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Taurus Birthstone: What Are The 5 Best Taurus Crystals?

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About The Taurus Zodiac Sign

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Taurus is the second zodiac sign and the first earth sign of the zodiac. The ruling planet of the Taurus zodiac sign is Venus, the planet of love, abundance, and pleasure.

Venus has a powerful influence over Taurus natives, which sometimes get a bad reputation as hedonists. That's because Venus encourages Taurus people to celebrate the pleasures of the senses and of luxuries.

When they don't exercise some sturdy limits, they might end up losing themselves in those pleasures. On the bright side though, that's also one of the things that makes Taurus people fully enjoy the finer things in life.

The Taurus symbol is the bull, and that's not a coincidence in the least. The Taurus star trait is resilience, which sometimes comes across as stubbornness (in some cases, taken to the extreme even). What is a Taurus going to do better than persevere, after all?

Bulls aren't seen as beasts of burden for no reason, though. Another key trait and one of the better qualities of a Taurus is the fact that they always see things through, no matter what.  There's no obstacle high enough to keep the Taurus natives from achieving their goals.

Another one of the qualities that Taurus has is loyalty. They love deeply and would do anything to help their loved ones in their time of need. Perhaps not the most romantic or talkative sign, Taurus shines in love and family life since it's ruled by the planet Venus.

Devotion and loyalty come together with their determination to provide the ones they love with the better things in life. That's part of what makes the Taurus sign one of the best family members of the zodiac.

Because of its powerful connection to Mother Gaia and the earth element, a Taurean has a particular fondness for beautiful and precious stones. Since it's a lucky star sign, the Bull is also very adept at manifesting abundance and blessings, which means it resonates very well with crystals that promote prosperity.

What Is The Birthstone For Taurus?

Though we often think about one main birthstone for each zodiac sign, all zodiac signs actually have two main birthstones.

When is a Taurus born? What birth month is Taurus born in will mark their key traits and impact the Taurus birthstone they benefit the most from.

What month is a Taurus born in says a lot about the Taurus, meaning their nature and what gemstones they resonate the most with.

What Are The Two Birthstones For Taurus?

What birth month is a Taurus born in can mean that the best Taurus gems might be those for the month of April or those for the month of May, since like every other astrological sign, the sign of Taurus spans over two months.

  1. April Taurus Birthstone: Diamond
    April Taurus Birthstone: Diamond

    The April Taurus stone is Diamond.

    Diamond is a lucky stone as it repels negative energies while also encouraging physical strength, which makes it one of the favorite birthstones for Taurus.

    Though this is a sturdy sign, with Taurus people generally looking robust and vibrantly healthy, they sometimes run into digestive issues due to their penchant for tasty foods and beverages. Diamond fuels your willpower and supports you in achieving any goals you set, which makes it a favored birthstone for these natives.

    It's a great stone for a medical professional or a law enforcement professional, for instance, since it encourages toughness in the face of stress and valor in the face of peril.

  2. May Taurus Birthstone: Emerald
    May Taurus Birthstone: Emerald

    The May Taurus stone is Emerald. 

    Emerald is also often seen as the main Taurus gemstone, though May Tauruses will resonate with Emerald more while April Tauruses will also resonate with the Diamond stone.

    Emerald gemstones have a vibrant color green. Because of its color, Emerald is very in tune with Mother Gaia and the energy of the element of earth.

    Emerald is seen as a "stone of successful love" because Emerald helps you achieve a state of high vibe unconditional love. If you're looking to invite unity and deep loyalty into your life, Emerald is your best ally.

    Since Taurus is one of the most loyal, loving, and devoted signs, the Emerald Taurus birthstone vibes very well with those traits and encourages them within anyone working with or wearing Emerald.

    The Emerald gemstone is also one of the most powerful healing crystals for your heart chakra, with which it resonates powerfully. The healing properties of the Emerald stone help you overcome emotional turmoil and come to terms with your deep intuition when it comes to what's in the heart of those around you.

