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Aries Birthstone: What Are The 9 Most Powerful Crystals For Aries?

If you were born between March 20 and April 21, then you're an Aries. We're going to talk about the birthstone assigned to the Aries zodiac sign and what other powerful crystals can an Aries benefit from using.
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About The Aries Zodiac Sign

The Aries astrological sign is the first sign of the twelve zodiac signs, and also the first of the fire zodiac signs.  The zodiac sign of Aries represents the First House, the House of self: self-awareness, self-expression, and asserting one's self. The symbol for Aries is the ram.

Planet Mars rules the Aries sign. Those born under the fiery astrological sign of Aries possess positive characteristics such as strong energy, a vigorous nature, inner strength, and physical vitality. Some of the well-known Aries personality traits are their adventurous and courageous aspects. All of these very active, inspired, assertive, and determination-centered traits are strongly influenced by the planet Mars.

Fire signs are by definition powered by the action-prone traits of planet Mars. Those born under a fire astrological sign often have intense energy and presence. The personality Aries individuals tend to have is assertive, brave, and full of zest for life. Aries people tend to live and love hard and fast and sometimes might tend to pull the trigger a bit too quickly because of all of that enthusiasm that the planet Mars tends to fan the flames of.

Sometimes, Aries people can have a quick and explosive temper. When you add that up with their sheer strength and ability to get things done, it becomes all the clearer why it's important that those born under the first of the zodiac signs would lead a balanced life.

Let's see which crystals can offer Aries people the kind of support, healing, and guidance they need in order to live their best life.

Or you can check our guide for different crystals and their meanings to find relevant alternatives to the mentioned stones.

What Is The Main Aries Birthstone?

Since zodiac signs span over two months and each month has a particular birthstone associated with it, Aries is also going to have two main birthstones.


Bloodstone is the March birthstone for the zodiac sign of Aries. Bloodstone is an excellent fire birthstone because it has a very balancing effect on your chakra system. Fire element zodiac signs can sometimes have jumpy energy levels because of their quick reactions.

Learn more about How Bloodstone Can Help You Balance Your Chakra in our article.

They also tend to spend too much energy too quickly because of their passionate nature, so Bloodstone can support them in regaining an optimal positive energy level.

Bloodstone jewelry worn around your chest area works with your heart chakra and stabilizes your energy levels when it comes to your feelings and emotional balance. These beautiful Aries birthstones have healing properties when it comes to overcoming emotional issues by fueling your positive Aries characteristics: the determination that planet Mars rules over, the ability to conquer any obstacle in your way, and the seemingly endless resources of stamina and vitality.

The Aries birthstone, Bloodstone, also works as a protection stone for Aries. It removes negative energy from your chakras, which supports its role as an effective healing tool. Bloodstone's unique properties relating to wearing jewelry that features it around your ankles support powerful rooting key traits of this powerful stone. It can alleviate and help heal health problems relating to your root and sacral chakra, influencing people born under the sign of Aries to lead a well-balanced and healthy lifestyle particularly when they're trying to improve their fertility.


Diamonds are the April Aries birthstones. If Aries is the astrological version of strength and resilience, then which crystal can represent that better than the Diamond? 

The Aries birthstone for April, Diamond, gives fire signs an added layer of stability and balance. The Diamond alternate birthstones have powerful healing attributes and radiate lovely energy, aside from being gorgeous from an aesthetic point of view.

When the sign of Aries is wearing their Diamond birthstone jewelry, they magnetize the grace and resilience of the whole solar system and channel it with the help of this excellent stone. While all star signs benefit from wearing this Ram birthstone, for Aries it also has added abundance healing properties and it acts as a lucky stone of which Aries can magnify the properties.

The Diamond gemstone supports Aries when it comes to gaining mental clarity and laser-sharp focus. The sky's the limit for this zodiac sign when you're wearing the Diamond Aries birthstone.

What Is The Best Aries Birthstone Color?

