Solar system bracelets and their meaning

Solar system bracelets and their meaning


Solar system bracelets are ideal for lovers of space or astrology. They’re a fashionable and trendy way of expressing your love for the universe. The vast majority of solar bracelets operate with the understanding that you are the sun. This way, the beads of the bracelet surround you and represent the planets, the moon, and other space matter such as asteroids or meteorites.

But what do solar system bracelets do?

They aim for you to realize that you are the star in your own solar system, that you are important and integral to the way things work. This creates powerful energy that radiates into anybody you come into contact with, filling them with warmth and positivity. 

The symbolism behind the solar system can be broken down into individual bodies.

solar system bracelets


The Sun

The Sun is usually represented by the aptly named 
Sunstone. It can, however, be portrayed through CitrineGolden Topaz, or Carnelian. Most commonly of all, whoever wears the bracelet is the sun, therefore there will be no Sunstone.

If there is, then the golden or yellow gemstone symbolizes new beginnings, spiritual growth, and self-confidence. It’s usually the largest of the stones, inspiring joy, freedom, and passion. Health and vitality are crucial to the Sun’s power, too, as the Sun is essential for all life on Earth. It often symbolizes hope, a light at the end of the tunnel, or wealth and personal fulfillment after a time of adversity

If the Sun isn’t featured, then the bracelet works under the impression that you are the Sun. This is why they are sometimes called sun bracelets. In this case, the planets are more important.


Often, Mercury is represented by F
ire Agate, however, a solar bracelet can also use Citrine or yellow Jasper.  Mercury is usually a yellow stone that can help with anything logic-related. It encourages learning and education, inspiring intelligence and wisdom. It foregrounds communication as a way to solve problems and increases your ability to understand complex situations in which there is no simple answer. It’s a brilliant talisman to take with you for tests or exams, promoting luck and fortune with any intellectual venture.


Rose quartz
, as a stone of love, is perfect for the role of Venus. Jade, Emerald, or Amazonite can all be used to a lesser extent. The gemstone for Venus, usually green or pink, enhances love in all areas of life. Venus, famously the goddess of love in Roman mythology, encourages reconciliation during floundering relationships. It assists with women’s menstrual problems and fertility, and it inspires wisdom if dabbling in dangerous love affairs. The stone of Venus also nurtures the arts, crafts, and blossoming creativity. It’s a stone of expression.



Planet earth is usually represented with Azurite, Sodalite, or Turquise. Planet Earth is rarely represented on our birth chart because it is based on the vision in which we find ourselves on planet Earth itself.

Application is in fact what makes Earth - Earth. All the methods, which refer to various acts of everyday life, nutrition, breathing, relations with people and the cosmos, those that come from our learning about the acts of life, represent Earth. Earth is strength and stability.



Usually represented by red jasper, Mars is a small but powerful stone in your planet bracelet. Red tiger’s eyeRuby, or even Garnets can be used as strong alternatives. Mars is symbolized by strength, valor, and courage. The Roman god of war was one of the most powerful gods in ancient times; this stone channels his victory-seeking attitude, passing on motivation, perseverance, and the ability to overcome seemingly impossible odds. It encourages a winning mentality, igniting passion and adventure in your life.



Jupiter is usually portrayed with turquoise, but solar system bracelets can feature white Topaz or Lapis lazuli instead and have similar effects. Jupiter represents wisdom, truth, and justice. Jupiter was the king of the gods, so his word was final. This knowledge of leadership, law, and ethics will transcend to you through the Jupiter stone. It eases problems with authority, fidelity, and loyalty, ensuring that the wearer can see arguments from both sides. This planet also portrays a sudden increase in wealth, especially when used with repeated intentions.


The representation of this planet can take the form of many stones: brown banded AgateSmoky QuartzHematiteOnyx, and Lodestone are all solid choices. Saturn focuses its energy on breaking down limitations, whether self-imposed or externally inflicted. It empowers you to have more self-control when quitting bad habits and encourages the release of negative emotions associated with loss. Like the rings of Saturn, it teaches that life is a cycle and that all endings lead to fresh beginnings. It bestows the gift of perseverance and enables you to overcome long-standing obstructions. If you have unfinished business, the Saturn bead will provide the opportunities to complete it.


Uranus is the first of the more distant planets. Typically, it’s depicted through the use of 
Quartz, but in more extravagant solar system bracelets, the precious gemstone Diamond is used. Uranus characterizes freedom and independence. This stone allows you to express yourself on a deeper level, encouraging your originality to shine. It facilitates the fulfillment of untapped potential, bringing out the best of you in times of need.


Usually, Neptune is symbolized through 
Amethysts, though Sapphire and Jade can both be used, too.

Named after the Roman god of the Sea, Aquamarine is also a suitable candidate. The Neptune stone is a very personal one. It nurtures a more profound insight into the self, supporting reflection, especially in regards to strong emotions. Even if you feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day, Neptune finds the time and puts it towards processing emotions and growing from painful experiences. It provides the endurance to see you through tough times and develop a stronger understanding of the self.


Planet or not, Pluto orbits the Sun and thus features on many solar system bracelets. It can be portrayed by a number of crystals, namely 
TopazSmoky Quartz, and ObsidianPluto symbolizes rebirth, offering positive transformation to the wearer of this real stone bracelet. Its aura is spiritual and can facilitate a deeper connection with the self, especially if represented by obsidian. Similarly to Saturn, if things look to be ending, Pluto reminds you that elsewhere, they are only just beginning. Each seemingly missed opportunity leads to new chances arising somewhere else. Don’t dwell on the past, as the present is all you’ll ever live.

The Moon

There could hardly be a solar system bracelet without the Moon. In most cases, it’s depicted by either 
Moonstone or Selenite. These are both brilliant stones for capturing the energy of the Moon. The power of the Moon’s corresponding stone is amplified during a full moon, so make the most of the next one you see by meditating with your sun bracelet. It improves intuition and is said to heal and protect the body. It’s linked with fertility as the Moon symbolizes sexuality and birth. It’s a stone that helps with menstrual problems and eases overwhelming emotions. Just as it controls the tides of the earth, it controls the tides of the soul, gently nudging them in the right direction, ensuring that the thoughts of the mind remain fluid.


These bracelets make a brilliant solar system gift for a friend or family member, and of course, they’re a great tool for you to utilize the power of the planets to assist in your own life. The strong mix of healing gemstones, combined with the symbolism of space, makes these solar system bracelets the ideal item of jewelry. They’re fashionable, tell a story, and can be used for any occasion, in any season. Here is few tips on how to fix you bracelet!


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