Black Jade: Meaning, Healing Properties and Uses

Black Jade: Meaning, Healing Properties and Uses

While Green Jade is the popular type of Jade crystal that everybody knows and loves, Black Jade is a powerful healing stone to add to your collection. Whether you're looking to take control over negative emotions, prevent physical harm, or safeguard your aura from psychic entities, Black Jade is an excellent stone for you.

Black Jade Properties

Black Jade is a type of Nephrite Jade or Jadeite that includes graphite or iron oxide. Black hornblende Jade is another slightly different variety with inclusions of black hornblende instead of graphite or iron oxide. While Nephrite Jade is a calcium magnesium silicate, Jadeite is a sodium aluminum silicate.

Despite both Nephrite Jade and Jadeite having different compositions, crystal structures, hardness, and densities, they have almost the same appearance. Their healing properties are equally valuable, hence why Black Jade generally refers to both.

Learn more about the different types of Jade.

Where is the Black Jade stone found?

Jade has been discovered all over the world, from Asia to Europe to Central America.

There is a large deposit of Nephrite Black Jade in South Australia, but it's also found at the opposite side of the world, in Canada and U.S.A.

Black Jadeite can be found in the lush jungles of Guatemala or Myanmar.

Black Jade crystal history

Due to its hardness, Black Jade was used to making primitive tools like knives and ax heads. It was widely used by ancient cultures in Mesoamerica such as the Maya and Aztecs, but more famously, it was a popular stone adorned by the ancient Chinese.

There's diverse folklore behind Black Jade depending on which area the stone was sourced. In Peru, Black Jade is known as Midnight Lemurian Jade, or sometimes Shadow Black Jade. Like Atlantis, Lemuria is thought to be a lost continent that once existed between the Indian and Pacific oceans.

Midnight Lemurian Jade is often sparkling with gem inclusions from other stones like Quartz and Pyrite. This makes it more grayish than black.

Known as a "Dream Stone", Black Jade was used by ancient cultures as a way to more easily access the spiritual world. It opens you up to the power of lucid dreaming and problem solving during your nighttime adventures. Black Jade also increases the practitioner's creativity via dreams.

Black Jade Meaning

The word "Jade" comes from the Spanish, piedra de ijada. Directly translated, it means "loin stone". This was used as early as 1565 as it was thought that a Jade stone could restore health and vigor to the loins and kidneys.

One of the Black Jade meanings is that of safety and protection. It puts you in touch with your destiny, channeling the power of the Moirae, the three fate goddesses from Greek mythology.

Another meaning of Black Jade is psychic energy shielding. Black Jade is a protection stone through and through. Like Black Obsidian and Black Tourmaline, Black Jade is a highly protective stone that dismantles negative energies and prevents them from affecting your aura. It holds the same guardian stone meaning as the majority of black stones.

Is Black Jade expensive?

Generally speaking, Black Jade is quite a rare crystal, and thus it is quite expensive. It all depends on the exact piece of Black Jade that you want to buy though.

Black Jadeite is far more expensive than Nephrite Black Jade, for example. The less carats in a stone, the cheaper it will be.

As the desire for fine Jade has increased recently, the best specimens are more expensive than Gold at the moment.

How much is Black Jade worth?

As with all stones, you must take into account the quality of the Black Jade stone you want to buy before making a decision about whether or not the price is worth it.

Black Jadeite can cost anywhere up to $3 million per carat. It's certainly not a common stone that you can pick up at your local gem store.

Black Nephrite Jade, however, is much easier to find. You can pick up Nephrite Jade for as little as $6 per carat! However, a higher quality piece may stretch you to the hundreds of dollars per carat.

Black Jade Healing Properties

Black Jade stones make for powerful healing crystals. If you've heard somebody recommend this dark gemstone, then here's a glimpse at why.

Black Jade physical healing properties

Black Jade is thought to protect you against infection of any kind: bacterial, viral, and parasitic.

As it stimulates the lower chakras, Black Jade is great for physical body healing from the waist down, including the reproductive system, hips, legs, knees, ankles, and feet.

Amazingly, Black Jade is widely considered a helpful stone for those who suffer from deep vein thrombosis. It empowers the blood to flow freely throughout your body, enhancing circulation and keeping your limbs fit and strong.

A powerhouse for the kidneys, Black Jade also works wonders on the spleen and the supra-adrenal glands.

Restorative by nature, Black Jade rids the physical body of toxins and purifies it from the inside. It helps you maintain overall healthy well-being, and restores balance to your cellular and skeletal systems, helping them regenerate.

If you're suffering from aches and general body pains, Black Jade can be implemented into your daily routine to alleviate any pain and free you from physical limitations.

Black Jade emotional healing properties

Shielding you from negative energy, Black Jade sweeps up bad vibes and deposits them far away from you. It helps to relieve you from negative feelings and replaces these low vibrations with positive emotions and energy instead.

If you feel weighed down by malicious forces or negative entities, Black Jade will enhance and elevate your psychic protection, helping you feel safe and secure as you connect with the spiritual world.

