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Pisces Birthstone: What Are The 8 Best Pisces Crystals?

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About The Pisces Zodiac Sign

The zodiac sign of Pisces is the twelfth sign of the zodiac and the final water sign. Water signs are the most empathic and sensitive astrological signs, which means they're also very in tune with their surrounding environment and the spiritual realm.

The modern ruling planet of Pisces is Neptune. The Pisces ruling planet Neptune is all about dreams, imagination, and all things spiritual. The other ruling planet of the sign of Pisces, the ancient one, is Jupiter, the planet of expansion. 

The contemplative and idealistic nature of Pisces people can make them more susceptible to negative energy, be it directed at them or residual from their environment. Because of the expansive nature of their Jupiter ruler, those born under the zodiac sign of Pisces have the ability to not only pick up on the energies around them but also amplify them.

In that sense, the sign of Pisces tends to act like a magnifying glass, zooming in on everything going on within and without. Pisces can act as a mirror for their close ones, coworkers, and their overall surrounding energies.

That can make people born under this astrological sign very good counselors, therapists, and spiritual leaders, especially when they've mastered the art of attaining and maintaining their own emotional balance. But it can also turn the Pisces sign into one that puts an unwanted and unpleasant mirror in the face of people and the world around, transforming them into a tough pill to swallow.

The very spiritual and sensitive nature of the Pisces people makes them the perfect candidates for working with birthstone jewelry and zodiac stones. Pisces also get a lot out of wearing stones with powerful healing properties.

Which are the Pisces Birthstones?

Like all other zodiac signs, this astrological sign spans over two months, in this particular case March and February. As a result, there are going to be two main Pisces birthstones, one for each of the two months.

Aquamarine - The March birthstone for Pisces

While Bloodstone is considered the traditional March birthstone, the Aquamarine ruling planet is Neptune. As a result, Aquamarine is the birthstone assigned to Pisces. The March Pisces birthstone is the Aquamarine gemstone.

Read more about Aquamarine Stone Meaning in our article.

The delicate light blue color of the Aquamarine gemstone reminds you of a bright day by the sea, when the sky is clear and the waves are crashing against the shore. In fact, Aquamarine has the soothing and calming effect of that mental picture.

Aquamarine also invites introspection and analysis of self and of the world around, which is something of a hobby for this particular zodiac sign. For Pisces, there are few things as fascinating as exploring and understanding the hidden depths of the psyche and of everyone and everything around them. Pisces Bracelet and Crystals Set is a powerful crystal jewelry set ally for these mental and spiritual journeys.

The blue color of Aquamarine lets you know that it works with the throat chakra. Aquamarine helps to encourage self-expression in a balanced and positive way. It also brings positive energy into that area, so Aquamarine can help soothe the throat and communication-related issues.

Due to the connection to the planet Neptune, Aquamarine encourages pleasant dreams and offers the one wearing Aquamarine bracelets at night protection during astral travel.

Amethyst - The February Birthstone For Pisces

Amethyst is a powerful talismanic stone for all zodiac signs because of its ability to soothe the mind, enhance intuition, and optimize energy flow through the entire energetic system. It has a powerful effect on the third eye chakra and can improve the energy flow between the crown chakra and the Above.

Amethyst has a strong spiritual vibration. It speaks to the spirituality of Pisces meaning how they perceive and process life. Wearing Amethyst gemstone jewelry for spiritual purposes is a particularly intense experience for this zodiac sign since it's a natural fit for their energy.

This Pisces stone promotes calm and collected personal and spiritual explorations, while also enhancing psychic intuition. Wearing the Soulful Celebration - Earrings of Joy can prove to be of great help during meditation and spiritual practices of any kind.

Pisces Birthstone Color

Since Pisces is a water zodiac sign, the pretty obvious birthstone color that comes to mind is blue.  The blue Pisces birthstone color speaks about healing throat problems and communication issues or blockages when it comes to self expression. It's also the color of the Aquamarine Pisces birthstone.

Considering the Amethyst birthstone, purple birthstones also work very well for Pisces. A purple gemstone is going to connect to the third eye chakra and optimize the energy and information flow between the mind and the process of communicating that.

Another significant color for a gemstone for Pisces is green, which helps this zodiac sign anchor its emotional and mental energy into the abundant arms of Mother Gaia. A green gemstone is going to support Pisces in rooting all of that spiritual energy into the 3D reality and elevating it.

Other grounding colors for Pisces stones are red and brown, which work mainly with the root and sacral chakra. Adding the manifesting power of yellow can be very beneficial to Pisces, since understanding the mysteries of the world is a wonderful way to become able to manifest your dreams and desires.

The 8 Best Crystals For Pisces

Now that we've talked about the Pisces birthstones, let's see what other awesome gemstones work very well with them and how wearing crystal jewelry can help you improve your life.

  1. Bloodstone

    Bloodstone is a good addition to Pisces birthstone jewelry or any other gemstone. Bloodstone works with the heart chakra and root chakra. Combining the two Pisces birthstone color options of green and red, this spotted gemstone has wonderful healing properties.

