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Find My Voice - Quartz & Apatite Lamp of Blooming Confidence


Find My Voice - Quartz & Apatite Lamp of Blooming Confidence

Confidence Boost • Energy Purification • Self-Belief
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Life is filled with periods of both calm and turmoil. There will be times of uncertainty, times when you feel insecure. There will be challenges that drain your confidence and burdens that feel like too much to bear. Yet at your strongest, there is no obstacle too great to overcome. Shine a light on the confidence within to find your true voice, and to take action with total self-belief.

From a bed of lustrous Blue Apatite blooms a bouquet of Clear Quartz. Blue Apatite is often chosen by those seeking a symbol of empowerment to help them in areas like shyness, social anxiety, or public speaking. Associated with the throat chakra, this stunning crystal is cherished for its representation of confidence and self-expression.

Many admire dazzling Clear Quartz for its aesthetic that represents energy cleansing. It's seen as a symbol to help shift away from feelings of insecurity, towards embracing self-confidence.

Select your level of radiance from 30 customizable settings of illumination. Light blossoms from the heart of both lovely gemstones to bathe you in an empowering glow. Its charming but robust size makes this crystal lamp perfect for the home, office, or a space of meditation.

How to use:

  1. Placement: Find a special place in your home or workspace for your Crystal Lamp. It's best situated in a location where you can enjoy its empowering glow regularly. Suitable for home, office, bedroom, and creative spaces.
  2. Meditation or Relaxation: If you enjoy meditation or relaxation exercises, the soft, soothing glow of the lamp provides an ideal backdrop for your practice. Let its energy guide your meditation and elevate your experience.
  3. Set the Mood: Dim the surrounding lights to fully immerse yourself in the lamp's gentle ambiance. This is the perfect time to enjoy the tranquil atmosphere it creates.
  4. Enjoy Daily: Make using your Crystal Lamp a daily ritual. Let it be a source of positivity and confidence in your life, a reminder of your unique and empowered self.

Maintenance: Occasionally, gently dust the lamp and wipe the crystals with a soft cloth to maintain their luster and clarity.

As the stones are natural, the colors may vary slightly from stone to stone, making each one utterly unique.

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