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Rhodochrosite: How This Stone Can Lift Your Mood and Promote Self-Love

When you think of using healing crystals for love, the first gemstone that probably crosses your mind is rose quartz. There's little doubt about the power of this stone to open and refresh the energy in your heart chakra. But you may not know there's another light pink gemstone that can invite the power of love into your life.

Associated with the zodiac signs of both Leo and Scorpio, rhodochrosite crystals have a naturally nurturing energy. Few stones can offer the depth of emotional healing that rhodochrosite can. These pink stones also reign supreme as one of the best crystals to work with when you seek to cultivate greater self-love.

Together, we'll explore what rhodochrosite gemstones are and how you can put them to work in your life. From releasing insecurities to encouraging a sunnier and more joyful mood, rhodochrosite is a healing crystal that can enrich your life.

What Is Rhodochrosite?

Rhodochrosite is a member of the manganese carbonate mineral family (its chemical composition is MnCO3). It is part of the hexagonal crystal system, specifically the trigonal system (sometimes called the rhombohedral system). This classification has to do with its symmetry and its axis crystals form. Rhodochrosite is a softer gemstone, ranking between 3.5 and 4 on the Mohs hardness scale, according to "The Encyclopedia of Crystals" by Judy Hall

According to Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian's "The Book of Stones: Who They Are & What They Teach," the name “rhodochrosite” comes from the Greek word for "rose-red." While some rhodochrosite specimens come in shades of grey or even a yellow-grey, most crystals are various shades of pink and red, have white bands, and are sometimes referred to as Inca Rose.

Like some gemstones, rhodochrosite comes in a few different varieties:

  • Capillitite: Capillitite is a yellowish-grey banded form of rhodochrosite.
  • Cobaltoan Rhodochrosite: Cobaltoan Rhodochrosite is a type of rhodochrosite discovered in Virneberg (or St. Josephsberg) Mine in Germany.
  • Ponite: Ponite rhodochrosite occurs when iron replaces the manganese in the stone.
  • Sphaerodialogite: Sphaerodialogite is rhodochrosite that forms in manganese ore. 
  • Zincorhodochrosite: Zincorhodochrosite forms when zinc replaces manganese as the stone develops. 

Rhodochrosite develops in huge stalactitic environments. One of the most notable sources of rhodochrosite crystals is in Argentina's Capillitas mining district. These raspberry-colored stones started forming after the Incans abandoned their silver mines in the 13th century. Incan populations in Colombia felt a special connection to rhodochrosite stones, which were believed to represent the blood of former royalty.

Striking rhodochrosite stones are found in Sweet Home Mine in Alma, Colorado (where it’s also the state mineral), and surrounding areas in the U.S. Globally, rhodochrosite stones are mined in Peru, Romania, Russia, South Africa, and Uruguay. 

Healing Properties of Rhodochrosite

A hand holds a heart-shaped rhodochrosite stone

As you build your gemstone collection, it’s wise to include a crystal or two that support your chakra system. With rhodochrosite, you get a stone that promotes energy movement in your heart chakra and your solar plexus chakra.

You can use this crystal in several different ways, but here are a few ideas to get you started on your journey with rhodochrosite.

Free Yourself From Painful Memories 

One of rhodochrosite's most potent healing properties lies in its power to help you recover from painful memories, even if they lie dormant in your consciousness. Instead of locking these memories away in your mind’s recesses, rhodochrosite gemstones can give you the strength to confront and healthily integrate these memories.

In their book, Simmon and Ahsian share how working with the nurturing energy of rhodochrosite healing crystals can heal past memories that involve shame, physical or emotional abuse, or other traumatic experiences. If you believe in past lives, rhodochrosite crystals can help you retrieve memories from other lifetimes that may hinder you in this one. 

Try to meditate with a rhodochrosite palm stone or cabochon and see what surfaces. Take some time afterward to journal so you can track your progress and work through any feelings or thoughts that continually show up. 

Consider exploring complementary healing crystals such as rhodonite — to further support emotional healing and help you work through memories. Or, look to garnet to further help release any lingering shame. 

Dial Into Self-Love

The pinkish-red color of rhodochrosite hints at this gemstone's ability to bring more love into your life. Instead of focusing on romantic love, rhodochrosite helps you experience a new level of self-love. And the importance of genuinely loving and accepting yourself cannot be understated. When you treasure yourself, you don't look outside for reassurance. Instead, you draw from your own well of inner security and love.

Aside from affecting your heart chakra, rhodochrosite stimulates your solar plexus or third chakra as well. This allows you to feel even more confident and secure in who you are. Remember, when you feel the love for yourself, you can more easily share that love with others.

When you see yourself through the lens of self-love, you can rediscover latent gifts and talents you never knew you possessed or had forgotten. Maybe there were dreams and aspirations you held dear but never pursued and would like to revisit. 

In these cases, tap into rhodochrosite's healing properties. You might find it helps you shake off any lingering feelings of low self-worth that keep you from confidently showing up in your life. Rhodochrosite might be able to help you experience your life from a place of genuine love. 

If you're looking for further energetic support while you uncover your true nature and maximize your self-love, amazonite and kunzite are worth checking out. Turn to malachite for your heart chakra and tiger's eye to work with your solar plexus.

Put on Your Rose-Colored Glasses

In "The Encyclopedia of Crystals," Judy Hall reports how rhodochrosite's healing properties allow you to slip more readily into a positive and joyful frame of mind. If you feel as though you're caught in a perennial rain cloud, rhodochrosite can work to dispel dense energies that keep you from feeling enthusiastic about life. 

Maybe you’re going through a challenging period and you’d like some extra support to safeguard against feeling blue. With a brighter attitude, you may start to see a way to navigate tricky times with more grace and fewer frustrations. Keep your eyes open for an eye-catching piece of jewelry or a chakra bracelet with rhodochrosite beads to help keep your energy aligned.

It’s worth mentioning that you don’t have to wait for stormy weather to take advantage of rhodochrosite’s gentle and optimistic energy. If you already have a positive outlook, this gemstone can help you stay in that frame of mind. You can also turn to dendritic agate or citrine to reinforce a cheerful mood and keep your spirits high.

Use Rhodochrosite to Enhance Your Inner Life and Well-Being

A woman holds her hands out to the sky

It's essential you keep your chakras system aligned and balanced. By working with the right gemstones, you can do just that. Whether you're searching for red rhodochrosite or are hunting down a gem-quality piece of the rose-pink variety, there are many ways to benefit from this gemstone's nourishing and supportive healing energy. 

Follow your intuition if you're being nudged toward a particular gemstone. The stone may help you usher a positive shift into your life. So check our collection for Rhodochrosite bracelets, pendants and many more!

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