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Green Tourmaline: Meaning, Healing Properties and Uses

Green Tourmaline is one of the most popular crystals to use for cleansing. This is because its healing properties allow you to reconnect with the nurturing energy of Mother Earth and open your heart chakra to receive unconditional love. If you’re looking to boost its healing abilities, use it together with other crystals for healing and cleansing.

Green Tourmaline is also one of the best crystals to use for manifestation, as it allows you to fully understand that you are deserving and worthy of all the abundance in the world. If you’re looking to attract more blessings into your life, you can use it together with other crystals for success and manifestation.

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Green Tourmaline Meaning

green tourmaline crystal meaning

The Green Tourmaline stone is a deep emerald green and olive green color. It can sometimes appear blue green with some brownish green nuances, especially in its raw form. Often compared to the Emerald cut, the Green Tourmaline gemstone is rare and hard to come by.

It is especially hard to find a quality Green Tourmaline, one that is vivid green and dark bottle green in color. This makes it one of the most precious stones to ever exist. Some of its more commonly found counterparts are Black Tourmaline.

Green Tourmaline Benefits and Uses

green tourmaline benefits

Green Tourmaline jewelry can often be found in the market, as it is one of the individual crystals that are best suited to attract luck and wealth into your life. That is why most people enjoy wearing it as a necklace, a pendant or a ring, so that they can take it wherever they go and continue to attract abundance and prosperity into their lives.

In addition, Green Tourmaline meanings are plenty. Hailing from South America, it is a unique miracle stone that promotes divine love and a strong connection to your higher self. This connection with the spiritual realm gives you all the energy you need to bridge the gap between you and your spirit guides and guardian angels. This makes it one of the most prized gemstones on the market.

Green Tourmaline Properties

green tourmaline properties

Green Tourmaline Healing Properties

Green Tourmaline helps with your immune system. It can strengthen and protect your physical heart and nervous system, thus encouraging you to slow down in life and truly embrace all the colors and beauty of the world. In addition, it is known to support chronic fatigue, infusing in you a sense of zest and optimism for life where you feel dull and tired.

On top of that, the loose Green Tourmaline stone is also known to support your physical body in its pursuits. It allows you to engage in sports and other physical activities without losing steam. A single Tourmaline crystal is enough to perfectly suit everyday wear, and is strong enough to allow you to embrace the true and powerful healing energy of the Universe.

Green Tourmaline Metaphysical Properties

Green Tourmaline gemstones are great antidotes against negative energy. This green variety shields you from the harmful forces in the world. Its color green that contributes to natural Green Tourmaline embeds in you the simplest and purest form of positivity and joy that cannot be found elsewhere. Because it is one of the best crystals to support your journey towards positivity and light, this intense yellowish green Tourmaline gemstone is a sight to behold.

In addition, it supports you in dealing with your emotional problems. This highly valued Chrome Tourmaline not only allows you to rid your body of all the things that no longer serve you, thus sometimes being able to lead to weight loss, but it also supports your emotional body in serving as the main axis of your emotional stability.

Green Tourmaline Chakra

It corresponds to the heart chakra. The name Tourmaline comes from the mineral Tourmaline family. Therefore, there are other stones such as Pink Tourmaline and Watermelon Tourmaline that are also useful when paired with the dark Green Tourmalines. Altogether, these stones will cater to a broad spectrum of healing and nurturing, thus allowing you to get better value for your money on this crystal.

Also, there are blue, white gold, yellow gold, and Cat's Eye Tourmalines that can also be used in tandem with these green stones in order to form a cross section of healing of all your chakras. This gem serves as one of the most powerful zodiac stones that can serve all chakras and all zodiacs, due to its versatility in both color and healing benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Green Tourmaline rare?

Yes, it is very rare. Therefore, when cleaning it, make sure to only do so with a soft brush, so that you don't accidentally damage this beautiful gem.

Is Green Tourmaline expensive?

Yes, these gems are typically very expensive. If you find one on the market that comes to you at a cheap price, you should definitely question its validity and source.

Can I wear Green Tourmaline everyday?

Yes, you can wear these gems every day. This gemstone has a wide variety of benefits, especially when it comes to healing, cleansing, and attracting abundance and prosperity into your life. Therefore, this gemstone can be used for everyday purposes.

Who should wear Green Tourmaline?

Anyone who is looking to receive the benefits of this beautiful Tourmaline stone can wear it. In particular, if you want to attract healing, cleansing and abundance into your life, or speed up your manifestation process, or reconnect with the Earth's healing energies, Tourmaline is a great crystal to have with you.


Green Tourmaline is most powerful when it comes to healing and cleansing you. It is also one of the best and rarest crystals for attracting wealth and abundance into your life. Therefore, its benefits and powers are truly understated. You have to try one of them out to see for yourself!

What’s the best crystal for me?

You are only few answers away from finding out which crystal is best suited for your life’s journey ✨

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