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Guide to Lavender Jade: Meaning, Healing Properties and Uses

Try to imagine the most heavenly, delicate shade of lavender you can. Add a bit of soft white light and a hint of pink blush, and you have arrived at the sublime hue of Lavender Jade.

If you feel called upon to work with this stone, you're in very good company. You can bet that your guardian angels, in all their glory, are beaming with pride right now because you're drawn to this stone. It means they did their job in guiding you here!

So let's take a moment to get to know this exquisite stone a little better, shall we?

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Lavender Jade Crystal Meaning

Lavender Jade's meaning is tied to its soft, lilac color. Conjuring up images of a pristine mountain meadow in early summer, or a fresh breeze blowing through a field of lavender flowers, its color embodies the very essence of springtime: hope, rebirth, and new beginnings.

Think of Lavender Jade as a soft, warm blanket on a cold night: it won't magically make all your troubles disappear, but it will offer you the peace, protection, and reassurance you need to get past the tough times.

Lavender Jade Benefits

lavender jade meaning

Most collectors cherish Lavender Jade for its emotional healing properties. But it's the stone's spiritual benefits that take the cake.

Lavender Jade is a dream stone par excellence and has been used throughout the ages to facilitate astral travel, lucid dreaming, and out-of-body experiences. It will take some doing on your part to reach these higher states of consciousness, but Lavender Jade will be there every step of the way to offer guidance, support, and protection.

Lavender Jade Uses

Let's dive into some practical ways to take in all that Lavender Jade has to offer:

Wearing Lavender Jade jewelry

The stone's beauty is a given. But there's more to Lavender Jade jewelry than meets the eye.

This stone doesn't just look good, it also feels good. The moment you put it on, you'll notice a sense of calm wash over you. It's not your imagination: Lavender Jade has a way of clearing the mind and promoting relaxation—even when you're on the move!

We recommend starting with Lavender Jade necklaces and anklets to provide your stone's balancing vibes a direct path to your Crown and Heart chakras.

Lavender Jade crystal at home

Stop any drama clinging to your clothes at the door with a couple of tumbled stones by the doorway. We keep them in a small bowl, but you can also place them in a dish on a table or shelf. Anything goes, as long as they're in a place where you'll see them often enough to reap their benefits.

You can also sleep with Lavender Jade under your pillow if you're having trouble shaking off bad dreams, or keeping track of the ones that are worth remembering. You never know what kind of insights this stone will offer you during your slumber!

Lavender Jade crystal at work

Carry a small stone in your pocket, or place a larger one on your desk to enjoy its balancing energies throughout the day. That way, no matter how crazy things get, you'll always have a little piece of calm to come back to once the dust has settled.

It's so much easier to perform at your best when you know you have a support system in place, and Lavender Jade is the perfect candidate for the job!

Meditation with Lavender Jade crystal

Let's be honest here.

Meditation can be such a chore sometimes. You need every little thing to be perfect—the right temperature, the perfect soundtrack, a comfortable seat—or you just can't seem to get into the zone. What was supposed to be a quick yet meaningful break from reality quickly turns into a frustrating exercise in futility.

Even the act of taking out your mat to meditate can be enough to fill you with dread. Will you be able to clear your mind of thoughts? Will you be able to sit still for more than a few seconds? And what if someone comes in and interrupts you?

Leave all that behind with Lavender Jade.

Here's how we recommend meditating with it for the first time:

  • Lie down in a comfortable position, and place the stone on your chest. Close your eyes, and focus on your breath.
  • Breathe in and out, taking care to notice the rise and fall of your chest with each inhale and exhale. It may take a few breaths but you'll start feeling Lavender Jade's distinct energy coursing through you as you slowly develop a rhythm.
  • Now that you're in the zone, let your mind wander. You might find yourself thinking about things you've been meaning to do, or people you need to call. Just let the thoughts come and go without judgment.
  • Lavender Jade will help keep you anchored in the present moment, so you can fully appreciate the peace and tranquility that comes with doing nothing.
  • You'll soon start to notice the thoughts losing their hold over you, and eventually, they'll dissipate entirely. Now is your chance to simply be—nothing more, nothing less.
  • When you're ready, slowly open your eyes, taking a few final deep breaths to fully come back to the present moment.

Now, don't you feel better already? Isn't it amazing how all that started with just a stone and a few deep breaths? Just think of how much better you'll feel after a month of regular meditation with Lavender Jade!

Lavender Jade crystal therapy

Lavender Jade's cleansing energies make it a perfect match for crystal healers.

The stone restores equilibrium, whether that means working on your chakras or simply getting rid of negative energy that's been bogging you down. Inner peace is never more than a stone's throw away with Lavender Jade!

The same balancing properties extend to the physical realm as well.

Too much alcohol, salt, sugar, nicotine, or alcohol? We're not judging—we know how hard it is to say no sometimes. But all that excess takes a toll on your body, leaving you feeling sluggish and bloated.