What Is The Taurus Color For Birthstones?

The best Taurus birthstone color is the color green, as seen in the Emerald stone, for instance. It's the color of Mother Gaia and thereby of the nature that this sign is so in tune with.

A Taurus favorite color can also be red (particularly darker hues) or brown. These colors resonate with the sacral and root chakra, with which the Bulls are very in tune due to their special ability to manifest their desires.

The 5 Best Crystals For Taurus

Aside from wearing a birthstone for Taurus, we'd like to suggest five other crystals which can be great for a Taurean.

  1. Rose Quartz

    Rose Quartz works with your heart chakra in order to bring emotional well-being and fulfilling love into your life, like the Soulmate Rose Quartz Bracelet.

    You can embark on a journey of deep soul work to overcome negative vibrations and boost healing of emotional wounds with the help of Rose Quartz. It is even more powerful if you combine it with Emerald. 

    Rose Quartz promotes self-love, which Taureans might need to focus on instead of striving to care for everyone else around.

    Rose Quartz can also sharpen your intuitive abilities by calming your emotions and encouraging high-vibe loving energy within your energetic field. If you need a calm demeanor in any situation, Rose Quartz is a reliable helper.

  2. Sapphire

    What element is Taurus best described by, but that of slow-moving earth?

    This beautiful blue stone comes in to spur spiritual growth and development, supporting meditation and communication.

    When combined with the Emerald stone, Sapphire encourages heartfelt communication for Taureans.

  3. Garnet

    The passionate Garnet stone can assist Taureans in boosting their zest for life.

    Though this sign doesn't lack passion or the desire to enjoy things, the Bull can burn through its energetic resources very fast. That's where a Garnet piece like the Loving Life Ring comes in.

  4. Amber

    Amber is a wonderful transformative organic gem, though it's often considered a stone.

    This lucky stone transforms negative energies into positive ones, keeping your thoughts and feelings clear and supporting your decisions.

    Since Taurus can be affected by lower vibe energies that are around them, Amber is a great stone for this steadfast but sensitive sign.

  5. Tiger's Eye
    Tiger's Eye

    Tiger's Eyes are lucky stones that work very well with the inherent nature of Taurus people which are gifted at manifesting.

    What makes Tiger's Eye a great Taurus gemstone is also the fact that it's a gemstone of abundance.

    These stones promote a wealthy life. Wearing the Tiger's Eye Wealth Bracelet is going to invite prosperity and financial success into your life.

Which Taurus Birthstone Should Taurus Wear?

While the top choices for the sign of Taurus will be their birthstones and the five crystals for Taureans we already talked about, it's not so much about what Taurus crystal to wear as it's about how Taurus people come about those crystals.

One of the best ways for Taurus to wear stones as lucky charms is to receive them as gifts. Ever since ancient times, gifted emerald jewelry - believed to be more powerful as a good luck charm than jewelry bought by the wearer - was seen as a very powerful amulet particularly for earth astrological signs like the Taurus sign.

Gifts And Taurus People

What month is Taurus going to like best? Even though they are spring babies, one favorite Taurus month tends to be December because of the holidays that tend to bring together families and friends. One of Taurus' key traits is that they love their family and friends very much and are very devoted to them.

Taurus loves giving gifts and if there's going to be a sign that will for sure read the complete guide to the perfect gift, it's going to be Taurus. But they also appreciate getting gifts, almost as much as they enjoy giving them. You can count on giving them gifts as a tried and tested strategy to win Taurus's heart, because acts of service and gifts are two of the main love languages of the sign of Taurus.

You can't go wrong with giving Taurus some birthstone jewelry as a gift. Whether it's trendy jewelry with Taurus stones or some classic beautiful pieces that bring them good luck, you can bet that Taurus will fully appreciate the thought and the pieces themselves.

How To Wear Taurus Birthstone Jewelry?

