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A Complete Guide to the Opalite Stone

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A Complete Guide to the Opalite Stone

A Complete Guide to the Opalite Stone


What if you could look down on your hand and have an instant mood lift? No, we’re not talking about mood rings. We’re talking about the electrifying yet calming colors of the Opalite stone. This eye-catching stone is manmade and yet evokes wonderfully de-stressing emotions when worn. While we are fans of nature’s gifts to us—natural crystals—manmade stones can also make wonderful treats for jewelry and home decor pieces.

We’ll review the Opalite stone, its similar but different counterpart, the Opal, and also discuss Opalite’s wonderful healing properties. 

What is Opalite?

Opalite is not to be confused with opal. Opals are 100 percent natural precious stones but they are also quite expensive. They’re known for their playful colors, reminiscent of the vibrant ocean seabed. That’s how true Opals are made. They form of silicon dioxide and water that has run through rock crevasses. This water evaporates and causes silica to dry out and harden. This creates the Opal we know and love today!

But, not everyone can get a hold of Opal. So, on the other hand, we have Opalite. Opalite is made of glass. Because of the world’s growing love of beautiful gems, it’s common to find handmade designs. It’s no surprise, but Opalite gets its name for being an Opal-like stone. It will not look exactly like an Opal, but it is definitely inspired by one!

However, you can sometimes find what’s called Green Opalite which, as its name suggests, is a gorgeous sea green color. You will also see Opalite Cat’s Eye which is a vibrant amber with a cat’s eye stripe down the gem. These two “Opalites” are, in fact, real stones! You’ll find them in the US, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, Iceland, Peru, and Canada. Keep in mind they are quite rare gems. So if you see Opalite online, it’s probably the Opal-inspired glass gem.  

opalite stones

While the naming conventions are slightly confusing, you can easily decipher which is an Opalite via appearance. 

Physical Properties of Opalite

Opalite has a unique shine and glow. Its premise is based on the colors white and blue. Such a shine has given it its nickname “Tiffany’s Stone” after the famous jewelry store Tiffany’s—not because it looks like a timeless diamond but rather after the famous blue wrapping that Tiffany’s uses on their jewelry boxes. It is also sometimes called the “Ice Cream” stone for its cool color. 

This wondrous blue and white color are what gives it its popularity, especially in jewelry making. It is soft and smooth which makes it easy to wear and marvel at. A simple look at it around your finger or wrist can give an instant mood lift!

Because it’s made of glass, Opalite is typically made of dolomite and metal, too. The glass resin is iridescent. This is a purposeful choice from Opalite designers, as they try to mimic the cool and hard volcanic ash that is what forms real Opal. It is possible to replicate this stunning look by opalizing glass which is why Opalite is a wonderful choice for people who want Opal but at a more affordable price. 

Metaphysical Properties of Opalite

Even though Opalite is manmade, these types of gems still have glorious attributes to them and reasons why people choose them over other options! Here’s a look at Opalite’s top properties. 

Help Alleviate Depression: People turn to Opalite primarily for the stunning blue and white iridescent look. This juvenile color scheme reminds you to stay youthful and keep that child-like glee inside your heart. It helps you see the brighter side of life and experience life’s events filled with joy and wonder. This feeling, in turn, can cast away shadows of depression and stress that weigh heavy on your heart. As many times depression consumes us when we are feeling the weight of the world on our shoulders and seriousness about the future, a child-like view of the world can fix that in a pinch. Let Opalite release your heavy heart and bring you back to the joyful side of life. 


Promotes Verbalization & Communication: Opalite (and its counterpart, Opal) works with the throat and heart chakra to help you verbalize your feelings in your heart. Known to work best with the Cancer sign, Cancer typically has a lot of emotion and thoughts but keeps them inside their “shell.” They are water signs, after all! Opalite can urge you to communicate your desires. This is why Opalite is also a good stone for business endeavors. It can give you the confidence to negotiate a better deal. 

Combined with Other Stones: Opalite is an excellent complement to other stones. Combine it with any edition of Opal to get the best of both worlds here. Try Fire Opal to balance vitality with mental clarity! Another common pairing is with Goldstone, another manmade yet joy-filled stone.

How to Cleanse Opalite

You’ll want to cleanse the energy of Opalite using the sunlight method. This means leaving the Opalite under the sun’s rays for about half an hour to get rid of any negative or stale energies hanging onto the stone. Be sure to rotate the Opalite, if possible, to ensure the same sides aren’t always receiving the sunlight, which may cause fading over time. You’ll also want to clean the gem using soap and water to keep that iridescent shine glowing!

Opalite: Your Opal Alternative

In general, there are many things to love about Opalite. Its sprightly appearance will turn heads when used as a piece of jewelry. It is commonly found in rings and necklaces, radiating a serene and joyful glow with it. Considering its origin, it also makes a wonderful alternative to those who want to purchase Opal. Many will splurge on one Opal and accompany it with Opalite, to keep the cohesive look and energies within their jewelry piece or crystal grid. Once in your vicinity, it will be difficult to stay in a depressed mood! Let it uplift you and fill your vision with its cloud-like glow. At the same time, that confidence and mood-boost will give you the power to go after the joyous things in life such as a promotion, love interest, or ultimate hobby. The possibilities are endless. 

Kaleena Stroud

Kaleena is a California-born copywriter in the health & wellness space. After a brief nomadic life, she settled upon the shores of Barcelona and now runs her own online writing service, utilizing each day as a unique opportunity to better understand business and balance.

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