The Intention Stone

The Intention Stone

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Clear Quartz is the most popular crystal there is! It’s made its way into many modern technologies because of its conductive abilities and has been used long before that for healing and spiritual evolution, too. This icy crystal wand can be placed anywhere in your home to neutralize negative energy and crystalize your thought process.

Known as the master healer among crystal experts, Clear Quartz’s healing properties cannot be overstated. It amplifies positive vibrations and ensures that your mind remains clear of obstruction. The clarity of the crystal is channeled into your headspace too. It promotes peace and harmony and has long been considered a cleansing stone. In the crystal world, its purification properties are second to none.

Clear Quartz was used frequently in Ancient Egypt, but it’s found in every continent and has strong ties with multiple cultures all over the world. It improves the flow of communication and liberates trapped or pent up energy. It’s a brilliant stone for tempering stubbornness, particularly in Capricorns.

How To Use The Intention Stone?
  • Clear Quartz is an extremely receptive stone in regards to accepting intentions. The memory of the crystal stores your intention and directs its energy toward manifesting it. Hold it in the palm of your hands, close your eyes, and focus on the intention that you wish to give it. Feel your energy passing into the stone and let the connection grow. Sometimes, it helps to picture a bright white light coming from your third eye to the crystal, connecting like a cable to download your goals and ambitions. Once your intention has been set, place the crystal somewhere that you will see it and feel its energy regularly. The crystal will be at work until you override the programming with a different intention.
Act upon your intention and let Clear Quartz support you in achieving it.

  • Item Type: Natural Stone Decoration
  • Material: Clear Quartz
  • Color: White, Transparent
  • Stone Type: Small, Medium, Large
  • Stone Height: 
    Small: 1.96 - 2.36 in (5 - 6 cm)
    Medium: 2.36 - 2.75 in (6 - 7 cm)
    Large: 2.75 - 3.14 in (7 - 8 cm)
  • Stone Width: 
    0.39 - 0.78 in (1 - 2 cm)
  • Function: Energy Gift 
Since Clear Quartz is a natural material, stone colors and shape may vary slightly from stone to stone, making this beautiful handmade item one of a kind (just like you ♡)

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