How to Use Selenite to Clear Your Energy and Strengthen Your Intuition

Selenite gemstones have been used by people for thousands of years, for both their practical and mystical qualities. Together, we’ll explore what selenite is, its connection to ancient civilizations and mythology, and how best to use this gemstone’s remarkable metaphysical properties.
A hand holds a large selenite stone

You’ve probably come across selenite before, but maybe you aren’t quite sure how to use it and fit it into your gemstone collection. Or perhaps you’ve been enjoying its healing properties and are looking for a few new ways to work with it. 

Selenite gemstones have been used by people for thousands of years, for both their practical and mystical qualities. Together, we’ll explore what selenite is, its connection to ancient civilizations and mythology, and how best to use this gemstone’s remarkable metaphysical properties.

What Is Selenite?

Selenite is a type of transparent crystal and variety of gypsum, a naturally occurring mineral that’s used in our daily lives much more often than you probably realize. Along with being part of the monoclinic crystal system, gypsum is the main ingredient in plaster and used to make sheetrock. If you’ve ever kept a garden, you may have found gypsum there too since it’s often ground up and used in fertilizer. 

Not all gypsum is relegated to industrial use. Ancient civilizations carved and shaped alabaster into beautiful pieces of pottery and sculptures. Satin spar, a fibrous form of gypsum or calcite, can be polished and cut into cabochons. The resulting cabochons reveal a gorgeous cat eye-like effect, similar to tiger’s eye gemstones. Selenite is one of the most popular varieties of gypsum. The other is desert rose, named for its striking resemblance to the flower itself, and its origin in the Saharan sands in Algeria and Morocco.

Deposits of gypsum crystals are found all over the world, from Poland, Italy, and China, to Southern Australia and Canada. In the United States, mines in Ohio have produced remarkable selenite gemstones, but perhaps the most stunning selenite crystals are found in the Naica mine in southern Chihuahua in Mexico. 

These crystals are massive in size, ranging from three feet up to 50-foot columns. In the Naica mine, a selenite crystal forms as a result of the groundwater. It has a high sulfur content, and when it eats away at the limestone walls, the calcium released by the limestone combined with the sulfur in the water creates dazzling gypsum crystals.

Selenite in History and Folklore

A fresco of an ancient ceremony

Throughout history, many ancient civilizations favored selenite’s enigmatic beauty. It even made its way into some of their mythology. 

According to Athena Perrakis’ book, “Crystal: Lore, Legends & Myths,” selenite derives its name from the Greek goddess of the moon, Selene. Ancient Greeks attributed selenite’s etheric glow and luminous appearance as a result of Selene becoming trapped inside the crystal itself. 

Each selenite wand or crystal shard was like a sliver of moonlight, trying to escape its confines. Selenite's delicate radiance was so treasured it's said King Minos used selenite stones to build the walls of his palace. Whenever the light of the moon poured in, it would set the interior aglow. 

Ancient Romans were intrigued by selenite’s seemingly magical ability to help their gardens grow abundantly. Elite Roman citizens, including the emperor Tiberius, built a sort of precursor to modern greenhouses next to their homes. These enclosures, known as a specularis, were mobile and allowed someone to move their plants when the seasons changed to protect them. 

Everyday citizens also used glass to build their specularis. Still, wealthy Romans chose selenite as a building material because it magnified the heat of the sun more effectively than glass, and helped their plants grow hearty and healthy.

Selenite and Its Metaphysical Properties

Selenite and other items for a sage burning ceremony

Every gemstone comes with its own unique healing properties, and selenite is no exception. Whether you’re looking to energetically freshen up your personal space or channel a calm and relaxed state of mind, a selenite crystal could be just what you’re looking for. 

Here are a few ways you can use selenite healing crystals to improve your well-being and enhance your life.

Cleanse Your Energetic Field

Selenite gemstones are especially supportive of your energetic field. In Athena Perrakis' book, "The Ultimate Guide to Chakras," she states that selenite can clear the energy fields of people, places, and things. Selenite gemstones help you wash away any stagnant or negative energies that may have accumulated.

Whenever you feel like the energy of your home or office needs a little refreshing, grab a selenite crystal wand to keep on your desk or add to an altar in your home. You can use selenite gemstones to help prepare your space for meditation, too. Allow the purity of this transparent stone to work its magic in clarifying the energetic space around you.

Unlike other healing crystals and gemstones that need to be regularly cleaned, selenite crystals don’t need recharging quite as often. While there are several ways to replenish your stones, keep in mind that selenite should never be soaked as it breaks down in water. A quick rinse will do.

Protect Yourself from Negative Energies

Another way you can use selenite properties to enhance your life is by taking advantage of their capacity to act as a protection stone. Some believe selenite crystals can help keep you safe driving after dark

You can always add other protection stones to your collection to bolster their metaphysical properties. Tiger’s eye, black obsidian, turquoise, and malachite are all excellent choices if you frequently travel for work or want to add a layer of protection around your home.

Remember, healing crystals can work around the clock to keep you energetically protected. If you're feeling bogged down by draining or negative energies, selenite crystals can make a world of difference to keep your spirits up and energy refreshed. Let its natural glow remind you of your own inner light.

Experience Feelings of Calm and Serenity

One of selenite’s greatest strengths lies in its ability to stimulate and cleanse the energy of your chakras — it’s particularly healing for your crown chakra. 

Perrakis notes that when this chakra is out of balance, you may struggle with connecting to a higher realm or divine guidance. If you believe in spirit guides and are hoping to connect with them or others in an angelic realm, selenite can help. Working with a selenite wand or crystal can help you circulate the energy in your crown chakra, helping you feel more connected to your guides and higher self.

A good indicator of having cleared a blockage in your crown chakra is experiencing a sense of deep peace and mental clarity. When your crown chakra is clear and flowing, you trust in your connection to something greater than yourself, which allows you to feel more tranquil and less anxious. You’ll feel at ease with yourself and where you are in life. 

Other gemstones and healing crystals that work well with selenite to support your crown chakra are amethyst and fluorite. Both are rejuvenating and work to harmonize your energy.

Use Selenite to Clear Your Energy Field and Improve Your Well-Being

A woman meditating

From the mythology of ancient Greece to our modern times, people have treasured selenite for its ethereal allure and powerful metaphysical properties. Seek out this natural beauty whenever you feel the need to strengthen your connection to your higher self or surround your energy field with a protective force.

Don't forget your chakras can reap the benefits, too. Feel free to explore the mystical qualities of selenite and other gemstones when you do, you'll be enhancing your well-being and enriching your life.

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