Orgone Energy: Creation, Benefits, And How It Works

Orgone Energy: Creation, Benefits, And How It Works

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Orgone is a natural form of energy that can help balance your body and spirit. Orgone can be created through natural methods such as sunbathing or artificially using Orgone accumulators or Orgone pyramids to balance out disruptive energies from electronics or other sources of electromagnetic fields. Positive Orgone energy can help with motivation, focus, energy flow, sleep, and overall well-being by combating negativity and reducing electromagnetic fields (EMF).

You can find Orgone everywhere! It has healing properties for many diseases, including cancer, chronic pain, depression, anxiety, and more!

This article will discuss Orgone energy in detail for your understanding!

Who Discovered Orgone Energy?

Orgone Energy

Wilhelm Reich, a psychologist, known as one of the most influential psychoanalysts, discovered Orgone energy in the late 1930s. He began his career interested in Freud's ideas regarding neurosis.

According to Reich's research, traumatic experiences can block the natural flow of energy in your body. As a result, you suffer from physical and mental diseases. Wilhelm Reich introduced Orgone energy to release this blockage.

Reich was convinced that sex-negative attitudes are at the root of many social problems, such as fascism and sexual repression. His belief led to the discovery of Orgone after he explored techniques for generating sexual energy. Dr. Wilhelm Reich utilized individual exercises and group activities designed to release this repressed energy.

Wilhelm Reich’s work also indicates that libidinal energy doesn't only revolve around sexuality. He labeled it as the primordial energy of life.

Reich’s view on libidinal energy

Libidinal energy is a term coined by Freud (Reich's teacher). It refers to the psychic energy that fuels all of our desires and interests, which he believed was derived from sexual urges. However, libidinal can refer to many things besides sex, including creativity or instinctual impulses that originate in the unconscious mind. Libidinal energy was the idea behind Reich’s research. It is a psychoanalytic term referring to the life force of human beings. 

In essence, libidinal energy drives us to do all we do every day, from going to work and fulfilling our duties at home for family obligations.

We are driven by our libidinal instincts, which come from a place deep inside us—a primal source that you can’t ignore or suppress but rather express openly through various forms.

Sexuality is only one small part of your libido. Libidinal can describe anything related to love, desire, emotion, or sensuality. It can even refer to a person who has strong feelings about politics or religion. It also refers to things that are arousing without being sexual—like spicy food!

Wilhelm Reich conducted various experiments with this "life energy.” After that, he discovered an entirely new form of energy, Orgone. He claimed it permeated living things and could be concentrated subatomically.

He even determined that Orgone was absorbed by specific materials, known as Orgone accumulators.

Orgone accumulator

Orgone accumulator

Orgone accumulators are wooden cupboards to store, release, and accumulate life-force energy. Orgone particles are stored in large cones made from alternating layers of metal sheets and organic material. When these devices are positioned at home, they can cleanse any negative energies within your living space while simultaneously accumulating positive ones. 

As a result,  you will feel lively when spending time inside your home environment. An Orgone accumulator accumulates negative thoughts—bad dreams, fear of failure, restlessness—which in turn blocks repressions and gives you a sense of calmness and personal power.

Why is Orgone banned?

The American government and FDA didn’t find any scientific basis for the health claims of Orgone energy as described by Wilhelm Reich. The FDA banned the Orgone energy accumulator and sent Reich to jail for his so-called claims where he died of a heart attack.

The FDA deemed his work fraudulent after they judged him mentally ill from his unorthodox treatments on patients to cure cancer or other ailments. 

The American government also didn’t approve of Wilhelm Reich's published work. His books were burned because of these claims, but his research has been studied since then by people who found evidence that there may be something more to it than just pseudoscience or fraud.

What’s The Difference Between Orgone And Orgonite?

Orgone energy is the natural life force of all living things, while Orgonite is a human invention that harnesses this force for practical use. It is a mixture of Quartz crystals in resin that transmutes negative energy into positive by using metal shavings as conductors for positive energy.

Learn more about Orgonite here.

What Is An Orgone Stone?

Orgone stones are healing crystals that can help with pain relief, anxiety, and even addiction. They work by balancing your body's energy field and bringing it into harmony with nature. 

Orgone stones have been used for years to heal various ailments, but their power is often underestimated in modern times due to a lack of knowledge about them. They have the powerful energy to heal on any level, from physical to emotional.

Orgone stones are made from different materials like Quartz or Amethyst to absorb negative energy around them.

What Are The Properties Of Orgone Stone?

The Orgone stone is a powerful healing tool that works to remove energy blocks. You can use it to heal physical ailments, emotional problems, and spiritual issues. 

Orgone stones are made of Quartz crystals charged by being exposed to the natural environment for an extended time. This process infuses the crystal with life force energy so you can pass it to other people or objects in need of healing. 