So what is Taurus birthstone jewelry good for? It's an excellent ally in many different situations.

Since Taurus birthstones can help you overcome health problems, encourage your romantic nature, and promote physical healing, one of the best ways to wear Taurus birthstone pieces of jewelry is around your neck and chest area, for instance as a pendant.

That way, the Taurus birthstone is going to work with your heart chakra and your solar plexus chakra, helping you to improve your manifestation power and achieve a full and abundant life.

Another powerful way to wear Taurus birthstones is on a bracelet, like on the bracelet in the Rose Quartz Healing Crystal Set, which checks both necklace and bracelet boxes. Since your hands are the symbol of exchanges, when wearing bracelets the birthstone resonates with high vibe exchanges and supports you living a blessed life.

Taurus birthstones with healing properties also do very well on bracelets, since you're going to move your hand in the direction of almost all of your chakras throughout the day.

How Do You Cleanse Taurus Birthstones?

When it comes to cleansing Taurus birthstones, there are a few methods you can use. Depending on the specific stones and their traits, you can do things like getting the help of the earth element, using light, cleansing crystals, and/or sea salt, and burning sage.

How To Cleanse A Taurus Birthstone With The Earth Element

As an earth sign, Taurus tends to resonate most with earth elements such as sand. You can cleanse your Taurus birthstones by placing a ceramic glass container with sand in it close to your stones overnight.

If you don't sleep with jewelry and set it on your nightstand, for instance, it's even better to keep that sand container there so it works to cleanse your stones constantly.

How To Cleanse A Taurus Birthstone With Cleansing Crystals

Cleanse A Taurus Birthstone With Cleansing Crystals

One of the most powerful ways to cleanse a gemstone is to use the help of a cleansing crystal, like Fluorite and Selenite.

The Fluorite Cleansing Stone unblocks your path and optimizes your energy flow. It will do the same for your gemstone. With its powerful energy, it enhances lucidity, self-confidence, and positive thoughts, which support the gemstone you're cleansing to do its best work with you and your energy field.

Using the Selenite All-Cleansing Tower has a powerful effect on your own energy, that of your home, and that of all of your items. By placing it inside a sea salt circle with Taurus birthstones, you're going to focus all of that master cleanser effect on those stones and optimize their energy to the fullest.

How To Cleanse A Taurus Birthstone With Sage

You can cleanse Taurus crystals and your entire collection of crystal jewelry by burning rose petal sage. If you're wondering just what that is, the answer is simpler than you might think: rose petals and white sage, combined.

Burning sage, also known as smudging, is a powerful way to cleanse your energy, your space, and your objects (including gemstones), repelling negative energies and malevolent intentions.

It's recommended you do smudging regularly to keep your energy, your gemstones, and your space safe from any unwanted energies.

How To Cleanse A Taurus Birthstone With Sea Salt

You can use dry sea salt to cleanse any gemstone, including a Taurus one. There are two main methods to cleanse using salt: using a protective circle or perimeter and using a salt lamp like The Rose Salt Night Light.

Some people advise you to cleanse your crystals by immersing them in salt and leaving them there for however long a time, but we advise you against that. Depending on the nature of your particular crystal, salt can affect its integrity. Besides, you get the benefits of sea salt and of light by using a salt lamp, so why limit your options?

Another way to use salt as a cleansing method is to place the gemstone you want to cleanse next to a cleansing crystal and then draw a circle of a perimeter of salt around them. In this case, sea salt acts as a protective barrier in the face of any negative energy that might interfere with the cleansing effect of your cleansing gemstone.

Experience The Magical Powers of Taurus Gemstones!

You can achieve so much with the help of the stones for Taurus. Whether you'd like to emulate some of the Taurus zodiac traits or make the most of the Taurus element of earth to manifest abundance and blessings in your life, the gemstones we discussed can support you as you turn your life around.

Get your Taurus crystals today and experiment with these powerful gemstones!

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