Top 5 Crystals for Men

Top 5 Crystals for Men

Have you been looking for the perfect Father’s Day present but haven’t found anything yet? 

Today on the blog, we are bringing you a carefully picked selection of stones that could help your dad or husband, step up into the next level of consciousness. 

As our yin and yang energies are perfectly opposite, it’s expected that certain crystals would have a deeper effect on the masculine psyche than they do on the feminine. 

Are you excited to know more? Here are the 5 recommended crystals for men.


5. Malachite

Malachite main healing property is protection. It’s also a stone for the heart chakra that helps with transformation and change. 

If you’re looking for energy renewal in your life, malachite healing crystals can help usher in the change you’re looking for. Think of its lush appearance — let it remind you of springtime and new life, and how you can use it to bring fresh energy where you need it.  Dismantling negative emotions such as fear, worries, or doubts, malachite is a great stone to have on you at all times. 

If you’re looking for the best men’s bracelet, then check out the Anti-Anxiety Bracelet.


4. Citrine

A stone of positivity, citrine is a great choice for experiencing joy in all that you do. Notice the little things in life and express your gratitude naturally. While it contributes greatly to cultivating a positive attitude, citrine really shines when it comes to prosperity. It attracts wealth, abundance, and success to all those that use it. It helps you reevaluate everything you thought you knew about making money, and then enhances your energy output towards financial gain.

As an abundance stone, it’s no wonder that both men and women find the powers of citrine incredibly useful. It helps fulfill the instinctual urge to provide for the family.

If you’re interested in a citrine bracelet that can unlock the riches of the universe, then look no further than the Ultimate Wealth Bracelet.


3. Hematite

An intense grounding stone, hematite works well with masculine energy, amplifying it to the max. The survival instinct is manifested in energies that help you feel safe, stable, and secure. Known to improve concentration and memory recall, hematite is brilliant to use for enhancing focus, particularly when completing some kind of project or long-running task.

Its ability to block negative energies coming towards you makes it a powerful protection stone. It helps you connect with the core of the planet and relinquish all regrets and worries. The energy of hematite reminds you regularly that all that matters is the present. 

Check out the Triple Protection Bracelet if you want to feel this bad boy in action along with two other heavyweights. 


2. Black Obsidian

Speaking of heavyweights, black obsidian is ruthless in its reflective properties. It reveals your flaws, weaknesses, and pitfalls without hesitation. This stone will peel you open and gobble you down whole if you let it, but in doing so, it frees you from doubting your self-worth. It should only be used by those who are prepared for its power and efficiency. It’s definitely not for the light-hearted.

Black obsidian mirrors are so popular because this stone shows you exactly who you are. As well as enabling you to discover your inner truth and analyze your mistakes, it reveals the best way forward and how you can change to become a better person.

A fantastic stone for protection, black obsidian sends negative intentions back to the sender. It shields the aura like a SWAT team, filtering in only positive energy. Revealing the great personal power at your disposal, it encourages you to take responsibility for where you are in life so that you can shape where you will be tomorrow. 

We have several fantastic black obsidian gift ideas for dad. Check out the Obsidian Wolf Pendant or the Premium Black Obsidian Talisman, two men’s pendant necklaces with extra clout. Or if you prefer, take a look at the Soul Cleansing Black Obsidian Bracelet


1. Tiger’s Eye

This stone resonates particularly well with men. It harmonizes the lower three chakras, encouraging the energy of the earth to travel up through your body. It increases motivation, determination and self-belief to the point where you can’t not succeed! It helps release rigid ideas and embrace the fluidity of creativity. Not everything has to be set in stone -- you have free will and you can use it in many different ways. 

To say tiger’s eye helps increase the manifestation process would be an understatement. Tiger’s eye jewelry for men specifically enhances intentions and provides the willpower to achieve them. Its grounding energy empowers you to hone in on what you want. Spend your energy wisely to get it.

We have a whole bunch of tiger’s eye products in our crystals for men category. Try the Blue Tiger Eye Bracelet or the Golden Bracelet of Intent. You can also try a combination of blue, red, and natural tiger’s eye with the Tiger Protection Bracelet.


Hopefully, this shortlist of crystals for men provides a good starting point for all men out there looking to work with crystals. To everyone else, we hope our jewelry for men recommendations provided enough inspiration for Father’s Day!

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