Pisces Personality Characteristics and Traits

Pisces Personality Characteristics and Traits

The Pisces zodiac sign falls between February 19th until March 20th. It’s ruled by Neptune and Jupiter, and this sign is the most compatible with Virgo and Taurus. Pisces are wise and majestic people who value time alone and musical talent. Let’s dive into what makes a Pisces who they are.  

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Pisces Traits

Pisces are compassionate people who like to surround themselves with different types of people. They love the arts and tend to think with their mind before their heart. Pisces are often regarded as wise beyond their years, even at a very young age. 

Pisces don’t like to be criticized in any way. They also despise cruel people and will come to the rescue of anyone being bullied or preyed upon. If you act arrogant around a Pisces, they will likely never speak to you again. They’re selfless people, but they have their limits. 

This sign loves to help others without expecting anything in return. They like to volunteer and help the less fortunate whenever they can. This water sign is often known for their empathy. 

Personality Characteristics

Pisces are difficult to define because they are the last sign of the zodiac. In a way, they represent the evolution of all the other signs. Pisces have this energy that tries to get rid of the things that divide us. They love to bring people together by uniting them in a common purpose.

Pisces have a high emotional intelligence, which makes them extremely perceptive. They don’t try to win people’s affections; it happens naturally through their actions. Although, they are also known to absorb other people’s emotions, which can be a huge burden. They never know when to say no, so they are often stretched beyond their bandwidth. 

It’s hard for Pisces to prioritize themselves, and they often struggle with self-care. They usually realize that they need a break when it’s too late and become frustrated with others, even though it’s not their fault. Their moods can quickly turn sour, and when this happens, you don’t want to be around. 

Ruling Planet Of Pisces

Neptune is the planet that rules Pisces. Neptune is the god of the ocean in mythology and is an all-powerful being. This planet makes Pisces feel disconnected from the world around them and puts them in a haze. Neptune disables them from seeing what’s real and what isn’t. 

This is why Pisces often rely on their imagination to get through life. Neptune is a symbol of their spiritual aura and how it manifests in their personality. The planet represented the dissolution of reality. Keeping their feet on the ground is often one of the hardest things for a Pisces. 

Pisces In Relationships

Pisces are romantics at heart. Their desire to help others bleeds into their relationships, no matter how serious it is. They would take you to the hospital on a first date if they needed to. Pisces need to feel a deep connection with their partners to achieve happiness. 

Pisces are adventurous, but they don’t like flings or short-term relationships. They want to build something that will last a lifetime. Once they find it, they are loyal until the end. Pisces are also some of the best friends you’ll find. 

Whenever there is a problem within their family or group of friends, they are quick to take care of it. They know when something is wrong and usually understand how to fix it. Pisces will always express their feelings no matter how vulnerable it makes them. 

Pisces In Professional World

Pisces desire to make a difference in the workplace. They want to change the world in whatever way they can. Pisces make great vets, attorneys, and social workers. All of these careers help others in big ways. 

They love to work in creative spaces that allow them to be themselves. Pisces are usually pretty popular at their jobs because of their social skills and empathy. They’re hard-working and dependable people when it comes to getting something done the right way. 

Pisces are charitable and sometimes give away their money too easily. They’ll offer to cover the tab on a bill or loan their friend a few hundred dollars. They want to make enough money to support their goals, but they don’t have much concern for how they’ll make that happen. 

How To Attract A Pisces Partner

Pisces men love to please their partners however they can. To seduce them, you need to be willing to open up to them and be as vulnerable as possible. They are known to be gentle and kind in their romantic endeavors. 

Pisces men also love to laugh, so having a good sense of humor will win him over. They are looking for someone who is easy to be around and won’t lie or manipulate them. Pisces men appear to be easy-going but struggle on the inside with letting go. 

Pisces women are selfless and sensitive people. They want to find a partner who is a good listener and knows how to make them laugh. Their love is unconditional, so their partner doesn’t have to worry about their shortcomings. 

A Pisces woman takes a few dates to warm up to their partner. You probably won’t be going home with them until at least the third or fourth date. They like to be treated with respect and hate peer pressure.  

Pisces History And Symbolism

This sign symbolizes when spring is about to begin, and winter is ending. It’s a sign of significant change, and you never know what to expect with it. Pisces comes from the Latin word for fish. Ancient Babylonians called it “the great swallow,” and it represented two major rivers, Euphrates and the Nile. 

According to mythology, Pisces comes from the goddess Aphrodite and her son Eros. They ran from Typhon and jumped into the sea, where they turned into fish. Pisces often find themselves tangled in problems that they didn’t create, just like Eros. 

Pisces Mantras

Pisces have a tendency to forget about their own needs because of others. Using mantras helps them take time for themselves to focus on their healing. Here are a few mantras for Pisces:

  • The future is mine to create.
  • I use the power of my intellect to know my truth.
  • I leave the rest behind.
  • I remain open and believe anything is possible. 
  • I radiate unconditional love and support. 
  • I will show up for myself today. 

To enhance the energy of these mantras, use a crystal to connect with your chakras. 

Best Crystals For Pisces

Crystal healing allows Pisces to see the good they have inside them. They often spend so much time giving to others; they forget what they can do for themselves given the chance. Here are crystals that are useful to Pisces:

  • Aquamarine provides a calming energy and balances water signs. It promotes harmony and empowers Pisces to trust their intuition. 
  • Fluorite is one of the best crystals for creativity and mental focus. This makes it a great stone for Pisces, as it enhances their mental abilities and helps them focus on their goals.
  • Lapis Lazuli allows Pisces to look deep within themselves and reflect. It improves psychic abilities and aids in communication. 
  • Blue Tiger’s Eye brings success to Pisces and keeps negativity far away. 

Wrapping Up

Pisces are the best shoulder to cry on when times are tough. They know how to cheer you up and understand exactly what you’re struggling with. What are you waiting for? Go hug a Pisces.

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