If you're looking to amp up the traits of this zodiac sign, the best Aries color is red. The passionate and intense Aries possess positive characteristics that resonate with the fiery nature of red. In fact, there are spots of red in the Bloodstone Aries birthstone, along with shades of green. This brings us to the next Aries birthstone color.

Green Aries gemstones, similar to the Bloodstone Aries birthstone, work with the heart chakra and bring an element of emotional balance that tempers down the hot outbursts that people born under the Aries astrological sign can sometimes have.

Blue stones for Aries are an excellent idea when you're looking to complete the strength and intensity of an Aries birthstone by adding the element of improved communication. This zodiac sign can use a bit of a cooler temper sometimes, which supports clearer and more emotionally aware interactions.

A clear Aries birthstone brings to the table clarity of thought and feelings, as well as focus. This zodiac sign can always use the ability to amplify the clarity and healing properties of stones like the Aries birthstone, Bloodstone.

The 9 Powerful Crystals For Aries

Aries individuals go through rapid changes between positive and negative energies, so those who have the Aries star sign can benefit a lot from the support of healing crystals. Let's see what crystals can be helpful for Aries people.

  1. Aquamarine

    Aquamarine is a great addition to an Aries birthstone or a great stand-alone stone for the month of March. It brings the power of insight and balance to the energetic powerhouse that is the natural vibe of this zodiac sign.

    Wearing Aquamarine bracelets along with some Diamond jewelry can work wonders when it comes to lowering your stress levels and instating a zen-like positive energy frequency into your thoughts and feelings. If you wear an Aquamarine Soothing Bracelet along with a Diamond ring or a Bloodstone bracelet, you bring in an anti-stress approach to being focused, determined, and strong.

    Since the Aquamarine ruling planet is Neptune, adding Aquamarine rings to the Bloodstone Aries birthstone set eases the pressure off when you're doing powerful emotional work.

  2. Topaz

    Topaz is one of those gemstones that complements an Aries birthstone or any other crystal. Blue Topaz in particular, which Aries can benefit from since it works with the throat chakra and promotes emotional balancing and healing, can temper down some of the stormier so-called negative personality traits of the personality Aries tends to have.

    When you add Topaz to Aries stones or any other crystals, you add the complementary blue color frequency which helps you keep a cool temper. But you can also benefit from adding Golden Topaz to your Aries birthstone set or crystal collection. Golden Topaz can support Aries in particular when there's some moment of self-doubt and it supports the manifesting process.

  3. Amethyst

    Amethyst works as a complementary relaxing frequency when added to your favorite Aries birthstone or crystal of choice.

    Although Amethyst might be better known for its ability to work with your third eye chakra and enhance spiritual perception and progress, if you add the power of light to the soothing vibes of Amethyst you can achieve great success with a Stress-Relief Lamp, for instance.

    It enhances Aries' ability to cut to the heart of the matter by sharpening their perception and deepening their understanding of the subtler energies at play in different situations.

    It can temper down the effect of intense stones and it can power up less intense stones, depending on the intention you set when working with your crystal.

  4. Sapphire

    Because Aries can get a bit overwhelmed by the Mars ruling element of intensity, Sapphire can offer support by relieving mental tensions, negative moods and thoughts, or the confusion that can sometimes plague this first sign of the zodiac or anyone else dealing with similar issues.

    The Topaz Sapphire gemstone combo works particularly well when you're trying to add a relaxing and uplifting vibe to your life.

  5. Jasper

    Jasper is another versatile gemstone addition to any Aries birthstone or crystal.

    Red Jasper works with your root chakra and supports grounding your energy and powering your manifestation process. But Ocean Jasper Self-Healing Hearts harmonize with your heart chakra and are great when it comes to releasing anger and negative feelings.

    Whether you're looking to amplify the grounding and manifesting power of your Aries birthstone set or other crystals with a Red Jasper or achieve a state of chillout and calm with Ocean Jasper, Jasper is a great option.

  6. Aventurine

    Aventurine is a wonderful addition to an Aries birthstone set and any other crystal because it works to enhance your leadership skills and sharpen your ability to make inspired decisions at key points. It plays on the Aries characteristics of leadership and can work very well with Diamond gemstone jewelry in particular.