    And since Pisces is one of the most sensitive signs in astrology, there can never be too much healing energy coming their way.

  2. Jasper

    Jasper has healing properties that can be of great service to anyone going through a tough time. It works very well with a Pisces birthstone.

    The Self-Healing Heart made of Ocean Jasper can be a particularly inspired addition to a Pisces birthstone.

  3. Garnet

    Garnet can be an excellent complementary gemstone for Pisces birthstone jewelry or other crystals because it stimulates abundance in connections and relationships.

    Wearing a Garnet Small Victory Necklace can help Pisces step up their relational game.

  4. Jade

    Jade can bring in the frequencies of serenity and purity, which will work very well with Pisces birthstone jewelry and gemstones.

    The protective vibe of Jade stone also keeps the one wearing it safe from negative energy and harm. Due to the dreamer and idealistic nature that Pisces sometimes have, they can become susceptible to the negative energies around them.

    Jade Financial Success Anklet can support Pisces to keep their energy safe from lower frequencies present in their environment.

  5. Apatite

    Apatite spurs on growth in the realm of spirituality and increases optimism.

    The Apatite Endless Possibilities Pen supports Pisces when it comes to lessening tensions within themselves and in their home or place of work.

    While very oriented towards spirituality, Pisces may also get moody or morose every now and then, much like the stormy skies or the restless sea. The source of those lower vibe moods tends to be the world around them or the seemingly ever-increasing distance between the ideal world they'd like to live in and the actual world they have to deal with.

    That's why sources of optimism and a high vibe are important additions to the Pisces gemstone.

  6. Labradorite

    Labradorite is a powerful crystal when it comes to your growth processes and claiming your personal power.

    The God of Luck: Labradorite Ganesh Statue helps Pisces to understand the truth of their environment and of themselves, topics which are very dear to this zodiac sign.

    The metallic sheen of Labradorite bracelets' stones affords the wearer protection from lower frequencies and supports accessing and following your life purpose.

  7. Ruby

    Ruby, the precious fiery red gem, brings prosperity and abundance to Pisces. Due to the connection between Pisces and Jupiter (the planet of good luck and expansion), abundance gemstones work particularly well for this astrological sign.

    Adding these precious stones to the Pisces birthstone jewelry or crystals helps you manifest your goals. Though Pisces is more of a spirituality-oriented sign than materialistic, abundance is still an important part of Pisces' lives.

  8. Malachite


    Malachite is a powerful stone addition to Pisces birthstone jewelry or stone because it has wonderful anti-anxiety properties.

    Apollo’s Shield - Bracelet of Power will help Pisces get on top of the emotional waves that might rock their lives without feeling the need to get out of the deep waters they love to explore.

    This rich green gemstone is a trusty ally during times of intense transformation. It helps to revitalize stamina and raise vitality levels while also encouraging optimism and growth.

Which Types Of Crystal Should Pisces Work With?

We've already talked about 8 awesome crystals that can work very well as additions to a Pisces birthstone.

But there are other great gemstones for this zodiac sign to start with, particularly if they're trying to focus a bit more on the material side of life. Though Pisces is often seen as the dreamer sign in astrology, the fact that Jupiter is one of its ruling planets hints at the amazing manifesting powers that Pisces actually has.

These manifesting powers are sometimes enhanced by the fact that Pisces tends to focus so much on the abstract that they don't really utilize all of that potential often. The manifestation potential tends to amass for them, and when they finally focus on something, that thing tends to materialize into their reality.

In order to make the most of that manifesting power, aside from the gemstones that help with balancing emotions and thoughts and those that intensify spirituality and the pursuit of contemplating the mysteries of life, it's important for Pisces to also start working with grounding and manifesting gemstones.

These gemstones connect to the root chakra and resonate with the energy of Mother Gaia, helping Pisces root their own energy and strengthen their stability.

How To Harmonize With Pisces Crystals?

One of the best ways to harmonize with Pisces gemstones is through meditation. While harmonizing with all crystals through meditation is helpful, the very spirituality-oriented nature of Pisces crystals makes them all the better suited to connecting through a meditative process.

If you're wearing Pisces stones jewelry, be it bracelets, rings, or necklaces, simply meditate on attuning your energy to theirs and their energy to yours. Allow the Universe to work its magic as the stones get more and more in tune with your personal energetic frequency.

If you're not sure how to connect to the energy of a gem, you can always meditate on something very Pisces-related, like the sea. Picture all of the shades of blue of the sea, visualize the waves traveling towards the shore, and focus on the repetitive sound of those waves. Allow the healing and supportive energy of the stones to permeate your thoughts and from there your reality.

It would be great to repeat this process every once in a while, whether you wear the gem jewelry every day or just occasionally.

Dive Deeper And Soar

With the help of the best 8 Pisces crystals you’ll improve your intuition, sharpen your focus, and gain emotional and spiritual support. The Pisces birthstones can be wonderful allies as you navigate the journey of life.

Get your Pisces gemstones and take a decisive step towards living your best life.

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