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3 Ways To Use Blue Sandstone And Its Manifestation Power In Your Life

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Also called Blue Goldstone or "star stone," you may be surprised to learn that this special gemstone is not a natural stone but rather an artificial glass. Therefore, you might be wondering whether the Blue Sand stone has any healing properties or if it can be even considered a healing crystal at all. (The answer is yes.)

If you're thinking about getting Blue Sand stone or already have one but don't know how to use the gemstone, this essential guide is for you.

Discover the story behind the creation of Blue Sandstone and three ways you can use this excellent stone to support your mind, body, and soul.

Origins Of Blue Sandstone

The creation of Sandstone and Blue Sandstone is still unclear to this day. Some crystal experts believe it can be traced back to the 17th century, to the Miottis of Venice. The Venetian family of glassmakers supposedly invented the particular technique that resulted in making what we know today as sandstone.

This technique was secret until Pietro Bigaglia, another glassmaker artisan, made it available to the public in the 19th century. Meanwhile, others believe that sandstone originated in medieval times when it was forged and molded by monastic orders, which called it "monk's gold."

Technically speaking, both Sandstone and Blue Sandstone are made by creating glass with Quartz sand. The sand Quartz is heated, melted, and then infused with other particles like copper, feldspar, manganese, cobalt, or chromium to give them their captivating and cheery colors.

Even though this crystal cannot be found in nature, its components are all naturally-occurring minerals filled with healing properties that can positively affect your physical, emotional, and spiritual being.

Blue Sandstone Meaning

Blue Sandstone means new beginnings and success. You can use the healing crystals to fuel your ambition or business venture. Simply place some tumbled stones in your bag to carry them everywhere.

You can also use Blue Goldstone to manifest your intentions. The gemstone balances your chakras to facilitate self-acceptance, relieve stress, help you speak your truth freely, and increase focus.

  • Blue Sandstone chakra

    Like Lapis Lazuli and all dark blue stones, Blue Sandstone resonates particularly well with the throat chakra. If you struggle to express yourself, pair your Blue Sandstone with a Lapis Lazuli bracelet to open the first chakra. Opening the first chakra attunes you to your inner voice to allow free expression.

    If you find it hard to feel empathy, meditate holding Blue Goldstone and Rose Quartz stones to open your heart (second) chakra.

    The blue type of Goldstone is the perfect substitute for Green Aventurine. Opening the second chakra fills you with compassion and love. It also defeats feelings of anxiety. Balancing the heart chakra strengthens your heart and improves your blood circulation.

    Blue Sandstone is also associated with the crown chakra. Your crown chakra may be blocked if you feel out of touch with reality or unwilling to accept new ideas. Placing Blue Sandstone and Clear Quartz stones under your pillow while you sleep can help ignite your spiritual connection.

    Blue Sandstone also works on the third eye chakra. You can pair it with a strong third eye chakra stone like Amethyst to facilitate your third eye chakra meditation.

  • Blue Goldstone zodiac

    Blue Goldstone is an alternative birthstone for people born in January, and metaphysical healers believe it's especially helpful for those born under the zodiac sign of Sagittarius. Blue Sandstone's resemblance to the night sky serves as a reminder that we're all part of the same universal energy. Blue Goldstone reminds us that we can reach for the stars when we're committed, motivated, and passionate about our goals. 

3 Ways To Use Blue Sandstone

Blue Goldstone is a powerful protection stone that deflects negative energy and shields your auric field from unwanted vibrations.

Here's how to incorporate this destiny stone for your emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being:

  1. To strengthen your willpower and confidence

    Known as the stone of ambition, Blue Sandstone is the perfect companion for those who lack the drive or self-confidence to ask for what they want. As a true throat chakra gemstone, its vibration instills positive energy, boosts your mood, and uplifts your spirit so that you feel secure in your skin to speak and live your truth.

    Like Tiger's Eye and Aventurine, Blue Sandstone can give you the willpower, wisdom, and courage to accept your authentic self. The healing properties make the artificial glass an ideal companion on your self-discovery journey. 

    Wearing a beaded bracelet with this gemstone can be a great way to be more confident in the decisions you make. Thanks to its high-frequency vibrations, you can pair Blue Goldstone with Green Aventurine to attract good energy, luck, and success in all enterprises of your life. 

    If you're in deep need of change, the vibrant Blue Sandstone — along with Opal and Moonstone — is a beautiful amulet for new beginnings. It helps you keep a clear mind to better discern between the things you want to let go of and those you wish to keep. 

    In some cultures, this beautiful glass bead is known as the "wishing stone," as many believe the Sand stone can attract the things you most desire and bring new opportunities into your life. 