    By wearing an Aventurine Emotional Healing Anklet, you can play up or channel the inner strength that Aries have thanks to their ruling planet, Mars. But this wonderful crystal can also temper down the hot temper similar to that of Aries, bringing a cooling vibe to a fire birthstone set.

  7. Fluorite

    All crystals need a good energy cleansing, and an Aries birthstone is no different. A Fluorite Cleansing Stone is going to help you balance the intensity of Aries or any other fire sign and harness the power of its ruling planet, Mars.

    The hot temper that a fire sign can have, also present for Aries, can be a great motivational force at times. But you'll also need to be able to make lucid and well-balanced decisions as part of your efforts to achieve your goals. That's where Fluorite comes in.

    The clarity this crystal promotes also helps when you're trying to heal from bouts of self-doubt or when you're second-guessing your path.

  8. Citrine

    The fiery and therefore solar nature of a fire sign makes perfect sense with the soothing but also manifestation-supportive nature of Citrine.

    When you add this beautiful crystal to an Aries birthstone or any other crystal, you bring balance to your solar plexus chakra and the rest of your energetic body. Citrine supports your emotional balance and your overall well-being.

    Citrine also works well for Aries in terms of achieving the desired level of success or recognition. If you wear the Ultimate Wealth Bracelet when you're negotiating a raise, interviewing for a job, or discussing a business deal, the odds of material success are going to be stacked in your favor.

  9. Lapis Lazuli

    While Aries is an energetic powerhouse most of the time, all of that vivacity can sometimes get in the way of processing new things or studying hidden or more complex aspects of something before acting on it. This is where Lapis Lazuli comes in to support us all and Aries in particular.

    Since it's an excellent learning and analyzing crystal, wearing Lapis Lazuli Bracelets can help you gain a deeper level of awareness and self-awareness, which also supports self-expression that comes from a deeper level of wisdom and understanding.

How Do You Activate Crystals With Aries Stones?

The beauty of birthstones, by and large, is that they are naturally attuned to the energy of their respective astrological signs and no further astrological calculations or complicated rituals are needed.

As a native of this astrological sign, simply placing the Aries birthstone set next to any other crystals is going to help them harmonize with the core energy of the Aries sign. But Aries birthstones also work very well for you when you're not actually an Aries.

You might be looking to enhance some of the Aries traits within yourself. Aries birthstones can help you harmonize with their energy and develop or strengthen some of their traits within yourself.

Nobody can blame you if you're hoping to emulate the assertive and passionate approach of the Aries astrological sign!

How Do You Charge Aries Stones?

Because Aries is a fire element zodiac sign, it responds to the brightness and power of the sunlight.

When you're trying to charge your Aries birthstone set, place them somewhere under the direct sunlight and allow the fiery energy of the sun to do its magic. Depending on what you're trying to achieve with your charged Aries birthstones, you can choose between different sunlight phases during the day.

If you're trying to activate some typical Aries traits within yourself, sunrise sunlight is the best one for charging your gemstones.

If you're looking to amp up features you already possess or gain wider recognition for your merits, noon sunlight can serve you the best.

You can also work with the traits of the Aries astrological sign by trying to reign in traits of this zodiac sign that you already possess. If you're trying to temper down some of the traits of the Aries sign that you already possess, then charge your cooling crystals with the help of sundown light.

If you place your gemstones under sunlight and leave them there for a whole sunlight phase or more, don't worry. The effect of sunrise won't counteract the effects of sundown charging. The main thing when working with charging your Aries birthstone jewelry or home decor is the intention you set for the process.

Once your intention is set, the sunlight will boost your gemstones' powers and support you in achieving your goals.

Step Into A Brighter Future

The most powerful 9 crystals for Aries can help you keep your cool, find your way, and support your manifestation process once you’ve set your goals. You can always count on these crystals and the Aries birthstones to offer you support and guidance.

Dare to step into a brighter future with the help of Aries crystals!

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