Bismuth Crystal: Meaning, Healing Properties, Benefits & Uses

Bismuth Crystal: Meaning, Healing Properties, Benefits & Uses

Have you ever had a strange, unexplainable experience with a birthstone before?

Birthstones have a history that dates back to ancient times. The Greeks, Persians, Romans and Indians associated several crystals and stones with each month of the year.

Legend states that wearing a birthstone during its assigned month unlocks its healing and therapeutic properties. Some experts even trace the history of birthstones to the Bible. In Exodus 28, Moses was directed to make a breastplate for Aaron containing twelve precious crystals that represented twelve of Israel's tribes.

Later, these crystals were linked with the twelve signs of the zodiac.

In this blog, we'll be covering a secondary birthstone linked with the Aquarius sign. Can you guess what it is? It is the stone of transformation – Bismuth.

Bismuth Crystal Meaning

The Bismuth meaning is varied. A magical stone with an ancient history, Bismuth compounds were one of the ten metals discovered.

Initially, the scientists regarded Bismuth metal to be one of the heavy metals often infused with lead, or often confused with lead. Later, in 1753, French chemist Claude Geoffrey differentiated it as an element in its own right.

Bismuth is a pink-hued brittle metal in group 15 of the periodic table present at the 83rd atomic number.

One of many fusible alloys and low melting alloys, it has interesting physical properties. It has a metallic luster and is found as a by-product of mining gold, tungsten, copper, and lead.

In its natural form, Bismuth compounds have a crystalline surface that is covered with a thin Bismuth oxide layer. High purity Bismuth is virtually unseen, in nature, but can form colorful crystals in labs such as the Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Many different groups across the globe have studied the Bismuth metal, including the American Chemical Society, royal society, science education intellectuals, industrial chemistry workers, pure and applied chemistry scholars, developers of safety devices, fire detectors and fire detection, collectors of lead and tin and other metals, and so on.

Bismuth compounds have continued to fascinate the world even until today. Extracted from the regions of Bolivia, Germany, South Dakota, Australia, and Baldomero, the varied Bismuth forms resemble stepped pyramids and are typically sold to collectors.

Bismuth is a chemical element with lower thermal conductivity, thus making it highly resistant to electricity. It also has a low melting point. You will find that most crystals contract when solidified, but natural Bismuth can melt quickly, and when it freezes, it expands and forms crystals.

These silvery Bismuth white crystals then oxidize to produce gorgeous rainbow colors. It resembles arsenic and antimony. Here are some facts of pure Bismuth:

  • It is a diamagnetic element, which is greatly repelled by the magnetic field.

  • When put in water, it forms an insoluble compound.

  • It was used in cosmetics by ancient Egyptians.

  • The Incas used it with tin and copper to produce knives.

  • It is radioactive with a half-life of more than a billion times the estimated Universe's age.

  • In the Earth's crust, it is twice as abundant as gold.

  • It has no biological role. However, it has been used in medicine since the 18th century.

  • It is one of the heavy metals that is more dense as a liquid than a solid.

  • It has low melting points.

  • It often exists in a thin layer and can be found in gold ores.

  • Its chemical properties include radioactive isotope, permanent magnet and electrical resistance.

  • It has high electrical resistance and often exists in the liquid phase as liquid Bismuth.

Bismuth Benefits and Bismuth Uses

The Bismuth stone meaning originated from the Italian word Bisemutum, which means white mass.

Bismuth crystal benefits and Bismuth crystal uses are varied. It helps adapt to change, encourage cohesiveness and improve relationship dynamics. It also aids in purification and cleansing and assists in eliminating the feeling of being overwhelmed from day-to-day responsibilities.

Bismuth uses include:

  • Jewelry: As it is a malleable metal, it can be molded to make necklaces and amulets. You can hang a charm on the front door to give a sense of security. You can also carry a pendant as it cancels out feelings of grief and stress, or place it in your office for positivity, optimism and cohesiveness.

  • Medicine: It is used as bismuth subsalicylate in Pepto-Bismol tablets to treat diarrhea or stomachaches. It also acts as a healer to extreme fever and chronic illnesses. Additionally, it promotes bone and muscle strength.

  • Pyrotechnics: Bismuth trioxide is used in pyrotechnics such as crackling microstars as a substitute for toxic lead compounds because it is non-toxic.

  • Portable water systems: This heavy metal on the periodic table is also used as lead-free values in portable water systems as a disinfectant in drinking water.

  • Alloys: It is known as a green element because of its non-toxicity. It has a low melting point and is used in fire sprinklers, extinguishers, fire alarms, and boiler plugs. It can also expand by 3.3% while transforming from a liquid to a solid state. When added to an alloy, it prevents shrinkage. Thus, it acts as a good solder to hold metal and plastic parts together.

  • Cosmetics: It is also included in mineral makeup such as lipstick, nail polish and eyeshadow. As Bismuth oxychloride, it gives them an iridescent appearance.

Bismuth Properties

Bismuth Metaphysical Properties

The Bismuth spiritual meaning is vital for us to understand its properties. Bismuth aids travel between the physical plane and the astral one.

It enhances visualization during shamanic journeying and helps achieve a meditative state. Placing it at the crown chakra keeps pre-programmed intentions and helps with astral travel.

Bismuth also transmutes energy levels at the crown chakra and sends healing kundalini energy to the root chakra.

Bismuth Healing Properties

Bismuth aids in relieving feelings of emotional and spiritual isolation. It also reduces anxiety and depression.

With the ability to improve concentration and stimulate energy, this stone can help you achieve your goals while working in a team.

As it assists the balancing of the crown chakra, it allows you to experience wisdom, foresight and greater knowledge. Learn more about other crown chakra crystals in our ultimate guide.

In addition, just like other Aquarius birthstones, Bismuth also holds a spiritual meaning of creating a connection with spirit and facilitating oneness and serenity.


If you are a person who collects birthstones, then Bismuth crystals could be valuable in your collection.

You can easily get lost in its loving, harmonious, and blissful energy emissions with its gorgeous rainbow refractions and powerful healing and metaphysical properties.

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