Mookaite: Meaning, Healing Properties & Uses

Mookaite is one of the best crystals for patience and serenity. A Jasper crystal, it infuses in you a deep sense of peace that everything is working out just as it should, and grounds you in the healing and nurturing energy and life force of Mother Earth. This is why it is very commonly known as a grounding stone and a Mother Earth stone.

You can use it together with other crystals for serenity and peace. You can also use it with other crystals for protection and support so that you can be infused with this powerful healing stone's energies directly.

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Mookaite Meaning

mookaite meaning

Mookaite is most commonly found in Western Australia. The Mookaite crystal stone is an aboriginal Mother Earth stone that comes with varying benefits. It has many crystal meanings that make it a powerful healing stone. This calming stone is one of the best grounding and centering stones that cater to your emotional growth.

It taps into the sun's healing rays to guard you against negative or dark energy. The Mookaite stone is an Earth element that helps you move against the typical aging process. In addition, it connects you to the natural world, allowing you to rediscover your true purpose in life.

Mookaite Benefits and Uses

mookaite benefits

Mookaite is most commonly found as a polished Mookaite stone. The sedimentary rock structure consisting of decomposed radiolarian clay is an aboriginal stone that aids you in reconnecting to Earth's energy. Its earthy beauty makes it truly a sight to behold. Also sometimes known as Australian Jasper, due to its origin, this stone's vibrations are unlike any other.

Mookaite Properties

mookaite properties

Mookaite Healing Properties

The Mookaite birthstone is an excellent stone for blood purification. It is perfect for someone who struggles with high blood sugar or problems with their internal organs, as it will stabilize the negative forces in the physical body and form a protective shield around your aura. In doing so, it ensures that no further negative energy can originate inside your body.

On top of that, it also gets rid of microscopic remains that are preventing your digestive system and immune system from functioning well. The purple red Mookaite helps you embrace your ageless spirit. Therefore, many people use it in their bedrooms and bathrooms as a tool to counter the aging process.

Mookaite Metaphysical Properties

Mookaite can be found in a crystal grid most often, because of its ability to stabilize and ground you in the Earth's forces. Corresponding to the Cancer and Capricorn zodiac sign, it is a lucky charm that aids you in enhancing your spiritual energy. Particularly for the sun sign that are especially hardworking and a force to behold, Mookaite supports you in enhancing you motivation and drive. It taps into your ambitious nature and allows you to achieve all your dreams and goals with quicker speed and agility.

Mookaite Chakra

Mookaite corresponds to the root chakra. It infuses in you the most grounding and centering healing energies and earthy elegance. On top of that, when paired with Blue Calcite and Lapis Lazuli, it will empower you to speak your inner truth on your way to achieving all your dreams.

In addition, Mookaite crystal is a protective stone that can be paired with Moss Agate or Green Quartz for better grounding in Earth's energies, or with a popular gemstone that targets the solar plexus chakra, such as Tiger's Eye, to infuse joy in your emotional body.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mookaite good for?

It is good for alleviating unhealthy patterns from your energy field, so that you are able to tap into your personal power and move forward with greater determination and drive. It also balances mineral content and allows you to enhance your creation process and inspiration.

Where should I keep Mookaite?

You can keep it in your bedroom or bathroom, especially if you wish to use it to enhance your anti-aging process. You can also keep it in your workspace if you wish to use it to increase your motivation and creativity at work. It is safe to be placed under running waters, so don't worry if it gets a little wet!

Is Mookaite only found in Australia?

Yes, it can only be found in Australia.

Is Mookaite a type of Jasper?

Yes, Mookaite is a type of Jasper.


Overall, the name Mookaite lends itself to one of the most powerfully healing, grounding and anti-aging crystals that you can use to enhance your life's journey. Be sure to check it out for yourself, as its healing properties are most beautifully and intensely felt in person!

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