your journey. Clear Quartz will also help you see how the previous chapters of your path play a part in the future you want to build.

  3. Rose Quartz

    Rose Quartz is one of the best soothing crystals for winter. It can spark the light of hope in the dark and cold time of self-doubt.

    This beautiful crystal has the power to bring a calm and serene vibe into your heart. Rose Quartz is the perfect crystal for doing self-love work so you step into the New Year with a sense of confidence and emotional balance.

  4. Selenite

    Add Selenite candle holders or a pair of All-Cleansing Towers to your sacred space or to your crystal grid and it will cleanse all of your gemstones and optimize your space.

    This is an excellent time to work with a cleansing crystal such as Selenite, which brings in light and positive energy into your present season and your path forward.

  5. Lapis Lazuli

    If you're hoping to improve your ability to communicate clearly and effectively, Lapis Lazuli is a great crystal to start with.

    The soothing blue color of this beautiful crystal is going to help you overcome the blues of winter. Add it to your crystal grid for improving your connection to your higher self and the Divine and their messages of guidance and support will become all the more clearer to you.

  6. Black Obsidian

    Though some might be afflicted by the winter blues, don't assume that everyone is stepping back into themselves and regrouping. In fact, some might try to take advantage of this time to sneak some negative energies into your field, hoping that you won't expect this form of attack.

    Wear the Black Obsidian Wolf Pendant to keep any stray negative intention at bay. If you're looking to relax for a bit while a protection stone does the heavy lifting for you, Obsidian is a good stone for that.

  7. Garnet

    In the cold winter season, it might be tough to remember the fire energy of passion and ambition. Use Garnet to reignite your inner fire and support your manifestation process.

    Almandine Garnet in particular enhances your vitality and stamina, boosting your vivaciousness and restoring your zest for life.

  8. Citrine

    Was there ever a better time to invite prosperity into your human experience than this season? Channel your passion and energy into achieving your goals in a well-balanced and deeply fulfilling way with the help of Citrine.

    Keep the Ultimate Wealth Bracelet on your wrist at all times and you'll benefit from the amazing manifestation properties that Citrine has.

Should I Charge My Crystals During The Winter Solstice?

Charging your crystals on the Winter Solstice is going to be very powerful if you're about to set your intentions for transformations. It’s an excellent time for transmuting existing energies.

On the day of the solstice, you can charge your crystals for the manifestation of powerful changes. Yellow crystals are charged all the more in the sunlight and will shine bright in the sun of the solstice while also sparkling like a star in the clear winter night sky.

Charge your Citrine in particular, if you want to activate its powerful fire energy potential and attune it to your solar plexus chakra.

Step Into A Bright Future

Solstice time gives you the chance to put a final stop to previous parts of your life path and embark on a new adventure. You can leave the dark night of the soul behind and finally step into a bright future.

Make the most of this opportunity to reignite the fire of manifesting your boldest goals and fuel your future with crystals for Change and New Beginnings.

What’s the best crystal for me?

You are only few answers away from finding out which crystal is best suited for your life’s journey ✨

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