Lavender Jade can help detoxify your system and promotes balance from the inside out. You will still have to put in the work to make healthier choices, but the stone will give you a much-needed boost when it comes to ridding your body of toxins.

Lavender Jade Properties

lavender jade properties

All Jades come from one of two minerals: Jadeite or Nephrite.

Lavender Jade is one of the most famous types of Jadeite, which is rarer and more expensive than its Nephrite cousins. Sodium aluminum silicate is the one to thank for this stone's characteristic hue, which has enchanted and intrigued crystal lovers for centuries.

Like an iceberg peeking out from a foggy sea, this stone contains hidden depths that are waiting to be discovered.

Let's take a closer look!

Lavender Jade healing properties

This stone is all about balance.

No matter how much we try to keep our lives in order, there's always something that seems to knock us off-kilter.

Whether it's a nagging feeling that something's just not quite right, or a full-blown crisis that has you ready to throw in the towel, Lavender Jade will find a way to get you back to the best you: healthy, happy, and open in all the ways that count!

Lavender Jade metaphysical properties

Said to be the stone of angels, you better believe that Lavender Jade packs a serious metaphysical punch.

Not everyone feels the same pull to explore the spiritual side of life, but for those who do, this stone is worth more than its weight in gold.

Though we think this stone is best left to the experts, that doesn't mean beginners can't join in the fun. If you feel up to the challenge, go ahead and give it a try. However scary or daunting it may seem, just ride it out. You can always trust Lavender Jade to get you back to solid ground.

Cleansing and Charging Lavender Jade Crystal

Lavender Jade might be a powerhouse when it comes to clearing away negative energy but that also means it can get mired down with bad juju from time to time. It might be hard to imagine a stone as potent as this one needing a little help from its friends, but even the best of us need a tune-up now and then!

You may want to check out our in-depth articles on cleansing and charging to get a sense of the different ways you can go about it. But if you want to get to work with your Lavender Jade ASAP, we totally understand.

Here's how we make sure our Lavender Jade is always in tip-top shape without losing more quality time with it than necessary.

How to cleanse Lavender Jade crystal

Due to its natural propensity toward balance, you only have to nudge Lavender Jade in the right direction, so to speak, to restore it to its original glory:

  • Prepare a bed of salt (Himalayan sea salt is best)
  • Place your Lavender Jade in the center of the bed and leave it for 30 minutes to an hour.
  • You can wash away the salt afterward with cool water and a soft cloth.

It's really that simple!

While most stones require a lot longer to properly cleanse with salt, Lavender Jade is different. It doesn't take long for it to bounce back from whatever life has thrown its way—a lesson we could all learn from!

How to charge Lavender Jade crystal

Since Lavender Jade doesn't need to be charged often, we like taking a bit more effort with this process to make sure it's done right. Using a Tibetan singing bowl is our favorite way to give it the extra TLC it deserves:

  • Lay a clean, white cloth on a flat surface.
  • Place your Lavender Jade in the center of the cloth.
  • Gently strike the Tibetan singing bowl with the mallet at a steady pace.
  • Rotate the bowl around your Lavender Jade, making sure to keep a consistent distance between the two. As you continue to strike the bowl and rotate it, you should start to feel the energy in the room shift. This is a good sign! It means your Lavender Jade is soaking up all that good vibes.
  • Go as long as you feel comfortable, but we recommend doing this for at least 15 minutes. Listen to your intuition—it will tell you when it's time to stop.

Lavender Jade Crystal Pairings

lavender jade crystal pairings

This may come as a surprise but Lavender Jade plays well with others.

You'll love mixing and matching it with other stones to create custom metaphysical blends tailored specifically for you!

Here's our favorite combo to get you hooked on the possibilities:

Lavender Jade and Citrine

Citrine is as close as you can get to a ray of sunshine in solid form. The better to go all-in on Lavender Jade's metaphysical powers!

Citrine gives you that extra safety net, so to speak, while you're exploring the unknown with Lavender Jade. There's no telling what you'll come across on your journey but with Citrine to welcome you back to this world, you can rest assured you'll always have a soft place to land.

Lavender Jade Crystal and Chakras

Lavender Jade balances all our chakras but does its best work with our Crown, Third Eye, Heart, and Root chakras.

Lavender Jade Crystal and Zodiac

Those born under Libra or Taurus will find an extra special connection with Lavender Jade.


Lavender Jade's calming influence understandably hogs the spotlight. For one, it's easier to tap into that side of this stone's energy. And unlike Lavender Jade's metaphysical qualities, you won't need any special knowledge or training to reap its emotional benefits.

The same holds for its physical benefits: anyone can use this stone to enjoy a more restful night's sleep or to rid themselves of toxins after a long night out on the town.

If you bought a Lavender Jade as your first crystal, don't be intimidated. Even if its more esoteric uses are out of your reach for the time being, there's a lot you can do right now to see what all the fuss is about.

We hope you enjoyed this crash course in all things Lavender Jade!

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