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I Am Healthy: Mind, Body & Spirit Restoration Bracelet Pack of 4

$59.95 USD

I Am Healthy: Mind, Body & Spirit Restoration Bracelet Pack of 4

Health • Manifest a Cure • Miraculous Healing
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$59.95 USD

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Product properties

Bathe in this divine ocean of energetic healing to purify your aura and cleanse your mind. Swim through the waves of relief, dive into the arms of protection, and sail into your future, knowing this blessed set of bracelets nourishes and protects your body, mind, and spirit. 

Labradorite acts as an internal compass, guiding you on your healing journey toward peaceful and pleasant days. Labradorite prevents you from repeating mistakes, shields your heart from the stain of trauma, and removes the fear left behind from bad experiences. It also promotes gut health and cognitive function.

Carnelian is a power activator. Go from victim to victor with its soul-restoring energy as it heals your body and spirit from insecurities. Activating the Root chakra, Carnelian grounds you in your holy purpose and shields your confidence from external hate. It can also prevent mental health symptoms like anxiety, depression, and shame.

Amazonite brings fast physical healing, radiant luck, and above all, knows how to soothe your nervous system. You may get stuck in fight or flight mode when stress takes over. Amazonite restores your emotional and physical baseline to a calm, safe place to rest, relax, and operate from love instead of fear.

Botswana Agate invites you to let go of expectations. Release who the world tells you to be, do, or look like. Botswana Agate helps remove the weight of societal pressure so you can find who you are on your own terms. It also boosts immunity and helps ward off common viral illnesses.

This nurturing set resonates well with Capricorns who are so busy they neglect their mental and physical well-being. But the wearer of these healing gems will feel that call to self-care and total healing.

Affirmation: "My body, mind, and spirit are resilient and heal with ease."

How to wear:
Place Botswana Agate and Labradorite bracelets on the left hand and Amazonite with Carnelian on the right to activate emotional healing and trauma processing. Wear the entire set on the left hand to activate physical healing and speedy recovery from illness. And for extra energy and an immune boost, wear the entire set on the right hand.

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In differences lies beauty. Every stone is natural and hand-selected, making each set unique and personal to the wearer.

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