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7 Chakras Necklace
7 Chakras Necklace
7 Chakras Necklace
7 Chakras Necklace
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7 Chakras Necklace

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Feeling your chakra is out of balance? 

This cleansing pendant is made for someone in need of more balance in their lives.

The 7 chakras of the body are represented by 7 distinct gemstones. 

The chakras are the energetic center of our being. When aligned, the energy is able to flow freely into the body and therefore the energy can produce perfect harmony between mind and body. 

Each Stone has a unique effect on each chakra. 

1) Root Chakra: I am safe. I am one with Gaia.
2) Sacral Chakra: I am a beautiful being
3) Solar Plexus Chakra: I am free. I am strong.
4) Heart Chakra: I am love.
5) Throat Chakra: I am truth and integrity.
6) Third Eye Chakra: I am what I am.
7) Crown Chakra: We are all one.


  • Chain Length: 20 inches
  • Pendant Length: 3.7 inches
  • 7 Chakras gemstones: Lazuli, Synthetic Turquoise, Emperor stone, Tiger eye, Amber, Red agate, Black Lava Stone, Black Agate, Matte Agate.

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