Let’s look at the healing properties of Orgone stones below:

orgone stone

Physical healing

An Orgone stone can balance out any disruptions caused by EMF. Therefore, you can have better focus and a stronger immune system. 

If you have too much screen time, your chakras are likely unbalanced from exposure to electromagnetism. Orgone can help balance that out and give your body an energy boost as well.

Spiritual healing

An Orgone stone can improve your spiritual awareness and promote spiritual growth by removing the negative energy around you. 

First, get your mind in the right state using meditation. Don't worry about your negative thoughts or emotions. Just let them flow while you focus on your breathing. Once you feel relaxed, you can begin using your Orgone stone for spiritual healing or any other purpose.

Emotional healing

The Orgone stone is an excellent addition to any sacred space as it has a calming effect on people in general. Thus, it promotes positive emotions such as love, joy, peace, and serenity. 

How Orgone Works?

orgone stone

Orgone is an invisible, universal life force that fills all living things and inanimate objects. It flows through everything and anything on Earth, and you can harness it for various uses through different devices and crystals. 

Have you ever felt something spiritual or mysterious, like an intense calmness or an overwhelming sense of joy? It could be an aura that surrounds you or an awareness that has stepped outside your norm. Orgone does that.

Orgone energy is different from regular mental or physical activity. It's conceptually similar to how a spiritual person functions, but on a much higher level. 

For example, when discharged from deep meditation, normal conscious thought requires input from the senses, which is how we know we're thinking. But with Orgone, you don't have to direct your thoughts—they simply emanate from you without any action on your part. 

How does Orgone energy affect your body?

Using Orgone is like taking a potent dose of pure magic. Like a Quartz lamp, it lights up your body and mind with a healing surge that can help you fight off many types of illness and improve your overall health.

Dead Orgone energy is negative. It's lifeless, and it holds onto negativity. Positive Orgone energy is the opposite; it creates life and happiness. 

But what happens when you have a mix of both? Dead Orgone energy that drains your positive energy? 

You need to transform any dead Orgone into positive! You can either use an Orgone energy accumulator or an Orgone pyramid—more on the Orgone pyramid ahead.

Have you ever felt an eerie feeling that just wouldn't go away? That's because there is something wrong. Dead Orgone energy has such adverse effects on people and can cause many problems in the home, workplace, or anywhere else it may be present. 

Contrarily, positive energy can improve mood, reduce stress, and help promote good sleep habits.  

When Orgone, or life-energy, becomes stagnant and dies out, it forms dead energy. When this happens, it leaves behind a distinct kind of energy that you can detect with sensitive equipment. 

It has been hypothesized that dead Orgone energy may be to blame for many unexplained phenomena throughout history because it could change the physical properties of matter. Moreover, it could disrupt electromagnetic fields depending on how much there is around you.

Can you feel Orgone energy?

Absolutely! You can feel Orgone energy.

Do you ever feel a sense of calm and well-being when walking through a forest? 

Can you feel the energy in the air and the wind blowing on your skin? If so, then you can feel Orgone. 

Some people say they can feel it in the air. Others say they can sense it in their gut or that it radiates up from the ground when they touch a tree. 

How do I activate Orgone energy?

orgone stone

You can activate Orgone energy by placing the stones on different parts of your body, like on the third eye (forehead) or above your heart chakra (chest). This will help you focus on a specific goal and give you more clarity about what needs to happen next. 

In addition, you can create a bubble around yourself to prevent negative vibrations. 

Follow these easy steps:

  1. Visualize a blue light or bubble of energy.
  2. Amplify the effects by holding your hands together in front of you.

You can also harness more power by effectively communicating with your Orgone stone! Consider it your best friend—more on communicating with Orgone ahead.

What Are The Benefits Of Orgone?

Orgone can help us heal, nurture, and grow. The benefits of Orgone include increased vitality, improved sleep quality, better sex drive, less anxiety, and more creativity. 

Some other benefits of Orgone are:

  • Removes negative energy
  • Improves mood 
  • Promotes the well-being of plants
  • Boosts energy 
  • Lowers stress and sensitivity to EMFs
  • Allows spiritual growth and emotional stability

Earth and Orgone Energy (E&O) are inseparable from each other. E&O are carrier waves that vibrate at specific frequencies. These vibrations help keep patterns together and can help to signal to others that something is right in their lives. 

The most powerful way to use E&O is to connect with your soul-parents (kin) and use them to clear out blockages preventing you from advancing on your path in the world.

Orgone energy for therapy

orgone stone

Orgone therapy or Reichian psychotherapy focuses on the release of emotional and sexual energy. It can be used as a standalone treatment or in conjunction with other therapies to help you reach your full potential. 

The basic premise behind this theory is that we have an orgasm reflex (which Reich called "the orgastic potency"). This reflex needs to be expressed regularly for us to feel our best emotionally and physically. 

If you don't express these natural urges, they will build up inside and cause tension which manifests as pain or illness in the body. 

