Top 5 Energizing Crystals to Revive Your Plants

Top 5 Energizing Crystals to Revive Your Plants

Humans aren’t the only organism that enjoys the wonderful benefits of healing crystals, so if your plants are wilting or struggling to grow, then introduce them to some of your shiny friends! Sometimes a gentle push in the right direction is all they need.

Healing crystals heal anything and everything. Their vibration affects the universal field of energy, peeling back the illusion of the physical world and harmonizing things through wavelengths and frequency. 

Just like you, your plant can have energy blocks. In fact, it’s possible that you suffer from the same blocks if you have a deep connection with, or spend a lot of time near your plant. This is because you naturally pick up on each other’s energies. The same happens with pets. There are countless stories of a cat or dog that became ill with the exact same illness that the owner had before they even knew they had it themselves. When the owner was cured, the pet’s illness vanished too. 

When you understand the connection you have with your plants, using healing stones for gardening doesn’t sound like such a crazy idea. If you’re looking for how to save your dying plants, then try out the following crystals.

Moss Agate

One of the best crystals for plants, Moss Agate promotes a stronger connection between you and your plant. When you’re feeling blocked but your plant is thriving, you’ll be able to harness some of its positive energy to help cleanse yourself. Likewise, when your plant is suffering and you’re feeling calm and balanced, you can pass that energy onto your plant more easily. 

Moss Agate really helps you discover your green thumb, making time in the garden fun for people of all ages. It strengthens your connection with nature, encouraging you to grow deeper roots of your own. 

Ideally, wear this stone on an anklet so that you can continue to feel connected as you walk through your garden. Alternatively, place a Moss Agate crystal among your flowers to spur them on during a rough patch.

Clear Quartz

Known as the master healer, this title doesn’t just apply to people. It heals and harmonizes energy, period. With this crystal, you can’t help but feel intense gratitude for what you have. It cultivates a positive outlook so that you can watch your plants with optimism. That alone might be enough to strengthen them.

clear quartz for plants

Clear quartz is one of the best crystals for plants because you can bury it and nestle it among their roots. Choose the plants you wish to help revive and bury a small Clear Quartz stone next to it. Make sure it’s close—touching, even. If it’s too far away then the plant won’t be able to receive the benefits, just as if its water and nutrients were kept out of reach.

Consider burying a small Intention Stone with the visualization of how you wish the plant to look in a few weeks or months’ time. Once the plant fulfills the intention, you can carefully dig the stone back up, recharge it, and bury it under a different plant with a new intention.


Moonstone draws its power from—you guessed it—the moon, one of the largest natural sources of energy available to us. This natural source connects it to outdoor plants, which is why it’s one of the best crystals for gardening. It’s commonly used as a symbol for fertility and growth, and this symbology can be put to the test within your garden. Expect some happy plants!

As Moonstone vibrates on a harmonious, natural frequency, it’s said to pluck negative vibrations from your plants as if it were playing a harp. It facilitates the regeneration of plant cells, helping them grow stronger and faster. Leave Moonstone in the garden overnight, especially on a full moon, to give the plants a night-time boost.

As it's a stone of new beginnings, Moonstone bracelets are ideal to have when planting fresh seeds. Use it when you are about to plant something new to ensure it will blossom.

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s eye is an excellent protection stone. It shields your plants from the negative intentions of other organisms. In a similar fashion, it prevents you from mentally sabotaging your own garden by counteracting any negative beliefs or doubts you may hold about your plants. If you expect your plant is about to die, Tiger’s Eye will help it prove you wrong by softening your energy towards it.

In addition to its protective properties, Tiger’s Eye is a stone of support. It gives plants the strength they need to impress. As a stone of success and abundance, it ensures a good harvest if you’re growing your own veggies. 

Never bury Tiger’s Eye. Always keep it above ground but close to the plants in order for it to do its job as one of the best gardening crystals. 


Another luscious green stone, you can tell Malachite will be good for the garden from a simple glance. It’s a stone of power, determination, and transformation. If you’ve got some renovations planned for your garden, even something simple like moving a few plants around, then Malachite would be the number one choice to keep plants healthy during the move.

It’s fantastic at protecting organisms from electromagnetic radiation and pollution. This is particularly helpful if your garden backs onto a pylon or radio tower, or if you live close to some form of a power station. It’s also beneficial if you have an electronic panel in or near your garden. Malachite will absorb the electromagnetic radiation and keep you and your plants safe. 


Sometimes referred to as a stone of vegetation, and more commonly, a crystal for growth and fertility, it makes perfect sense to leave a malachite stone in the garden. There aren’t many better healing stones for gardening than this one, so put it to good use! Don’t bury malachite, but leave it on top of the soil to heal and revive your plants.

We hope that with these crystals in mind, you can re-energize your garden and breathe new life into your plants. Remember to focus on yourself too, as your intrinsic connection to your plants could be vital in making them bloom.

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