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How to Store Crystals: Best Practices & Storage Ideas

In a perfect world, we could keep all of our crystals on display. But if you’ve found yourself with more crystals than you can use, you’ll need to find a storage solution that works for your crystal family. Today we’re giving out tips for the best maintenance practices and ideas on where to keep your crystals.

As the saga of your growing crystal collection continues, figuring out the “storage” chapter can begin to seem tricky. In a perfect world, we could keep all of our crystals on display. Peppered around the house, wrapped around our wrists, in the car, and at work. There’s truly a healing crystal for every occasion! But if you’ve found yourself with more crystals than you can use, you’ll need to find a storage solution that works for your crystal family. Today we’re giving out tips for the best maintenance practices and ideas on where to keep your crystals.

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First, Can Crystals Be Stored Together?

The short answer is yes. But do you know how different crystals and their meanings make great pairings? How their energies intertwine like two lovers’ star-crossed fate? That same principle applies to storing the stones when out of sight. Their energies can be affected which is why we generally recommend storing crystals in a natural fabric that comforts their vitality. 

If your collection is small, there is no need to stress yourself with specific storage options. If your collection has grown quite large, here are some storage options:

  • By Color: This often means your crystals will also be stored by energy as crystals of like-feather flock together. Red, pinks, whites—color-code them all!
  • By Crystal Family: Simple—keep all your Quartz, Selenite, Amethyst in its own box/compartment/bag, and so on.
  • By Intention: This will depend much on you, but separating crystals by their best energy use can help you know where to go when searching for the crystal in the moment. 
Amethyst pieces in a bowl

By Shape & Delicacy: Ever so much more important than intention or color, is to separate by crystal type. This is because some crystals are more delicate than others. If you’re unsure about each stone’s durability, you can check in with the Mohs Hardness Scale

Sometimes you can deduce by the crystal’s appearance. For example, Opal, Selenite and Hematite look quite delicate and are very brittle. So you’ll want to ensure you wrap each of these crystals individually in either a soft fabric or tissue paper before setting them aside. 

Not all hard stones are sturdy, either. Diamonds, for example, are the hardest stone of all but can still fracture easily. So add this consideration to your storage process. 

Putting the softer gems and polished crystals in pouches where they can be rocked and moved around is a recipe for chips and scratches—especially if you placed them together with raw stones. More than just affecting the crystal’s appearance, chips can alter the energy flow or a crystal, too. So be sure to be mindful about which crystals go with which and what level of protection they are stored in!

Storage Boxes for Healing Crystals

Yes, your handy-dandy storage boxes are the best option for storing your crystals! The truth is that your precious stones don’t need a crystal-specific solution in order to be safely placed away until you’re ready to touch base with them. Whether you’re traveling and need to group them together or you like to have them organized and stored away, regular storage boxes are your go-to. 

However, there are some basic ground rules for how to store crystals and stones in boxes. The best idea is not to use plastic for storage as it’s not a breathable material in which the crystals can release their energy. 

Many people don’t like to store their natural stones with a material that is not natural. This sentiment goes back to ancient times and continues to today. For that reason, if all you have are plastic containers—like those designed to store beads or craft items—try either wrapping your crystals before placing them inside or lining the container with natural fabric to protect their energies. 

Try silk, suede or whatever natural fabric you have at hand. The color of the fabric can also play a role in your crystal’s energy conservation. Black is usually the color of choice as it absorbs all the colors of the spectrum. White is a powerful runner-up as it’s known for containing all wavelengths of visible light. 

Wood Bowls: These natural storage options lend themselves to the earthy vibes of crystals. Depending on your crystal storage needs, simply choose a wood bowl adequately large enough to store your chosen gems. 

Drawstring Bags: Try organza bags, velvet pouches, or DIY your own pouch using your favorite fabric. This is a great solution to store tumble stones or small gems that should be kept out of sunlight. 

Where to Keep Your Crystals

Some people enjoy placing their crystal-stuffed jewelry boxes in the bedroom if the intentions align. Others have a special craft area of their home for bulkier storage units. Where you store your excess crystals is entirely up to you! 

Keep in mind that some crystals lose their luster and vitality when exposed to direct sunlight for too long. In the case that you wish to store a handful of divine geodes in your favorite wooden bowl near a window, you’ll simply want to check those are sunlight-safe. 

Here’s a quick list of popular crystals not to be stored in sunlight:

  • Amethyst
  • Citrine
  • Howlite
  • Sapphire
  • Fluorite
  • Rose Quartz
  • Smokey Quartz
  • Carnelian
  • Celestite

You’ll also want to consider electronics in the house. For example, Black Tourmaline is a powerful protector against negative energies emitted from electronics. So while you may consider putting extra Black Tourmaline crystals in storage within the office, you’ll also want to make sure you don’t keep vibrant magnetic stones such as Hematite near those electronics. 

Last but not least, consider water. While you are surely imaging placing your crystal collection in wooden bowls and large drawers for safekeeping, some people enjoy peppering their garden with their excess stones. If you plan to keep crystals outdoors or near a place that could get wet when it rains, such as a windowsill, make sure you’re only using crystals that can sustain the rainfall. Some crystals are known to deteriorate and lose their vibrant appearance from water damage. 

Keep Crystals Close to Your Heart

We know that crystals begin to overflow after we start to feel their gentle, positive effects on our mood and well-being. Listen, we’re crystal obsessed, too! At the end of the day, there is no right or wrong system to keep your crystals stored. Play around with organization systems, storage units, decorative items, and more, to find a system that is useful for you. Just remember to check in with the crystal family that has spent some time away in a box. They’ll want to hear from you!

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