Taurus Personality Characteristics You Need To Know

Taurus Personality Characteristics You Need To Know


The Taurus zodiac sign falls between April 20th and May 20th. This sign is ruled by Venus and is most compatible with Cancers and Scorpios. They’re an Earth element that is known for reliability and practical natureLet’s dive deeper into this stubborn zodiac. 

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Taurus Traits

Tauruses are well-grounded individuals. They know how to be truly devoted to someone or something. They’re also patient and responsible in most situations. People look to a Taurus in times of stress and anxiety. 

On the other hand, Tauruses are also known to be possessive and stubborn. They like to get their way and tend to over-materialize everything. This is likely due to their ruling planet and Earth sign association. 

Tauruses love to have hobbies to keep them busy. This could be anything creative that brings them joy. Cooking, painting, playing music are all great examples of Taurus activities. These people want to be surrounded by love and material things. 

Personality Characteristics

One of the worst things you can do to a Taurus is changing the plans last minute. Although they are not much for planning ahead of time, once they have an idea in their mind of how things are going to go, disrupting this visualization ruins their entire day. 

Tauruses also hate when things get complicated. They are all about devoting themselves to something that makes them feel good, except when it gets too hard. They aren’t exactly quitters, but they get easily unmotivated to finish what they started. 

They stick to their personal choices until the very end. This is where their stubborn nature comes in. If they feel they are right about a position they hold, good luck convincing them otherwise. 

Ruling Planet Of Taurus

Since Tauruses are an element of Earth, they have a grounded nature. They see things from a practical standpoint and tend to be realists. Sometimes their commitment to something is mistaken for stubbornness. 

The Earth also causes them to be overly materialistic and overprotective, and sometimes their view of how the world works is centered around wealth. They crave things like stability and structure in things they’re a part of. Tauruses are concerned with the present that they can clearly see in front of them. 

Venus is the ruling planet of Tauruses, and it brings love and creativity into their lives. They like to stay away from criticism, and they make excellent artists and cooks. Style and aesthetics are of high importance for a Taurus. They need to really connect with the things they wear on a personal level. 

Taurus In Relationships

For a Taurus, all the senses are vital to their sensual experiences. They require a lot of patience and need time to get comfortable with their partner. Once they’ve entered a relationship, they might find themselves losing a bit of their individuality. Intimacy causes Tauruses to become needy. 

Their practical nature sticks around in relationships but might cross over into optimistic territory at times. When it comes to a partner, they tend to pick people who come from similar social environments as them. Sticking to a strict moral code is difficult for a Taurus, so they like to lean into adventure and taboos in relationships. If they feel they’re missing this, they’ll become easily frustrated. 

The compatibility of other signs with a Taurus is complicated. Tauruses won’t let their emotions show around just anyone. You have to earn their trust and wait for them to open up to you. 

Taurus In Professional World

Since Tauruses are materialistic, money is important to them. They will likely do whatever they can do to earn as much as they can. They’re hard-working and thorough when it comes to their work life. They’re good at sticking to a project and seeing it out until the end. 

A Taurus loves to have stability in their life, so a daily routine is healthy for them. They will find comfort in the mundane parts of their day. They are often secretly working to build their own sense of worth or value. 

This sign is organized with their money and bills. They know when each one is due and always pay them on time. They know how to save money for a rainy day and for things like their pension. Tauruses make great bankers, bakers, and gardeners. 

How To Attract Taurus Partner

Taurus men are generous and loyal in relationships. They are extremely trustworthy and patient with their partners, just as they expect patience in return. They aren’t great with subtle flirtations, so it’s better to be bold with a Taurus man. 

Men under this sign tend to be quiet and difficult to read. However, if you betray him, he is likely to never forget about it. In order to settle down, he needs to feel completely secure in the relationship. They also value genuine conversations and hate anything that feels fake or forced. 

Taurus women like to be seduced with romance. They’re looking for gestures and acts of service performed for them before entering something serious. They move slowly and think carefully about their choice of partners. 

You’ll need to put a lot of energy and time into winning over a Taurus woman. Once she’s in love, she’ll remain loyal forever. Her affectionate side will shine through, and she’ll shower you in intimacy and closeness. 

Taurus History And Symbolism

The name Taurus means bull in Latin and is the symbol of this zodiac. It’s one of the oldest known constellations and dates back to the Bronze Age. It’s the 17th largest constellation and is neighboring Aries and Gemini. 

In Greek mythology, Taurus is associated with Zeus. The legend says that he transformed into a bull to seduce a woman named Europa. He kidnapped her and then gave her presents to win her affection. They had three sons together, and Zeus placed the bull among the stars to commemorate it. 

Taurus Mantras

Every Taurus needs a mantra for self-affirmation each day. This is especially important for this sign because of their need for stability and reassurance. Here are some you can use in your daily routine or meditation

  • I am aligned with the Earth below me and the sky above me.
  • I am worthy of abundance in all forms. 
  • I am secure, protected, and whole.
  • I can rely on myself in the face of challenges. 
  • I confidently leave the familiar for the unknown. 

Using these mantras along with crystals will do wonders for your energy throughout the day.

Best Crystals For Taurus

Crystals are powerful tools that can help Tauruses achieve balance and accomplish more of their goals. If you are looking for the best crystals that align with the energy of a Taurus, here are a few to start with.

  • Carnelian gives a Taurus courage and allows them to overcome their fears. It inspires them to take control of a situation despite how they feel. 
  • Citrine awakens new energy in the Taurus sign. It helps them out of a rut or a rough period of their life. It’s a stone that assists with manifestation. 
  • Clear Quartz intensifies Taurus’s intentions. It helps them bring healing into their lives and connect with the spirit world. 
  • Jade is a protective stone for Tauruses. It helps them not doubt themselves and promotes stability and strength. 
  • Rose Quartz is one of the best crystals for Tauruses. It gives off a gentle energy that elevates their compassion and opens them to receive love. It also helps them release their worries. 
  • Sapphire brings trust and sincerity to Tauruses. It helps them stay committed to their projects and relationships in life.  
  • Tourmaline gets rid of Taurus’s stress. It balances out negative energy and instead fills their thoughts with kindness. 

Wrapping Up

The Taurus sign is deeply instinctual. The bull is able to see things that other people may not. So trust your Taurus friends when they smell some bull brewing!


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