Dr. Wilhelm Reich believed that sexual repression could cause mental illness. So he helped patients get in touch with their emotional selves by employing specific breathing techniques and other physical movements such as shaking hands or touching toes. This theory may have therapeutic effects if you suffer from depression, anxiety, and other stress-related diseases!  

The idea behind Orgone therapy is that if you can tap into your natural sexual energy, which Reich called Orgone, then you can live a healthier life.

We are conditioned to believe that orgasm is the pinnacle of sexual satisfaction. However, this may not be the case. Orgasm isn’t an end goal but a way to regulate and support emotional energy so that it can flow smoothly throughout your body. 

What does Orgone protect against?

Orgone is a natural and powerful force that protects you from negative energy and harmful electromagnetic fields from power lines, microwaves, cell phones, computers, and televisions. Orgone accumulators can also cleanse your home or clear your aura. 

How to use Orgone for protection against negative energy?

Simply breathing in the right way with your Orgone stone around will clear your body of negative energy and let you move forward with confidence. 

Orgone technology can drive out the negative forces if you place it wherever you feel gloomy. Negative thoughts and beliefs, such as fear of change, hold us back.

How to use Orgone for protection against EMF?

Keep any Orgone device (like the Orgone pyramid) near you while you’re using electronics. You can't avoid being around cell phones, Wi-Fi, computers, microwaves, power lines—all sources of electromagnetic fields—but you can take steps to minimize the damage using Orgone energy.

The EMF radiation passing through Orgone technology does not create anything new within the metal itself. The energy cannot pass through a solid object without causing sub-conversion (aka, getting jittery), like sunlight passing through glass.

How Do You Use Orgone Pyramids?

orgone stone

How you can use Orgone pyramids is different for everyone, depending on how you need to clear your energy and what you want to do with them.

An Orgone pyramid is a mixture of resin (or other organic material) and metal shavings (or other non-organic material). The different materials attract and repel energy while cleansing and balancing it in the process.

To use the Orgone pyramid, close your eyes and concentrate on the energy flowing. As you open your eyes, breathe normally and notice what feelings come to you.

A few of the most popular uses are:

  • Finding your center or "chakra balance" when you are feeling scattered or unfocused 
  • Keeping the energy of your workplace, home, car, etc. balanced 
  • Deep meditation
  • Energizing your food and drinks

Meditate holding an Orgone pyramid

When you meditate with your Orgone pyramid in hand, the energy emanating from the pyramid intensifies by your concentrated attention and intent. This allows you to feel more of the raw energy with each use. By placing your mind in a state of receptivity, you can use this energy for whatever purpose you choose.

To use a pyramid in a physical sense, you must stand in front of it and place your right palm on top of the crystal.

Orgone pyramids are natural amplifiers of spiritual energies, and they enhance the energetic effects of meditation tremendously.

Communicate with your Orgone pyramid

Talking to or communicating with your Orgone pyramid will make its purpose clearer to you and strengthen your relationship with it. Pray to your heart's content, telling your Orgone pyramid how much you love it! Ask it to transform negativity and be the bridge to bring understanding.

You can personalize your requests and tell your Orgone device to put out more positive vibes. Personalizing your requests does not mean everything will come true, but you can acknowledge your priorities and things closest to your heart. 

Place your Orgone pyramid in different areas to spread positivity

Help spread the reach of your pyramids throughout your community. It helps promote the growth of plant life, heal stagnant rivers and lakes, and bring positive energy outcomes to any situation that it may be present in.

Benefits of using positive Orgone energy pyramids

Positive Orgone energy pyramids can release stress from your system through its vibrations, which helps prevent illness and promote overall well-being and happiness. These devices are also highly beneficial for spiritual development. 

When you follow a positive path in your spirituality, positive vibrations can help constantly improve your body without much effort while raising your standard of living correspondingly. When you use these energy pyramids, the energy directs at the pain in your body area. This stimulates the healing process, which then spreads throughout your entire body.

Orgone pyramids come in different shapes and sizes. Moreover, such devices correspond with your vibration. When you feel the vibration of life, you will know it is good to be in harmony with the energy of your surroundings.

How To Charge Orgone Pyramids

You can charge your Orgone pyramid by taking a walk through nature. The natural world is full of life force energy which will help your Orgone pyramid work more efficiently and protect you. You can also place it under the sun or full moon for a few hours.

Cleanse Your Energy With Orgone

According to Reich, Orgone is everywhere. It is an invisible life force with its root in different cultures. From boosting your creativity, focus, concentration, intuition, or sense of inner peace, there are a multitude of benefits that Orgone offers to increase your success in life. You can harness this power through Orgone pyramids and Orgone accumulators to protect yourself from harmful radiation.

You can choose from an extensive collection of cleansing devices with this enigmatic natural energy so that you can amplify its effects!

Whether through the crystals, pyramids, or pendants designed to enhance the flow of positive energies around you, you will find an Orgone that suits you best!

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