    To enhance this power, combine the manifestation stone with Selenite or Clear Quartz during full moon rituals. Write down all the things you want to leave behind on a piece of paper and burn it. Then, on another paper, write down all the things you want to attract. Fold it, place your Blue Sandstone and any other crystal of your choice on top of the page, and leave it overnight.

  2. To boost your vitality and well-being

    As with Hematite and Bronzite, Blue Sandstone is a gentle grounding crystal that promotes vitality and gives you a boost of energy to pursue your goals. If you struggle with stomach issues, holistic healers advise carrying a Blue Sandstone crystal bracelet as it may help reduce discomfort, lower pain, and inhibit inflammation. They believe its vibration can benefit those who suffer from arthritic conditions, bone and joint pain, and problems with circulation.

    As it instills you with vibrancy, this unique gemstone is also said to enhance your leadership skills and increase concentration, so you can better lead your team to work together harmoniously and efficiently. For these reasons, it's also a great supportive tool for students and those who spend many hours researching or learning new information.

    As a true third eye stone — just like Amethyst — Blue Sandstone can empower you to connect with your spiritual side, enabling you to see the experiences and people in your life for what they are.

    It helps you accept reality and move forward, making it an excellent gemstone for those who have recently been through heartbreak, no matter the cause. Blue Sandstone offers hope that the universe has something better in store and allows you to acknowledge life-changing insights that need to be understood.

  3. To soothe anxiety and support emotional stability

    Blue Sandstone is one of the best protection stones for empaths, as it helps shield their sensitive energy while stimulating empathy in those who usually don't show it. Its frequency encourages you to be patient and open, so you can better understand those around you.

    This stone is an outstanding tool for those who struggle with anxiety or stress and children afraid of the dark. Simply place a piece of this glass on their bedside table to comfort them.

    If you have an overactive mind that makes you toss and turn at night, slide your Blue Sandstone with an Amethyst stone under your pillow for a relaxing and restful sleep. The gemstones assist you in winding down after a busy day and stabilize your emotions.  At the same time, you can create a Blue Goldstone crystal grid in your bedroom to trigger lucid dreaming.

    Blue Goldstone acts as a balm to the heart for those mourning and grieving the loss of a loved one and gently guides them forward to accept the change in their lives. Its star-like sparkles against a dark blue setting serve as a reminder that no matter how hard life may get, there is always light to be found in darkness.

    As you use your Blue Goldstone for healing, it's important to cleanse it after every use and recharge it.

How To Cleanse Blue Sandstone

You can cleanse your Blue Sandstone crystals with Clear Quartz. Clear Quartz is a potent protective stone that dispels negative energy from other stones. Simply place your Blue Sandstone crystals together with Clear Quartz crystals for hours. You can leave them overnight or all day.

But if you have a huge chunk of Blue Sandstone, you can simply light up a Clear Quartz healing lamp inside your room. Then place your Blue Sandstone at the lamp's base all night long.

The healing lamp will work double duty. It not only cleanses and recharges your Blue Goldstone, but it also purifies the aura in your room. Clear Quartz also neutralizes electromagnetic fields from your electronic gadgets. If you place it in your room, you will drift off to sleep peacefully. What's more, Clear Quartz can also boost your immune system and help you manifest your intention.

You can substitute the healing lamp with a Clear Quartz wand. You simply circle your Blue Goldstone with the wand three times.

But there are more ways to cleanse your Blue Sandstone crystals, including:

  • Leaving under the sunlight for a few hours
  • Leaving it under the moonlight (full moon) overnight
  • Burning sage and passing the smoke over your crystals
  • Soaking in water  - wipe dry with a soft cloth
  • Cleansing with Selenite

Cleansing your Blue Sandstone removes all the negative energies around it.

Blue Sandstone: Live Life With More Confidence, Vitality, And Stability

Although the blue type of Goldstone may not be your typical healing gemstone, it's well worth adding it to your crystal healing kit. Blue Goldstone combines the stabilizing energy of a grounding stone with the higher vibrations of the heart chakra, throat, and crown chakras, making it a powerful and versatile gemstone to carry with you. 

You can substitute Blue Goldstone with Green Aventurine for opening the heart chakra to increase compassion. Blue Goldstone will heal your spirit, heart, and physical body. So, you will have the courage to defeat self-pity and stress and express yourself.

Blue Sandstone's polished shiny appearance and good energy will have you mesmerized. The artificial glass will keep you wondering about the secrets of the universe while helping you discover all the potential you still have yet to realize inside yourself.

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