A key gemstone for releasing negative thoughts, Black Jade can be used to help with changing bad habits and self-destructive actions. It encourages you to be brave enough to confront your shadow self and make big life changes where appropriate.

Flooding you with uplifting and positive emotions, Black Jade is a great protection stone for anybody feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or as if they are sinking without a purpose. Black Jade puts them in touch with their spiritual energies and helps those suffering from depression to find purpose and meaning in life.

Like Black Obsidian, Black Jade is a great crystal for self-reflection and mastering self-control. It promotes healthy living and does so by ensuring you remove negative emotions and focus your thoughts on the light, joyful, and peaceful things in life. 

Black Jade Metaphysical Properties

Often called the Life Force Point, Black Jade encourages all those who come into its presence to follow their dreams and reclaim their inner child's creativity. It boosts ambition, supports your passions, and unlocks the door to hidden talents. Use Black Jade in your sacred rituals to awaken your life's purpose and locate your destiny.

Get Black Jade to harness all your energies and get in touch with your etheric body. If you're into meditation, Black Jade can be an amazing supplement. Hold it in your hands while you meditate and simply be with its energy.

For sexual or financial gain, Black Jade is thought to be one of the best stones you could ever use. The glint of its waxy sheen can encourage you to be more self-sufficient, promoting a lifestyle of independent living and cultivating a go-getter attitude. When you are cool, calm, and collected; when you know what you want and have the confidence to go and get it; when you use Black Jade, it immediately makes you more attractive to potential partners. You radiate sexual energy and romantic vibrations.

Black Jade chakra healing

As a black stone, Black Jade is commonly associated with the root chakra. This power source helps you find your inner strength and remain spiritually sturdy in turbulent times. It can help if you need to feel grounded. This is particularly useful when you are going through a stressful period in life.

If you wear Black Jade on or around your sacral chakra, it is thought to bring good luck your way. As a healer for the reproductive organs, Black Jade can also stimulate sexual energies and help bring harmony to relationships.

Black Jade zodiac sign

Black Jade is not a traditional, natural, or modern birthstone, however, Jade has been associated with Taurus. More often than not, this is the deep olive green type of Jade. However, if you know a Taurus who would benefit from something a little more connected to inner strength, support, grounding, and protection, then Black Jade would make the perfect partner to a bull.

Taureans are well-known for being rooted in reality and keeping their feet firmly on the ground. Black Jade would enhance this trait, making them feel comfortable and confident in their own skin.

Check out the Taurus Bracelet and Crystals Set if you want to combine Serpentine Jade with several other Taurus crystals.

Jade is also considered a traditional crystal for Libra. Again, Black Jade may be more beneficial than the stereotypical Green Jade, because it supports the natural world of Librans by providing balance, stability, and security.

Libra crystals are usually supportive of Libra's strong-willed attitude, and Black Jade is no different.

Healing Crystals That Work Well With Black Jade

Combining Black Jade with other stones of a similar nature is a fantastic way to turbocharge its metaphysical properties. Here are some examples if you’re looking for where to start.

Black Obsidian

As mentioned earlier, Black Obsidian and Black Jade share similar energy. By putting them together, you enhance the protective power tenfold.

Try wearing the Triple Protection Bracelet next time you work with Black Jade. The results might shock you.

Smoky Quartz

A vacuum for negative energies and EMF radiation, Smoky Quartz brings something special to the table that acts almost like a jigsaw puzzle, completing Black Jade's protective arsenal.

The Energy Shield Anklet will ground your energy even more when using your Black Jade crystal.

Moss Agate

Another earthy stone, Moss Agate is fantastic for connecting you to the natural world. By pairing with Black Jade, you align your heart chakra with your root chakra, creating equilibrium within.

Rose Quartz

Another heart healer, Rose Quartz brings softer and gentler energy that speaks of compassion, love, passion, and romance. Combine it with Black Jade to feel empowered and confident in your newfound feelings.

The Self-Empowerment Jewelry Set is a good place to start.

Blue Lace Agate

A powerful soother, Blue Lace Agate calms your energy and enhances your communication skills. Use it together with Black Jade to articulate yourself with vigor and passion.

Peach Aventurine

Peach Aventurine is a great gemstone for the sacral chakra, opening up your creative side. By combining Black Jade with this gorgeous crystal, you can align the lower chakras and take your creative energies to the next level.

Black Andradite Garnet

A wonderful variant of Garnet, this sexual stone holds similar energy to Black Jade. If you need something a little fierier, this is the perfect combination for you.

Lapis Lazuli

Connected to the throat and third eye chakras, Lapis Lazuli funnels energy from the earth up to your third eye, unlocking spiritual wisdom and passing it down to you. With the help of Black Jade, you can remain rooted in reality as you explore profound concepts in depth.

The Seven Sacred Shapes of Balance are perfect to use if you want to align your chakras so that your energy flows freely from the ground up.

Protect Your Energy With The Brilliant Black Jade

Sold on Black Jade and its many healing properties? Add it to your collection and start the transformative work today. You can take a look at our Jade healing items to get you started or check out our crystals for protection and support to look for similar gemstones.

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