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Limitless Possibilities - Feng Shui Chakra Tree


Limitless Possibilities - Feng Shui Chakra Tree

Happiness • Prosperity • Manifestation
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Experience total energetic alignment and a home of bliss and balance with this chakra-healing, Feng Shui-infusing crystal tree.

Dripping from every copper branch is an enchanting crystal charged to awaken your spirit, attract your manifestations, and fill your space with effervescent joy.

The tree bears a total of seven sacred crystals, one for each chakra. It sits atop a solid base of swirly Agate with additional Citrine, Aventurine, and Carnelian leaning against the trunk like cobblestone in the forest. Each crystal represents something special and unique but harmonizes beautifully to bring you and your home a beacon of bliss.

Carnelian crystal of confidence and passion balances the Sacral Chakra opening you up to a life of expression, pleasure, freedom, and creativity.

Citrine crystal of prosperity and joy aligns the Solar Plexus Chakra bringing your manifestations closer, empowering your self-esteem, and enabling you to control the direction of your life.

Green Aventurine crystal of luck and opportunities heals the Heart Chakra to invite love, relationships, and connection, heals emotional wounds and makes it easier to trust again.

Aquamarine crystal of peace and balance expands the Crown Chakra for increased spiritual awakening, mental clarity, and general connectedness to all of life and your purpose here on earth.

Amethyst crystal of spirituality and healing opens the Third Eye Chakra for heightened intuition, seeing past illusions, deeper self-understanding, and an awareness of universal symbols and messages.

Lapis Lazuli crystal of calming clarity purifies the Throat Chakra by removing insecurities and self-doubt and encourages your spirit to speak its truth with confidence.

Clear Quartz crystal of strength and restoration stabilizes the Root Chakra for stronger self-worth, purpose, direction, and an empowered sense of belonging and importance.

Agate, found at the base of the tree, is a warrior crystal used to balance energy and help you find your strength by grounding your energy. Even in the midst of struggle or challenges, Agate brings you back to your true, empowered essence and keeps you rooted like an ancient and mighty tree.

And finally, Copper, an underrated energetic powerhouse, binds this beautiful structure while activating the energy within each gem.

Enjoy its beauty and dance in the brilliant crystal power that will awaken your space, nurture your spirit, and bring you endless blessings.

Affirmation: "I am deeply grounded by the flowing energy of my chakras. I tap into my chakras as a source of balance, strength, and life-force energy."

How to use:
Create total Feng Shui in your home, office, or bedroom by placing the chakra tree in the North Eastern part of the room or anywhere Sun rays may bounce off the crystals, illuminating the crystals and magnifying the healing energy of the tree.

In differences lies beauty. Every stone is natural and hand-selected, making each item unique.

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