Blue Aventurine: Meanings, Properties, and Powers

Blue Aventurine: Meanings, Properties, and Powers

Blue Aventurine is a form of Quartz. The presence of mineral inclusions give it its aventurescence, which in turn gives Blue Aventurine its name.

Blue Aventurine is a natural, relatively rare stone. The most common include is chrome-bearing fuchsite, which forms Green Aventurine.

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Blue Aventurine Crystal Meaning

Blue Aventurine stones carry with them a unique vibration. They correspond to both the throat chakra and the third eye chakra, depending on the intensity of the blue in the stone. With a higher concentration of dumortierite, the Blue Aventurine stone will be darker, thus corresponding more to the third eye chakras. With less dumortierite inclusions, it will be a lighter blue, thus corresponding more to the throat chakras.

It is often compared to other blue stones, such as Lapis Lazuli. Blue crystals are known to promote metaphysical healing, the honing of psychic gifts, and self discipline.

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Blue Aventurine Benefits and Uses

It helps its users in many different ways. It is a gentle stone that is one of the most unique third eye chakra stones. It can be used together with Yellow Aventurine and Yellow Citrine to further enhance joy and creativity in self-expression. In addition, you can wear Blue Aventurine to fully experience psychic and intuitive abilities and other spiritual gifts. You can also use it with other stones like Green Fluorite or Brown Tourmaline to reconnect with the vibrations of the Earth.

Blue Aventurine Properties

Blue Aventurine Healing Properties

The energy Blue Aventurine carries is unmatched. Although there have been several dealers in the market who use melting glass to create a type of Aventurine Quartz, this is not in fact Blue Aventurine, and does not hold the same properties that natural Blue Aventurine can help with.

Natural Blue Aventurine removes pain and chronic stiffness from the physical body. It also removes stagnant energies from venous and arterial walls in the body, thus promoting healthy flow in the respiratory and circulatory systems.

Additionally, this silicon dioxide mineral supports healthy blood and prevents us from engaging in substance abuse. It removes the temptation brought on by external influences and allows us to take part in our own spiritual growth and spiritual journey.

Blue Aventurine Metaphysical Properties

Blue Aventurine allows us to hone our intuitive and psychic abilities. It teaches us to support our own life through our inner strength and other psychic abilities. On top of that, it facilities our healing process by providing us with higher spiritual guidance.

With this crystal by your side, its iridescent sparkles will remove passive aggression from our tendencies, and rid us of our negative traits. It will also help us ascend to the spiritual realm and remove bad habits from our bodies.

Corresponding to the upper chakras, it brings mental focus and supports the development of our inner self. Often made into a worry stone, it can also be used in harmony with Satyaloka Quartz, Indian Jade, or Picasso Marble in order to ground us in nature while bringing us personal growth.

Blue Aventurine Chakra

As it corresponds with the upper energy centers of our body, Blue Aventurine helps us deal with our fiery emotions and promotes open and honest communication. This microcrystalline quartz is one of the most soothing and calming healing crystals.

Pair it with Clear Quartz to ascend the spiritual realms and receive spiritual guidance whenever you need it most. You can also communicate with your guardian angels and spirit guides by employing the use of this stone in meditation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find Blue Aventurine jewelry?

You can find jewelry made from this stone in all credible jewelry stores.

How do I clean my Blue Aventurine stone?

You can clean it by running it under tap water for a few minutes. After that, take it out of the water and wipe it dry with a clean and soft cloth. Make sure to visualize the stone being cleansed in its highest vibration while doing so.

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Here are our final thoughts on this stone. Now that you understand the Blue Aventurine meaning and can explain what does Blue Aventurine do, it is time to explore its healing benefits firsthand. The next time you see it in a store, feel free to bring it home and experience its full range of healing properties for yourself. You may be surprised at just how powerful it is!

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