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Token of Wisdom - Labradorite Owl Talisman

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    Wisdom is the bedrock upon which progress is built. It’s the key to stronger relationships and healthier bodies. It’s the avenue to a successful career and financial stability. Wisdom is the beacon illuminating the path to a more meaningful life. It’s believed that calling upon the spirit of the owl is a way to open yourself to a wealth of knowledge.

    The owl is revered as a token of wisdom. Even in the darkness of night, this magnificent creature is known to summon extraordinary vision to perceive what others cannot. The owl symbolizes the ability to see beyond deception and darkness to find the knowledge hidden within the Universe. With the Owl Talisman in hand, seek to manifest wisdom through clarity of thought.

    Master craftsmen sculpted this mystical Owl Talisman from captivating Labradorite. It’s a gemstone known for self-discovery, intuition, and mental clarity. This lustrous crystal is often called upon to inspect one’s self or the world around us with uniquely clear vision. When life brings you a critical choice, grip the Labradorite Owl Talisman in your palm and aim to summon the Universe’s wisdom.

    Affirmation: “There is wisdom all around me, within me. Like the Wise Owl, I see through all darkness and deception to witness the Universe’s wealth of knowledge.”

    How to use:
    If you seek clarity of thought, meditate with the Labradorite Owl Talisman in your right hand. If you wish to awaken a path of self-discovery, meditate with the Labradorite Owl Talisman in your left hand. Set your intention, close your eyes, and tell the Universe that your spirit is open to a wealth of knowledge.

    In differences lies beauty. Every stone is natural and hand-selected, making each item unique.

    Size & Materials


    • Size: 1.6 x 1 in (42.5 x 26 mm)
      Weight: 1.06 oz (30 g)


    • Item Type: Crystal Carving
      Material: Labradorite
      Crystal Origin: India and Madagascar
      Color: Blue
      Package Includes: 1 x Labradorite Owl Talisman


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    Token of Wisdom - Labradorite Owl Talisman
    Token of Wisdom - Labradorite Owl Talisman
    Token of Wisdom - Labradorite Owl Talisman
    Token of Wisdom - Labradorite Owl Talisman
    Token of Wisdom - Labradorite Owl Talisman
    Token of Wisdom - Labradorite Owl Talisman
    Token of Wisdom - Labradorite Owl Talisman
    Token of Wisdom - Labradorite Owl Talisman

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